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@fe_stus u need to take another break @fe_stus nigga @imovuIating @pollen196 isnt he taller than u lol @track1facevaIue @guaIagabe isnt volcano just for bud? unless u sandwich the wax between the bud @71ZL7 thank u 😁😁😁😁😄😄😄♥️Little mans put on the boosters!
Retweeted by chrisporn 😭🤦🏿‍♂️ song @enzololzz NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthis man had 10k followers 2 years ago now he got almost 2 mil thats crazy of comedy @playboigaybe yatime never stops going......already been at this job for 6 months @swayholly lets go @slowddamonydown peezy is from ALABAMA? bro this whole time i thought he was from cali cuz of that song with T.O. back in like 2017 lolTwo pigeons push another pigeon onto train tracks
Retweeted by chris @gum_mp3 how it get 2k 2 days in a row lol wtf going onI zoned out once in high school and I never zoned back in
Retweeted by chris @zephrxd obviously grilled cheese @swamiill too complicated for me lol i dont like having to press 3 buttons every time i want to smoke something @orbthief it's probably worse cuz u cant escape it and u cant destroy it so ur forced to either plant somewhere the… @clubpenquinn happy birthday mal @LivPosting GAHHH WHY DO THEY USE THE X @LivPosting 😭u worried about the wrong 😂 @kaixan2k LMFAO @kaixan2k how does that shit work bro I was confused asf the first time I went to dm u @prolificposter my bad @ie_smooth damn thats the best line 😭😭 @ie_smooth yea that song is great genius says it's just prod by Dylan and brakence tho 🧐 @71ZL7 need thatI was really gonna move to Austin in 2019the xxxtentacion vibeim featured on a song on this playlist check it out ‼️ snapped harder than probably any update this year thus far with today's playlist update. There's just an irrespo…
Retweeted by chris @drizzy0_0 800 dpi 0.2 sens, arm for big turns and wrist for small @BeezRogue she probably wasnt full flashed, just like that half second flash u get when ur back is turned#TheBreach asking what I think about this situation in texas I'm going live in 15I admit it I invented capitalism I just didn’t think it would get like this
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Retweeted by chris @punpunpunpun she's difficult as fuckastra gravity well actually OP for post plant lol
damn @usermelancholy 🤔 @freakingwtf LMAO @7ngelus nigga why i think u got verified @lilhepatitis_c @cookietotefromm go lj!! @pollen196 @BirkenBagMe @imovuIating @iPhongXr @camkarda @Shlimeszn1 @makjako @sabapack @jonathanfuckmeh distancing… @sabapack LMFAOOhmmmmm How does the 15th sound?
Retweeted by chris @DethConi 😍 @swamiill lets GOOO @DethConi bro pls drop this lol @ow7ns u wouldnt rather die without knowing? i would @prolificposter cancer doesnt discriminate scared to go to the doctor what if he tells me i have 6 months to live or sumnlisten 2 this song yea
Retweeted by chris @secretlockdown you must be stopped @no9mi 😭want u 2 move on prod @ria_chuelo out now this is my fav song that ive made run it up pls <3
Retweeted by chris @icedoutomnitrix pockets fat like xanman
Retweeted by chris @wocke1sha yesss broi took that perc 30 for no reason i get like 100 racks every season my money tall nigga yao ming 🕺🏿 @DrCatus 🤔 @wocke1sha red and red 2 the best songs @wocke1sha wes is fye @wocke1sha u heard 4 my slime pt 1 & 2? @jedwill1999 sigma maleniggas used that hive app for exactly 3 hours @wocke1sha best song on the tape @usermelancholy ight do ya thing then bro good riddance otw ‼️ @hadjigaviota LMAOO BRO I DIDNT GET THAT LINE UNTIL NOW @denzelmadethis @dazegxd1k @gum_mp3 oh thats fye 😭😭 @ShadiestKunt mental health, sanity, etc. @swingy47832865 why would it not be alive it came out less than a yr ago n is by one of the world's biggest game studios @ShadiestKunt cant i must improvevalorant is a fun and balanced game 🙂 @dazegxd1k yessiri guess man @dazegxd1k @gum_mp3 still kinda confused how this equals more money for pplexpensive taste got 2k streams yesterday what the fuck lmaooo that twitch stream stimulus
Retweeted by chris @gum_mp3 yo wtf 😭 @dazegxd1k im confused what the difference is so they saying it's based on overall listening time when it's usuall… cant the roomba go over rugs they gotta give that nigga some feet or somethingBeliebers are trying to get this picture removed from the internet, RT to piss them off.
Retweeted by chris @punpunpunpun my bad @pollen196 ur lungs are failing within the next 73 daysso free dogwater earnings check u have none @punpunpunpun ur the anime n manga guy of the tl @stillnogf crack @stillnogf u done that? sheeeeshthat first hit of a dab pen is crazy u can feel ur neurons firing off n shit @bigguccicraigy i think they avoid promo on tweets w swears @71ZL7 what am i looking at here @N30NGENESIS @punpunpunpun idk he been hyping up re:zero like it's the best anime he ever seen im curious fr @N30NGENESIS @punpunpunpun LMAO?