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streaming once a week >>>everybody knows attack on Titan is about me fr @ih8threat @dogwrld r u fr @enzoriverss ohh okay. damn i love that :) what a great and wholesome origin story thanks man @dalpkm @enzoriverss LMFAOOOO @enzoriverss enlighten us then. @enzoriverss it's been heavily implied @enzoriverss why do you want to fuck a cat? @vcalternate wtf @dazegxd1k u my museniggas be listening to house but dont have a place they can call home @ayeeee_thatgirl that is not the point but thank u <3 @chicanodinamita the hypocrisy doesnt count if u acknowledge ur a hypocritethen again im not rly one to comment on tht given the songs i make but whatever @chicanodinamita dont Kno don't rly care if they rly in that situation they can call it whatever but otherwise it's… be calling Chicago chiraq living in south dakota🚨 new icedoutomnitrix song 🚨 prod. @dazegxd1k & @glasearr mix by @_wiip_ listen to β€˜#talk #tough [prod dazegxd…
Retweeted by chris @LivvyFanon πŸ”₯pov: you’re dead
Retweeted by chrisgonna make pizza w cheddar instead of mozarella cuz I don't wanna buy more mozarellaignored @NOONSOLDIER good? yes. @awnuhaha 😐 @makjako gotta expand ur dating pool if u kno what i mean πŸ‘€ @postedinthecrib are u getting on or not dude @copkiller9000 @enzoriverss no @enzoriverss real @becshots real @vision4k_ BABY I KNOW WHAT IT DOOOOOOOniggas not writing readmes like me @postedinthecrib bro never even got in discord im gna shower @ih8threat @Godiminpain what yall talk9ing about man @postedinthecrib does daddy need a carry @Godiminpain ... @postedinthecrib no wait @postedinthecrib i guess man @enzoriverss ... @postedinthecrib πŸ”₯ @NOONSOLDIER u b cooking fr okkkkkk @Godiminpain weird asl lmaooif a kidnapper came from behind n put his hand over my mouth id start licking that shit n moaning @7ngelus snowball gang @KKPHlL shit crazy @bryslizzy funny πŸ‘πŸΏrip fbg duck bro
bedtime havent slept yetdid this entire coding assessment in a few hours and have been trying to get these tests to run for like 3 hours i… punching my computer screen until the monitor shreds my skin down to the bone @die_clit @DrCatus took out the newlines jus to see n still got the error thank u thothat explosion is insane @liche_irl @staringatmywall what is the point in you replying thisvalorant got deathmatch now let's GOOOO @kormakilla W @dazegxd1k 🀀 @convvr i want ukanye where are you going
Retweeted by chris @becshots thats me lol @JuTheHoeologist almond @BtrKrishu if the parent buying Jordans for the kid so they can flex the kid gonna eventually learn to buy the shit… @BtrKrishu u can't act like the child not gonna take on the ideals of their parents tho lol at least initiallyyet another homemade pizza @BtrKrishu my take is bad? explainputting toddlers on to consumerism πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΏ @swagtastic666 hater πŸ–•πŸΏ @postedinthecrib @UnkleDell whatever @UnkleDell need @S4LFCONTROL dfjindsajfsd @schust3r_ i go to bed at 9 nowniggas talking bout hyperpop this glitchcore that fuck that u need hyperpussy n chicks,more @dannyoeur i think all 3 songs are good in their own ways πŸ‘πŸΏ15k plays let's go @postedinthecrib im tryna get a job man @postedinthecrib told u i was going to bed @baematerial66 πŸ‘πŸΏ @enzoriverss enzoshots. @enzoriverss nah @bigbabymag im just bad at responding to dms i saw it like 2 days later n at that point it's too lateo wait i jus realized i could prolly put this song on spotify cuz it's not a free beat from youtube lol how do i do that is distrokid coolanything I say will be taken as a joke and I will be murdered viciously
Retweeted by chris @postedinthecrib valorant @thankyoujahseh what does the pic mean I guess I missed the origin @baematerial66 the cheese in that grilled cheese is way too stretchy wtf @allie02322335 @fatalCK ???????????????????????????thanksis hypochondriac the condition where u can't stop sleeping or can't stop stealing I don't wanna Google so I'm count… @draf2k thanks man πŸ˜„ @draf2k real @narfornothing @nopunpunintnded @riotgames @PlayVALORANT plat 1 rn @rxpeteraint bitch I'm Wit the ganggg bitch u all alone πŸ’―want to pin this song but i like my pinned tweet @bigbabymag supsex @narfornothing @nopunpunintnded @riotgames @PlayVALORANT damn @narfornothing @nopunpunintnded @riotgames @PlayVALORANT what rank r u guys @workingoncrying @babyv1llain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @JaroWorldd don't care @vsshole let's goooo