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@Johnnyshitshim1 sexyposting the n*zi k*ller shirts again, proceeds going to bail funds. linking funds below
Retweeted by chris @sarusriu jeez I forgot to check the site n everything already sold out 😭 crazyunfortunately I am too scared to do illegal things @yourenottheguy how hood niggas lick boots 😂🔥why tf are the cops in houston literally MARCHING towards protestors.. wtf are y’all doing? ESCALATING THE PROTEST…
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2020 @RCLvonte congrats to him fr @pokeugly literally just looks like eren @2TAINT the new artstyle not the show @fiftygIocks im talkin bout the new artstyle btw the show good asf @fish_bus lol u know damn well that was damage control. barely makes sense in the context of the tweetdude really said when the looting starts the shooting startsniggas hit me w the Amazon prime bill and the spotify bill and the phone bill and the internet bill back to back to back to back I'm sick @DumbFuckingDuck who @YUNGFRENDI 🔥 @godrufr he's on our side lol he just fucking sucks with words @tobidire we mike lerado earl now stan lerado cool the completely irrelevant character assassination is starting again. right on schedule @makjako beautiful black man @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles i know da… @capitalRguy @enzoriverss omg i didnt even peep this shit was 2 minutes long lmfao @enzoriverss shiggy_dancing.mp4this is my friend's dog Ike. everyone say hi ike @bananadookie LMFAOOO @bananadookie nigga what is this joe biden vs trump
Retweeted by chris @thisisveins @bananadookie that's true @_achickenwing @bananadookie LMAO @_achickenwing bro that reply was hilarious wtf why u deleteIf u a big account would u want liljay1k’s following or icedoutomnitrix’s you cannot kill yourself
Retweeted by chris @bananadookie I will trade for Jaden's rntrying to tell me the definition of thug like I'm a small child lmao I'm logging off @boulders yes and it was used in an implied racist way which is why I said it's a racist word I thought it was obvi… term superpredator WASNT racially charged actually,,, look up the definition of predator! see nothing about race at all @tonioradio I engage so everyone offended can unfollow me early ♥️I don't know how many times I have to say I'm not a meme/joke account for u idiots to understand me @piss_and_cum link lmao @joebearow yea lmaoi got adhd but ion take meds @enzoriverss what esports u a pro in man.
Retweeted by chris @AbouSikkar that was pre-10k 🤝 @thisisveins if i ever say some shit thats more stupid than usual and i get in an argument with her where she quoti… @BtrKrishu . @wowyikesok dont worry about itpraise b on here arguing w a new person every day lmfao @gum_mp3 🤝 @fuckmaneI u just gotta do it manmaking one big movement to break the paralysis is def easier lol that "try to move a finger" shit is a LIE @brieababyy yeah I'm chillingdamn just had sleep paralysis it's been years wtf @gum_mp3 nigga doesn't know how to set an alarm @reiyashi work i guess lol but then the weekend! @gum_mp3 think ima go to sleep n get 2 hours before work tho @califortia i been knew lol @reiyashi gm em <3pulled an all nighter @sarahlugor rice n beans n eggs @INTERNETFAIRY yes I was just saying they were on his ass lol @egg_wife the funny part is she an actor who can most likely make herself cry on demand 😭I b saying cheers when I'm mad asfthey were on MLK ass earlier omg @gum_mp3 how much they gonna b @throwawaypt2 LMFAOO @skipercski yes @gum_mp3 stay safe bro ur opsec fucked up 😭does anyone know what you can do if the hospital is denying you treatment
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Retweeted by chris @ily2seth not a dub jack shouldve deleted it lmaoNIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMAREwhen u dont have a response because ur wrong so u respond with ad hominem instead man @gum_mp3 go gum_mp3!!!!!! @soEpicandCool lmao knew someone was gonna post this one is about jeff bezos, a CEO with no authority to murder pr… @secretlurk show me this video of his mask slipping off. i searched jacob pederson on twitter & scrolled through th… @secretlurk how the fuck am i opposed for wanting proper evidence suck my fucking dick @BtrKrishu tone deaf idiotsi hope u ch*ke @FINALLEVEL @rolandsmartin When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” is a threat coined by Miami Police Chief…
Retweeted by chrisim talking bout the real possibility of real people dying n yall in the replies posting call of duty talking bout "… asked me "how is thug a racist word" u honestly cannot be that stupid im just going to block you lmfao @MarkelD06 @ALIEUQAEDA ahh lmao @ALIEUQAEDA I don't know what ur sayingI jus don't trust internet detectives lmao but at the same time it's not like the MN police is gonna do a thorough… @brownchicken9 they saying they found the dude who set the AutoZone on fire one is apprehensive about identifying people based on their eyes and text messages that anyone couldve made? nig… @icedoutomnitrix @gwopful quickly when is the last time you had sex, someone over at the apartment?
Retweeted by chris @ma19k @gwopful u didnt have to retweet it man @ma19k @gwopful october man @ma19k @gwopful are you implying i should be breaking social distancing rules for my own selfish pleasures? @gwopful nigga needs to socialize w some btches 😂 @gwopful yo omg @gwopful LMFAOOOOOOOwho tf having political debates in high school 😭😭 NERD high school sucked @Glock__Lesnar yes sirrrr