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Hendry @Iceztiq Serpong, Indonesia

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#pixelart #StreetsofRage4“LOVE” Graniph T-Shirt
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Retweeted by Hendry @crystalnyam @sarahhana My family doesn’t even know Pixar... @_Gabrielfer Happy birthday again, bro!My mom is APPALLED when I tell her I took off and say "no reason I just needed a day" when she asks why. Baby Boome…
Retweeted by Hendry @shelicopter_ Sebuah keusahaan @_Gabrielfer Lol... i shudder to sit down & spend the whole hours watching again 🤣 @RyukoMatoi929 Lol 🤣 @shelicopter_ Karena overwork 😌
Boomp @Relentless_Rex 😁👍🏼 @Dave_Radcliffe Woohoo!! @QueerGermanGirl Thank u 😁 @_Gabrielfer I think that’s what i have to do again 😫 oh maaannn @_Gabrielfer U’re able to follow the story!!! 😱Suddenly my timeline is filled with ads from other people’s Twitter accounts, not commercial/business accounts.ケムリクサ再放送記念再掲 走るりなちゃん
Retweeted by Hendryケムリクサ再放送記念再掲 りつねえさん
Retweeted by HendryMy 1 yo daughter wanted to play with my watch. Gave it to her to play with. Yesterday morning was the last time i saw it 🤣. @_Gabrielfer Oh, i watched it too. Season 3 truly lost me, though 😌 @BerserkBoyGame Right 😌Nobody: Bored animators during quarantine:
Retweeted by Hendry @ioruko That’s definitely a whole new level & i love everything about it! @BerserkBoyGame Wow, your game has gone cery high resolutions 👀Your pet & who/what they’re named after @ioruko Ooo, damn. I really like the lighting in the piece, especially on the girl’s helmet 😮たまには過去絵の線画も 悲しいかな色を想定できないのは明らかな欠陥です
Retweeted by Hendry @fahmitsu Sometimes i forgot!!!! 😱 @fahmitsu Anything less than 50hours is short game.
@ioruko Same, that’s why i suffer through it 🤣#pixelart #ResidentEvil3Remake @i_am_dio Kl yg lewat enteng masih gpp. Kl yg lewat nanti udah kaya truk tronton & bulldozer, mulai deh tuh ngeden2…ケムリクサ再放送記念再掲 りんさん
Retweeted by Hendry @ioruko Hi res works are demandingPast midnight is the best time for me. Everyone has fallen asleep, & i have my quiet time to enjoy, either drawing,… #indiedev #indiegame #pixelart #pixel #ドット絵
Retweeted by Hendry一作目switch移植記念 再掲シャンティさん
Retweeted by Hendry @yi_ya_yi_ya_yo 6 & 11 @16pxl So many crossstitchers & perlers rip off pixelartists’ works & make money from them on Etsy. It’s a shame th… @koldrustgame Thank u! 😁 @ElMetallico1 Well 😅 @ShinySeabass She does, huh 👀動くパッションリップさん
Retweeted by Hendry @kirishimaaa_ Some said it’s less demanding than Patreon @KillmeKillmeKi2 Thanks 😁
Eeyy, finally made a Kofi, though i still have no clue how it works 🙃ジャスティスさん😎✨✨✨ #Helltaker
Retweeted by Hendry @wtfmig @zleviel @adlanarv 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀#ポニーテールの日
Retweeted by Hendry @adlanarv Sad. I used to be proud of the country.Hello! ✨🌱 We want to make some kind of virtual fortune cookie? We'd like you to participate and submit a kind word…
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#pixelart of my favourite Mavericks #pixelart
Retweeted by Hendry @Joewago Still no covid. Just regular flu. @Gaziter Same feeling @Darkeyed19 @BerserkBoyGame Oh no, u’re right 😱 @Darkeyed19 @BerserkBoyGame Let’s make waifusぼたもち
Retweeted by Hendry @BerserkBoyGame I’ll throw u many waifus @BerserkBoyGame Need more waifus!!! @i_am_dio Iya yah. Ikutan ah, senpai.Shoulda taken a day off today. The headache & sneezing aren’t going away. @BerserkBoyGame I’m having a headache & drawing a waifu«nobori» Painting Process! ✨ You can support me for more videos, PSDs, brushes, high-res versions here:…
Retweeted by Hendryvideo game character transitions from cutscene to gameplay
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Retweeted by Hendry... & they said there was no problem within to solve 🤣.
Retweeted by HendryIgnorance is bliss.Try uploading a video, cartoon character rendering🥳 #unity #unity3d #madewithunity #shader
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Retweeted by HendryBeen a while since the last time i draw & actually doing nothing other than just listen to music on Spotify.再掲21号さん
Retweeted by Hendry @i_am_dio @ndrujeremy Bwahahaha 🤣 well, my char too 🤣 @i_am_dio @ndrujeremy Immature people are immature. Death threat people are borderline psychopaths to me 🙂. Btw, Yo… @yi_ya_yi_ya_yo I’m gonna live there @artofsully Man, what a view 😍It's painful to recall the trauma of being sexually harassed/abused. It's more infuriating to see how almost all w…
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JK自警団シリーズ #ViCIS
Retweeted by Hendry @MarukiHurakami Happy birthday, Maruki! @revodian Oohh niceee 😃 @AJMattis Fishing, swimming, finding corals, catching bugs, surrounded bg nice neighbors...Man, what a life my #ACNH character is having. I think I’m probably jealous of him.Undertone
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Every #farcry game i played, literally #pixelart all these tiny house building videos only makes me wanna build my own tiny house too. Just gotta find a random land first... @wtfmig Don’t worry, I’m still older & more brittle 😌 @wtfmig Happy birthday, Mig. The old man title is getting more & more official for u.
@DarkVampireDee @BerserkBoyGame Aw, thanks 😂 @BerserkBoyGame Thanks, bro 👀#Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan have lined up another show for Amazon: #Fallout, based on the video ga…
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Retweeted by Hendry @lou_quorice I wonder the same thing looking at Naruto & Boruto.
Retweeted by Hendry @PrinceJones33 @wtfmig @Bandygrass Why is mig having a bday? HBD anyway 🙂 @snowkie Yg moto jago kalo gitu emg, om 🤣
If my OC was in a #StarWars universe, she'd probably be carrying a karambit lightsaber #pixelart @yi_ya_yi_ya_yo Nnnoooooooooo