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How to use References, the basics. If I come up with more I’ll post them later on this thread. *photos on the seco…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberHeres some of my anatomy tips! Do read through the disclaimer before continuing 😄 1/3
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@icewitch_skye ma'amイラストレーター様向けにパーツ分け解説動画を作ってみました…!!🙏✨ ⚠️あくまで私のやり方のため、モデラーさんやデザイン、動きのプランによって多少違いが出てくるかと思います…!! #Live2D
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberColor picker set to "current layer" so you don't have to set your multiply layer back to normal style/opacitity to…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @CariusVTuber Dudes really mad you replied to him when he was the one who replies first
finished genderbent 90s anime art commission for @Wandering_Edge ! thank you for commissioning me!!
Imagine even being active or doing art hahaha
This is for sure the thing that most l2d artists get it wrong There is no need to include a mouth open part, a mout…
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#Dressuptober My prompt list for this year's Inktober! Draw your oc in a new outfit each day for the next month!
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @DianellaVt dfkdsf i'm so glad you like it!! 😭💕 @pisxes_chi sdfsd thank you
@tsukidokivt i feel thatBEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, parents need to make sure to LOOK at your child’s candy. Some people are giving o…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytubervery very late debut gift for @DianellaVt ! congrats on your debut!! you did so well 😭💕 have had this sketched up f…
why is consistently geting stuff done so hard @napdraws smartphoneflips
finding rigging so hard rn bc angle Y is a pain in the assHere's a quick and scuffed Live2D tip/tutorial: ""Always"" start out with bigger deformers that do generalized move…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @AzaleaMark Same 😭 had a cold since Thursday and my voice is going now @AzaleaMark I'm sick as fuck and its pissing it down @AzaleaMark I really wish I wasnt @lampdevil Going after people specifically because they cant read something sounds so so bad when you separate it f…
@Sheshylive yepthey're only ur asian waifus when they say smth u agree with i guessD-do the people pitting western vs eastern vtubers against eachother because the "asians are better and dont get in… deleted my irl pics bc apparently people are getting doxxed and posted on 4chan.
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberLike theres a lot of shit I dont agree with that happens but this has got to be the best thing to happen in this community to date @Shadow55F u cuteI'm fucking dying at how the latest vtuber trend is piss off this one guy with even more irl pics @Shadow55F u cuteI'm not your mom, but here's a protip for newer streamers and Vtubers: Don't directly link your YT or twitch in you…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @CthulhuLel Also ironic how I was mutuals with him for god knows how long, have posted several irl pics and I still didnt get unfollowed 😭shout out to trans/enby/poc vtubers who don't feel comfy with the face reveal trend and feel like they're missing o…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @heavenlyhealsVT dsfkmsdfsdf 😳👉👈 @luckybeargirl 😭💕 @SantaSatsune 💕💕 @Hiroe_VT you're still super cute!! ;;
@NyxCambaDiaz oh god he's hot @SaiseiTunes it's so funny, not a big fan of the vtuber irl trends (showing tummy etc since it makes me feel rly ba… @SaiseiTunes granted i deleted half of them (i don't like showing my face, was just me feelin cute) but it's so hypocritical lmaoo @SaiseiTunes even funnier because i've posted several in the time we were moots and i still never got unfollowed @Wandering_Edge SHUT @Wandering_Edge shut the upAs many of you know, I mod for @AngelBunxox and @ShyyChan. These two lovelies are absolutely amazing and it has mad…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @DefNotPalo shut the up ❤️ @ruto_Kurose arigatou!! 💕💕💕💕💕 @Known_As_Alex_ i will fite you but thanks!! it's such a funny read hahah like i don't love the vtuber trends but… @luckybeargirl ma'am have you even seen yourself YOU'RE the hot one @hopeofhell 😳💕 @EllieTheShroom aww thanks !! 😳💕 @arbiterofwhim holy shit dude I'm not a big fan of vtuber irl trends but this is such a bad take?? like vtuber isn…イラストレーターさんに側面パーツくださいっていつもお願いしているのですが、説明が難しいので動画にしてみました!!✨ デザインによって必要なパーツは変わってきますが…今回はぽてこちゃんで解説しています🙏 #Live2D
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @ZohanaZombie yeah but they're so THICC like how much hair does she have to get them that thick?? i have so much fu…
@GamersGoinBlind honestly the weirdest thing about this design to me is how fucking chonky those braids areVtubeStudioでのお口の表作りました。 いらない所に打ってたキーを削ったらこんな感じでした。 #Live2D
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber猫をぎゅーっとしてあげよ! フリー素材でどうぞ🐯 #VTuber #フリー素材
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberImagine being Charles Martinet, 90% of your voice acting portfolio being Mario and they replace you in the upcoming…
@Aarongeddon yes it is!
@BufoFisher The lines arent that cool elckekfke @discord stop calling me outbenefits of being a rigger is making terrible memes during the rigging process and spamming your client with them a…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @catboymech F for all the brands that will totally miss itI wasn’t ready to do anything like this so soon, but I have a bit of a crisis here at home with me being abused and…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber⚠️Beware of "notabadslimee⚠️ Watch out for someone on Twitch with the username "notabadslimee". They'll join your…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberDid you know People with glasses/not 20/20 vision are the only ones who can see giant lines coming off lightsI made some funny hats for VTubers to use!!! Keep in mind I may or may not have found the ideas for these on google…
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please understand that if i don't reply it likely doesn't mean i hate you, i just have no energy whatsoever most of the timeif you are asking for “emergency donations” or “emergency funds” every month because twitch isn’t paying the bills,…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytubereye physics #Live2D ILLUSTRATION BY @panthebread
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberI just posted a #Live2d tutorial on how to make animated tears crying expression! Check it out here:…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberAnnouncement!🥳 The new EVTubers, for whom I did the illustrations and Live2D, is about to make her debut! I've cre…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @pisxes_chi he so cute aaaaaThe softest singer around! 💛 #ENVtuber
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @tsukidokivt 34B or 34C! Havent figured it out yet but 34C fits best, I was originally 36B so I've literally just gone to the sister sizenyaho~!!🌸 since im opening an emote listing on etsy soon, im going to need a couple of examples~ this is your chan…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber✨vtuber sheet✨ nyahoo~! im seiko! a yokai nekomata! i was sealed away for 1,000 years. waa~ theres a lot of new ta…
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@bogiewogi i had no idea you could get vtuber models on sketchmob, that's a new one! she looks so nice, gj ;o; @Wandering_Edge if bruce wayne is only batman when he has the costume on is he cosplaying batman?? important question‼️ATTENTION STREAMERS‼️ “HOSS” UNFORTUNATELY HAS A NEW NAME. “BLUEBERRYDOGS_” PLEASE BE SURE TO BLOCK AND BAN THESE…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 Jellytuber @Wandering_Edge oh my god so THAT'S why every fucking thing is calling her rachel why not just go by raven for cosp… @Wandering_Edge i found like 3 different rachel's, am i just missing something?? LMAOAyo rachel is my favourite teen titan @Taroh_ch Dkxmskdmd I'm kidding!! I have a ton but they're all from servers that use @ everyone in place of a strea… @Taroh_ch Dont talk to me or my 200 notifs ever again
@AzaleaMark how much did you spendrigging time @AzaleaMark mark noDlclslxm tfw miccostumes only ships very specific sizes to my country for some of the cosplays Like why?? What tf is the difference??
@AzaleaMark it's ok! how it go for u? @SkykamTheShark I dont really make vroids anymore but I love both of them, I hate the bias against them 😭 like both have their pros and cons @AzaleaMark Helo @AzaleaMark You have my consentWawawaSorry, what? I don't know what the Met Gala is I know only #vtubergala The theme we chose was Opposite! Since we v…
Retweeted by Mizuki 💫 JellytuberHey guys y'all now can make high definition real-time model showcases with #VTubeStudio and OBS, no green screen an…
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@VirtueCatVT that's cute!you ever have a platonic crush on friends bc same @KieranWrites samewait you're telling me it's not normal to randomly have panic attacks whenever you enter public rooms ?? weird