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•3rd year comp Sci student who plays Rammus• •CR: Beserk/Pun Pun/Vagabond•

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@bodypillowss gm soni got two moods bro @judaaime only your name will be found on my suicide noteI have never been violated like this before @MaudyV7 Gets even faster with NVME ssds too 🤓 @slurpfwopngh i cannot waste this opportunity’s horrible that “get up early and exercise” actually works
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @ngocbbuii Dopamine? In this economy?
Retweeted by hrs ⚰*sets up one router* me: i am a godall cats are just some little guy in your house
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @digitaldan_ @judaaime dont ever have a girl... @judaaime we love to see it
@AnimeZalo im bokutosexual @donquixotekami only love bro @AnimeZalo I'M HERE TO KEEP U ACCOUNTABLE BROTHER @AnimeZalo YOU GOT THIS
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @MaudyV7 Oh really nice 😄, I think the wiring in my house is bad and that might have been the issue lol @DABlSMOUSE ok bbe😩😩😩 @MaudyV7 honestly I've been using powerline in for years and I get like 30mbps max and it sometimes just cuts out.… @DABlSMOUSE aha just the pc u want plugged in 👁️👄👁️? @AnimeZalo he dont miss 🧐 @DABlSMOUSE aha hey baby girl how u doing 👷🥴 @judaaime i want credit for the pose in the second pic gimmiespent 4 hours drilling holes in walls today just to get an ethernet cable into my room 🥸
@SUGAWUARA only sleepy @44deadclouds more strains than my dealer got smh @nicolefuertez Its like a double stuff oreo amount yummy 😀
This never happened. Women avoid eye contact with me. They cross the road when they see me approaching
Retweeted by hrs ⚰This how my dad chased me when he caught me with a white woman
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @MaudyV7 oh damn ok sould like its got a lil bit of everything, will definitely be checking it out :) @AnimeZalo oui sir*tweet gets more than 3 likes* me: this on before speaking to me
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @MaudyV7 dw about it 🤣, it is like a hack and slash type of game ?? @tamakiscat hmmm ok ok next time i use the work @DrunkenStallion tweet was too controversial for them king @judaaime I LITERALLY ONLY POSTS CATS AND U ALWAYS CALL ME A DOG I CANT FMJKDSNFAIS;ODF'NSDMA'F @MaudyV7 OHHHHHHHHH lmaoooooo igy its like a part of ur degree🤓 @judaaime me im scary devil bark bark @MaudyV7 'minor' you have a child 🤔🤔🤔, ooo let us know if its any good when ur done 😆 @judaaime 2nd one is kinda cute too tho 🥺 @MaudyV7 Hi!!! Just been doing essays and wasting time one twit tbh how bout yourself?? @judaaime yeah tbf I had no idea which one you'd pick lmao thats why I wanted to know so much @judaaime ok damn no need to go this hard 🥲 @judaaime u....popular?????🤔🧐🤨 @judaaime 🥸 @DABlSMOUSE its perfect @baldsasuke this their man???? @yamahoes he gets his power from his virgninty, the gates are symbolic @yakunei @44deadclouds also watched sweet home and can vouch for it @SirCroc_ bro bout to eat out the Manga
Retweeted by hrs ⚰🐒🐒🐒🤤。 o ○ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜ ͡ ╮ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◝╮ ( cats ) ( buff women )… @44deadclouds he a cool dude, but a shit at pouring the drinks ngl"sí señor i shall keep them coming" @MaudyV7 hihi🤠 @mikahyakyuu @baldsasuke @Weebism_chan nono its like way harder like weird and metally🤕i shall get back to my work @mikahyakyuu @baldsasuke @Weebism_chan UR WATER TASTES BAD LALALALALA @baldsasuke @mikahyakyuu lets beat her ass smh @mikahyakyuu @baldsasuke HUH >:(“You lack hatred Sasuke”
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @44deadclouds put me in coachi like the lil oranges with the leafs, i think they are neat sounds like they are saying no o-O
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @SUGAWUARA 😤😤😤 @DrunkenStallion mf💀💀💀 @44deadclouds spittin fax 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @DrunkenStallion HAS THIS MAN NOT BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH?!?!😭😭😭
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @Infernorgsm LOOK WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN HOBBIES OK 🥸 @Infernorgsm bribes never fail mam @yuujiswhore ty its my brand at this point lmaoi found this and thought it was worth sharing :3*me when women show any sign of interest* fan art never fails to dissapoint i swearthanks dad #hadesgame
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @44deadclouds you too boi 🦧 @44deadclouds oo what book👀, boutta make some breakfast and then finish my work hopefully 😤he'll kill u @judaaime I learned from u mom @44deadclouds what we on😼hii
@tamakiscat wait do u have hentai on ur wall @DABlSMOUSE ok but at least step on me a lil @tamakiscat oh aha hey @tamakiscat who hurt u @tamakiscat @sucrosepls i am now taken @sucrosepls @tamakiscat 🥵 @tamakiscat @sucrosepls no im in heaven @tamakiscat @DABlSMOUSE wedding cancelled my mom is crying, how could u do this to mew @tamakiscat @DABlSMOUSE ok lemme send u the details for my minecraft server and we'll have the marriage there @tamakiscat @DABlSMOUSE @tamakiscat @DABlSMOUSE if we marry i can be british @tamakiscat @DABlSMOUSE omg a british accent reading 😍“Pile of happiness ✨♥️”
Retweeted by hrs ⚰ @judaaime @AnimeZalo I JUST WANT TO BE FREEE