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@NullTruth hudson said going to LA after shining fates would be fun 👀staying with hudson and madie is basically a 5 star hotel such a fun weekend & they even gave us drinks & snacks wh… @TommyThroatEm FFFF i literally just left, i’ll see if karen will stop by when we head back today @THump he even charged back donations to everyone except for me 💯 yoinked @NullTruth this mf said the whole shelf LMAOtoo bad the guy in the 2nd pic is a predator & has no money one we buying @babyIaur LMAOOOmy facial recognition is unlocking my phone while i have a mask on i think it’s calling me ugly @voidsane i’ll let it slide this time @voidsane missing husky!!still one of my fav pics of ollie @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ @NullTruth soon... @Renegade_Joey for sure bro it’s definitely been a blast opening them, i needed it. money < happiness i’m still able to survive 💯 @Renegade_Joey prices are getting crazy on evos and hidden fates lmao @cinnxmonrolls who? i will openly expose i have 0 tolerance policy @karennsfw what the POGGERS!! SUBBED’
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @lauriedere it was just a bad day @KaiPSD @OwenMRoe @sniperiwnl the tag literally shows that it’s limited edition 1 of 2000 when it blues up on youtu… @turky42069 1 of 2000 ever made 😈 @Class nah you just saw me getting clowned for my setup and didn’t want it to happen to you @hitchariide my last hidden fates stream was even crazier
Retweeted by Kam 🍀mfs will have a desk like this and wonder why they suck at games
Retweeted by Kam 🍀IM BEING SLANDERED LMFAOOO @Froste LMFAOOOOO @Carterr1k @sniperiwnl @sniperiwnl @Carterr1k i’ve gotten some of the biggest hitters so far we still going for the charizard 😈icy’s desk 4 days ago
Retweeted by Kam 🍀nah i’m being framed she made it look dirty and took this pic to make my name look bad @Class @moonsuedo i think we plan to come back in a week! i’ll give you a big hug when i see youif i get a reverse charizard or a shiny charizard from my last evos/hidden fates i will give a bunch of people who… @NoshinOcean overcooked i think?? i definitely need to buy it and we will play when we meetup againkaren can’t even cook in a video game mf got the whole kitchen on fire LMFAOO pokémon card stock is coming to an end until shining fates 😔 i could definitely buy more but it’s tiring waiting… @Calipotato they survived LETS GOOOsome of the biggest hitters from today’s opening with hudson but overall there was a ton of hits 😳 can’t wait to go… WITH @hudsonwisler opening pokemans
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @moonsuedo @Icy_Rapture just got back to my college apartment and look what was waiting for me. I love you all 💜
Retweeted by Kam 🍀LMAOOOOO @cuckashlee peach said thank u
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @cuckashlee i tweet them all the time you can go through my media too @cuckashlee i have TWO! @lewnair so proud of you @itz_bradley yeah hudson is the cleanest person i know LMAOimagine the onlyfans content you can record with this bad boy mf karen michaelwaves beauty blenders ICY UNDERSCORE RAPTURE AT THE HUDSON COMPOUND 🔥🔥🔥 🚨
Retweeted by Kam 🍀MAKE SURE TO TAP IN WE GOIN CRAZY @orangeupeachy but lying is badHidden Fates was initially released in 2019 and became one of the most popular modern Pokémon card sets with lots o…
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @lmaovasu i’ve seen cards get stuck for over a month before getting any update even on shipping all you can do is wait 🙂 @lmaovasu you know it ain’t gonna actually be 10 days right @FavsPriv yeah and he was upside down in the bed with his feet next to my facefell asleep next to karen and woke up naked next to hudson last night was a movie @pinksakura_tv you just get used to that i think, karen can barely start sleeping on her side and stuff. super long… @pinksakura_tv you should stop draining around 3-5 days also icky stuff @lollipops understandable but the best way to find happiness is by going out and creating it yourself, by demanding… @lollipops just move out fr @pinksakura_tv don’t worry after first week you will be more comfortable hopefully you have someone good taking car… @lollipops not the piano :O @pinksakura_tv i coulda warned you from karens experience LMAOOMonkaS @MATTHEIS96 i mean yeah you can send it to me like the good ol daysuh oh guys the energy has shifted. shits about to get real weird. @Icy_Rapture Mf sounds like this when he’s running around
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @C9AIex literally me just now LMAOOYO?? i have got to cut my toenails im walking on tile floor and you can hear them tap when i walk like a dinosaur or something @LRichyyHCIM 100% you know i’m always free so just lmk @LRichyyHCIM yessir i shouldn’t be doing anythingfound this on the floor and hudson tried to play it off sayin it’s a cat toy 🤔 @Iexiepriv i’m not even in your subs 😴💯
@Meewuh wtf @Meewuh you got me? @Wantmyar LMFAOOi guess people usually feeling the bob @lexieyuh @kay6e @joinClubhouse its extremely easy to reserve names was even hard for me to find a name, people jus… @AboutStrafe @moonsuedo BRO?!?!? @ObjShane YOU PACKIN MEAT BRO IT WAS HUGE LMFAOOill never forget the first time i gave kalei my number back in the day the first thing she sent me was a weiner pic… @KaleiRenay @Boy1drr have you ever gone in our DMs and just scrolled up to like 2016? LMFAOO @Boy1drr @KaleiRenay you dont remember old kalei before she streamed or anything?
@Ih8chairs when you see me you’ll be so excited it’ll be a miraclei get to see @Ih8chairs again soon when i’m out in his area i hope i end up having his baby @ashbuni ??? kinda weirdchamp im as trustworthy as it gets @jrxsv_ ryan would buy you flowers daily he’s just built different @PharaohsPokemon these announcements are pogging offdrank cold water after chewing minty gum it felt like giving a snowman dome @BoyOneDrrPriv tell me who...HOOOOOOLY @jrxsv_ ayo chill ryan only gets so much unemployment... @C9AIex LMFAOOO @best4blood not even sending energy you are disqualified @Mikjall_Baker @Mikjall_Baker i have been all the time, my next opening might be on hudsons's twitch this weekend tho