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world renowned esports athlete #TBE #GTFBAMP streaming regularly

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@best4blood @Pterodactylsftw LMFAOOO WHAT U DO ALAN @Destiny_Of_Zero i love minecraft @CodySprezzatura what is that @tfetttt fr @best4blood apparently not @Lxbyan you can literally see with this @Lxbyan ??they just make guns in cod now where you can’t even see when you aim in? another guy in her snap story don’t talk to me @peesh yeah somethin little @timboNASTY bad boi lolol @peesh looks like you weren’t careful with risk managementhomie got paid $0 for this did everyone wanna be growing up? i wanted to be an astroknot @TheBopPops her bio @kliqdic fr, it's easily worth $1500 @Icy_Rapture ENOUGHHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by Kam 🍀 @iPurrple one day its gonna be "just sold my house for this logo" LMFAOOO @VinkolaJokic he only spent $900 bro @iPurrple i have to keep it alive and bring it around every so often, cant let diespent my stimmy on this logo! not gonna lie, i love it! WHAT?! @AboutStrafe why you asking me @Burstahh_ what you mean by thisout in these skreets @Cxmaron bro im cryinim done messaging people on tinder LMFAOOOO @evalSruhS can i get 20 likes on this? <3 #topshotshowcase @cinnxmonrolls LMFAOOOOO @cinnxmonrolls does ur bf look like this?a few times a day, peach does this thing where she yells at me if i stop giving her attention
@jrxsv_ sounds about right 😒 @jrxsv_ just be quiet he won’t know you’re there LMFAOOO @jrxsv_ im waitingcryptic gifted this girl 10 subs she said "thanks dude" and kept painting her boobs LMFAOOO @cheesykrust you're not alone @CrypticNoHoes @TheSamsman your money just went DOWN @cinnxmonrolls yIKERZ @cinnxmonrolls WHO?strafe watching this body painting stream LMFAOOOO @jrxsv_ okay, THEN DO IT! @cinnxmonrolls nah but i feel sorry for whoever it does LOL @JhbTeam @CrypticNoHoes you just gave her chick fil a and now you eatin ice cubes @cinnxmonrolls ayo, you aint gotta say that bout me!pandemic has sleep schedules so bad i can tweet this and some people actually won't see it right now @jayflackooo @WhosBreezyUK @NoshinOcean nah, im clearly UP!!jokes on you, i dont change my underwear. same pair for 8 days @nessdies i wish mine did @WhosBreezyUK @NoshinOcean ill be a tier 3 sub and VIP in her chat @NoshinOcean THEY SHOULD ALLOW HER TO JUST BE FULLY NAKED! @ultimately_emac bro just go to just chatting @TristanGHill i can fix that for u lolCHECKED OUT JUST CHATTING SECTION ON TWITCH AND MY DESK LEVITATED 3 INCHES!!!! @Exocism_ whicever one gives u cooler super power @hitchariide Jkap @Class somtimes i feel like friends only use me for sex @Nerdshet_pls everyone has bro @Doc_Gore @Ryan_Recon not everyone was rich, dr gore @bluesweaterr i never thought the flood was scary as a kidtake me back... @kliqdic that’s just from losing ur taste sister 💅 @Ryan_Recon nobody plays cod anymore give up @Ryan_Recon i have no reason to be down, the only thing keeping me down is my friend ryan not playing sea of thieves with me @ultimately_emac always will be @Delune____ sorry to hear that @Ryan_Recon i’m definitely not down bad @GASCITY707 gn kinggoodnight twitter if ur reading this i hope u wake up to a good morning text from ur crush @Viperous i can confirm, with lots of personal experienceayo.... @leahdb98 mako told me awhile back i could make ollie tik tok famous i think i fumbled, i can just record him doing… @leahdb98 i just tweeted one of the cutest videos ever leah he spin around the ball he couldn’t get it lololollie footage at the park @leahdb98 you just made ollie said cause ur mean to his dad now apologize @nyaasita goodnight!lol just found out i havent been getting 3,000 likes per tweet because twitter servers been actin up. makes sense now @iPurrple @m0rawn i give a peepoSalute to you @thotahoIic yeah, it is too muchthe 2 worst events in history for the Jake Paul fight but the bank doesn't have to know that, handling this situation @JERMAlNE dexerto never fail to let everyone down 🙏 @Ryan_Recon nah, im just so real i reinvest my time into other things like texting the homies goodnight instead @Pterodactylsftw he looks intimidating @Ryan_Recon no thanks, she dont deserve it @Class yeah, one of the most. right under me @iPurrple i wont play unless i get 24/7 coaching by the one and only Jay iPurrple @scobesx its just a slight correction before it really goes to the moon @moonsuedo ill never forget i met tyler1 and he said i do indeed look like fiddlesticks LMFAOOO @viseV2 thats not a bad game though @pnkskie WTF!!!!you'll know when i hit rock bottom if i ever play league of legends @Parasite guy like me would’ve dropped a MOAB @megnrnee NOOOOBO2 trending, still no remaster @bigtittygirI can you clean it for me @NoshinOcean guy like me would chrome cast my porn from the bathroom just to make my gf madPOV you’re sitting at my desk