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Winston Chan @IcyDragon68 The Netherlands

I like #Kpop I like #HongKong but I definitely disgust People Refucking of Shina! 🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗

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We are with u.
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Retweeted by Winston Chan @SarathPrasanna4 Taiwan stands with India.
Retweeted by Winston ChanHong Kongese , if you have facebook accounts come join in our groups. India is with the people of HK and their free…
Retweeted by Winston ChanThank you Hong Kongers.
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China beïnvloedt Nederlands hoger onderwijs en wetenschap
Retweeted by Winston Chan这太🐂🍺 光复香港 时代革命
Retweeted by Winston Chan @sjoerddendaas Is dit ook een gevalletje trump? ‘We testen minder dus we hebben minder coronagevallen’Tam Yiu-chung, #HK's sole delegate to #Beijing's top legislature NPCSC, said media coverage on #hkpolicebrutality c…
Retweeted by Winston ChanArrested at July 1 protest, this 23yo first motorcyclist/ first-aider with a #LiberateHongKong flag became the firs…
Retweeted by Winston ChanDemocracy activist Nathan Law says he has fled Hong Kong
Retweeted by Winston Chan香港正加速進入抽象藝術、概念藝術時代?
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Retweeted by Winston Chan好多可爱的猫咪🐱
Retweeted by Winston Chan多麼勇敢的香港女生:黃子悅!在國安法通過後依然出來擺街,這種不屈不撓的努力,寧死不屈的頑強風骨,就叫香港精神! #香港加油 #香港精神
Retweeted by Winston ChanTHIS IS HONG KONG #誰是暴徒 #反送中 #香港精神
Retweeted by Winston Chan‘GFHG, SDGM’: Hong Kong netizens reimagine illegal slogan as protesters find workaround
Retweeted by Winston Chan为革命保护视力,良知保健操开始啦 #StandWithHongKong #光復香港時代革命
Retweeted by Winston Chan @tomgrundy What a joke. What a lie. 1country,2systems. China raped it over and over! @NUnl Die gast weet zeker niet wat er in Hongkong nu aan de hand is. Dan pas mag hij zeiken over een dooie rechtsstaat. @bueti Is this a real quote??? Of him!?!????!!So many heartbreaking stories in #HongKong @_jasmineleung_ and I spoke to several people making the awful decision…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @_qianwei_ @Koreaboo Then close your eyes while china is raping muslims in Xinjiang and claiming every part of the… @bamxtae_ @Koreaboo Then he shouldn’t speak out in the first place that he loves china and its infringement of basi… @waanjiaer @Koreaboo You could close your eyes while china is torturing muslims, Tibet, Hong Kongers, Mongolians et… @waanjiaer @Koreaboo But he’s still a traitor. @bamxtae_ @Koreaboo GOT7 is great but Jackson. I do not support infringing of human rights. He does by supporting china. @MichelleMarti20 @Koreaboo I’m grateful if he does raise his country but he isn’t. His motherland is HK. A free cou… @waanjiaer @Koreaboo Although being a singer, don’t be political. Look at Tzuyu. China made her crying!! Unacceptab… @Jacky4121 @OnlyforJiaEr Jackson is clearly a communist who likes to kill. Look at Tibet and the Uyghurs. Tortured… @realDonaldTrump
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💡💥 🌹⚓️ ⏰ ⛱️🥽 ✊ 光 復 香 港 時 代 革 命
Retweeted by Winston Chan @TallDave7 @HongKongFP Eew no!! @cnni @Nectar_Gan Today, "Liberate HK, Revolution of Our Times" is considered as destructive to national security.…
Retweeted by Winston Chan“After this farewell, I don’t know when I’ll ever return. I’ll never forget the sparkling scene of Hong Kong from t…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @SpoonCpt @op1npo @nrc @WvNoort Het is opvallend dat er in Nederland zoveel schepsels met een laag IQ zoals jij leven. @wtszshing98 @TomT88696910 @benedictrogers @VICE Corrupted their way of think humanly and individually might be a better way to describe it. @benedictrogers @VICE #NationalSecurityLaw explicitly unveils the endless ambition of #Chinazi . The arrogant Emper…
Retweeted by Winston ChanVICE - China Thinks It Can Arrest Basically Anyone on the Planet for Criticizing Communism via @vice
Retweeted by Winston Chan @ClaudiaMCMo Welcome to #1984~
Retweeted by Winston Chan @ClaudiaMCMo Disgus…🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮Under #HongKong’s ever-diminishing freedoms, #HongKongers still find creative ways to voice out. Cue Mao posters…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @benedictrogers Do it. Do it! DO IT!!! Revoke it. @TallDave7 @HongKongFP HK should be a republic itself and collaborate with Taiwan and other free Asian countries to… @PHongkonger Ok😒Maar dictator xi moet alsnog voor het internationaal Strafhof komen. @MauritsVeluwe @RTLnieuws We moeten ook niet hier kijken maar de schuld geven aan peking!! Zogenaamd een ontwikkelingsland.中國可能會禁止香港人前往英國 China may block Hongkongers from moving to UK.
Retweeted by Winston Chan @TuCaoFakeNews Then stay inside!! You fucking communist. @Koreaboo Jackson IS A TRAITOR!! Born in HK and left it sinking for the money.Prominent democracy activist Nathan Law flees Hong Kong
Retweeted by Winston Chan @NOS Beste boeren. Jullie zijn te laat. Die ministers hebben gister al hun vrijmibo gehouden. @PHongkonger What does it say?? @sjoerddendaas Nah. Gewoon niet aan beginnen @joshuawongcf Are we allowed to make stickers saying “Hong Kong independence” in other languages so the ccp can’t read it?? @HKind_Plastic @HongKongFP @sam99061414 @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @UKinHongKong It’s next level discrimination. Li… @PaletteStardust @HongKongFP @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @UKinHongKong Isnt that the same as #HKisnotchina? @HongKongFP @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @UKinHongKong Calling myself chinese is lik🤮, it’s like🤮, it’s 🤮, chine🤮. I… @NOS Elektrische voertuigen zijn kut. Waterstof is en blijft de toekomst. @Stand_with_HK The CCP are control freaks.
Retweeted by Winston Chan#HongKong gov just announced that "Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of Our Times." is a slogan that is illegal under…
Retweeted by Winston ChanOnly on July 1st, the #HongKong police conducted more than 370 arrests. It's time to fight back. Join…
Retweeted by Winston ChanA clip shows another journalist hit by water cannon directly at Wan Chai #HongKongProtests #NationalSecurityLaw
Retweeted by Winston ChanYet more horrendous scenes in #HongKong
Retweeted by Winston Chan @lukedepulford @pritipatel @hk_watch Speaking about #BNO. The #Hongkongers who are leaving #HK for good, aren’t they violating the #NSL?This is the real China
Retweeted by Winston Chan @niubi Ccp has violated and still is violating international human rights. So what is more important. #CCP_is_terroristURGENT NOW! .@now4humanity’s #WaveOfFreedom campaign pushes for the creation of a coalition of major democracies t… @revmahoney @hk_watch @Stand_with_HK @FreedomHKG @Fight4HongKong @SolomonYue @hkdc_us @BeWaterHKG @mschlapp Sir. Pl… call up America to stand with HK at the US Capitol & announce our return dates back to HK! #HongKong ⁦@hk_watch⁩…
Retweeted by Winston ChanTonight the #House stood strong with the people of #HongKong in unanimously passing the Hong Kong Autonomy Act to p…
Retweeted by Winston ChanWhat can she hide in that little vest and shorts ⁦@SolomonYue⁩ #PoliceBrutality #hongkong #HongKongPoliceTerrorists
Retweeted by Winston ChanAnother angle
Retweeted by Winston ChanWe will remove it surgically!
Retweeted by Winston Chan❤️❤️諗起如果有日真係迫不得已要走 已經想喊 點捨得離開我屋企!
Retweeted by Winston ChanThis young woman was arrested along Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay at 11:45pm, for holding up this sign that reads “…
Retweeted by Winston ChanAfter banning Chinese apps, India raises Hong Kong at UN
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@hkbhkese @JINGWAJINGWA @bpolitics Hong Kong will surely be free, Dont lose your hope and continue to raise your vo…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @hkbhkese @bpolitics Well, great news !
Retweeted by Winston ChanU.S. House passes a bill imposing sanctions on banks that do business with Chinese officials involved in cracking d…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @hkpoliceforce This so called ‘law’ is a disgrace AND PURE CANCER to the world, democracy and every Hong Kong stand… @hkpoliceforce
Retweeted by Winston ChanChina is breaking Hong Kong treaty with UK, says Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Winston ChanUK makes citizenship offer for up to three million Hong Kong residents
Retweeted by Winston Chan人 在,心 在,城 在 ! ! ! #自由香港 #freehongkong
Retweeted by Winston ChanGreat move of UK!! #BoycottChina
Retweeted by Winston Chan @hkpoliceforce 香港獨立,come and get me LOL
Retweeted by Winston ChanDon’t let this escalate! @josungkim @HKWORLDCITY I also think if #Korea really do support #democracy then #YGEntertainment would let #Tzuyu Korean university students and civic groups declare boycott of 'Mulan' in support of the democracy protests i…
Retweeted by Winston ChanOnce again… reporter, who held a camera and took pictures of first-aid medics, was squarely hit by #hkpolice's water cannon o…
Retweeted by Winston Chan#BREAKING: Over 180 have been arrested for participating in unauthorised assemblies, disorderly conduct, possession…
Retweeted by Winston ChanMoi aussi je me sens impuissante. Rage et frustration. Mais pas abandon. Je me fiche bien d'être une "foreign forc…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @AnneChaAsia @Patrick81230595 Today is the most distressing day of my life. Hong Kong’s future is very dangerous an…
Retweeted by Winston ChanThinking of you all in #HongKong today. You are strong and we will find ways to support you. Take care #NationalSecurityLaw
Retweeted by Winston ChanHoezo mag dit weer wel?? En bij een gele stoeprand, én op een kruis. De @politie moet toch ook het goede voorbeeld… graffiti is spraypainted on the sidewalk in Causeway Bay. #hongkong #NationalSecurityLaw
Retweeted by Winston ChanA branch of Maxim's Cakes in Percival Street has been vandalised. The Maxim's chain has been targeted by protesters…
Retweeted by Winston Chan @MrC_pnow He just shouted Long Live Liverpool, what's wrong with that? Is it just because Liverpool is British? FU…
Retweeted by Winston ChanOnce again, journalists were deliberately targeted by #hkpolice today.
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