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Icy @IcyVert Philadelphia, PA

pardon my french ma’am but your boobies are poggers

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Flowvorov. 💪 #AnytimeAnywhere | #MTLvsPHI
Tim Hardaway calling the ref safe instead of playing defense is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen in the NBA…
Retweeted by Icy @Huntrelol @celtics please lord @ZhaireWRLD Celtics in 5! @NHLFlyers @foundersbrewing THE GOAT @Leo__ffs stop please @okmxnuel @celtics YesSixers vs Boston round 1. Congrats on making it to the second round @celtics ! @XenoWrld @af4iry Fr @af4iry ur fine chill @100shreccs yeah ok😹 @longneckedbeck @austxnnn ?? @austxnnn @longneckedbeck we’re having a play date tomorrow 😃keep it in the prototype stage ❤️ you’d love my bio then! @Boy1drr @jeangaultierr @longneckedbeck I was #gaming @MarcoAjx @longneckedbeck Talk😭I know every word to this by heart @longneckedbeck Neither do u, catfish @longneckedbeck I’m in ur house @longneckedbeck *start to cu* @er1417 ok I just packed him 😃Is GOAT TMac good ?saved @longneckedbeck💔 city is so cool @NHLFlyers @NYIslanders @Capitals Tell the hurricanes to win the next 4 pleaseis this true @blindmanwalkinn Make me a billionaire? @cactuswaweed -mfsWhat does Kylie Jenner have that i don’t? RT this and help me become a billionaire!My dick hurts
Retweeted by Icy @cactuswaweed WymVegans be like: “trust me it tastes JUST like a bacon cheeseburger!!” @longneckedbeck We waiting @meIisssax Love u have a good oneFocus on making others around you happyold ass woman 😭 Happy birthday ig ouch is fucking wild
Retweeted by IcyWe’ve earned this opportunity. Now, let’s 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗶𝘁. #AnytimeAnywhere
Retweeted by IcyGood morning @longneckedbeck Really @FakeySensei @mynameisalliyah Noo don’t die ur so sexyy @mynameisalliyah lmk @mynameisalliyah wwyd if we also kissed a little lol @BakeHatesItHere @FakeySensei 48 likes 🔥 too easy! 👍this is fucking wild type of night is this?
Retweeted by Icywomen be like: “men = 🤮” men be like: “women = 🤩” we really live in a society
Retweeted by Icy @whosalex sike😭
Retweeted by Icy @longneckedbeck Ben Wallace is so UNDERRATED. 6x All-Defense 5x All-NBA 4x DPOY 4x All-Star 2x rebounding leader…
Retweeted by Icy @100shreccs wanna join vc with me @longneckedbeck no it wasnt @longneckedbeck why u moaning in vcgrace blows at fall guys she’s worse than a make a wish I cant do this no more @sixlillies I’ll change this! @jeangaultierr talking bout baseball @jeangaultierr SHE DIDGRACE IS GIVING GWAK GWAK GET IN HERE on fall guys like this Fall Guys with @longneckedbeck she will never win tap in: @Phillies How many runs we giving up in the 10th, I say 5 @gentlm4n We both suckJean blows @Chrisbuckets11 🙀DIDI THE GOATTTImma be streaming fall guys in about 15 mins 👍I’m introducing legislation in Congress to outlaw the @Phillies bullpen.
Retweeted by Icy @downbadglyph @skireddv2 why u looking at little girls 🤨 @downbadglyph stop tweeting @iPurrple @Phillies literally anyone else would be betteryou are 14 you need help suck @PhilliesI’m replying needs to be thrown out the league! Such a dirty player!!LMFAOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Icy @CrypticsReport Columbus vs Tampa Bay it just ended in 5Ot6 hour game holy shitIt’s still Columbus in 6nooo!!!! @connor_siemien @BlueJacketsNHL @TBLightning It’s on NBCSN which is 590 for me on Verizon FiosThis game is like a CVS receipt.
Retweeted by Icy @PhilIypls @BlueJacketsNHL @TBLightning I’m enjoying all of it but it’s a little longI have been watching this game since 3:20 PM. It is now 9 PM. WRAP IT UP PLEASE @BlueJacketsNHL @TBLightningWe don’t have any words and we know you don’t want to hear them. We understand your anger, your frustration, your…
Retweeted by IcyHey @NHL, not to tattle but we were supposed to play at 8:00 and the @BlueJacketsNHL and @TBLightning won't get off the ice
Retweeted by Icy @XenoWrld u better watch @TheBradySeven I don’t know mannwe really boutta go to 5th OT... wtf @pingzcg Unbelievable
@BWAMatt I’m so happy I ain’t a fan of either team I’d be losing it especially after Tampa Didn’t even shoot at the end @pingzcg I’m thinking