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@areajules i cant hear gangam style without the smell of kimchi and spicy pork belly comin gback @lunchfan holy shit... @isaiah_bb its anti dialectical. obama may have "started" conflict in syria but it was in the works in the early bush daysdefeated no a new york times person lost their job hopefully they dont become despondent and pennilessThe COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected upper middle class professionals on the troubles of having to work from h… @neoliberal_dad peloton only $50 a month with affirmDiogenes was the first redditor. @rainyshore i was up there this time last year @Good_Guy69 i dont know who got it in their mind that its cool to be irish we need to stop it nowBruised but whole. Bruised butthole. Lol
Retweeted by The Rational LadTo those who make fun of Bernie’s dress on Inauguration Day... To be honest, the US needs to lift itself up before…
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Retweeted by The Rational Lad @semiinteresting ahh no....ill never know... @semiinteresting i lived in rancho for a few months for work and ive been trying to remember for the life of me the… @TweetsBeach their ultra fast shipping has basically rewired peoples brains thoughupsetting to see Bernie idolized by the same people accusing him of being satan this time last year but we can at l… your owner has put you up for sale on the darkweb to recoup their bitcoin losses @CarlBeijer material politics @ItsAll_Bullshit its so good and if they do a sequel theres so much more they could do with it. @richard_normal I think it would be easier to email it to me. @richard_normal I do not have access to that. @richard_normal still nothin @richard_normal Just re send it @richard_normal It must have gone to spam. @Papapishu i had an awful flu/fever after traveling and i put on lawrence of arabia and was in and out of conciousn… dark night. A deep sadness......
Retweeted by The Rational Ladcanadian guy: how do you stand living in the US? the politics make me sick. i can't help but hate-watch. why don't…
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @killing_my_ass_ mike the other thread that has stemmed off from this post assumes youre talking about weight but i… a man into bed and he will sleep 1 night. give a man a bedtime and he will sleep every night for the rest of his life.
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @TwistyOnline @KrillTusk so good @richard_normal @killing_my_ass_ @coolp1np Deal. You start tomorrow! @whorevidal @richard_normal @killing_my_ass_ @coolp1np $20,000/yr. No benefits.bernie sanders is the mother fucking mangreat can @richard_normal @killing_my_ass_ @coolp1np Well done. Youre hired. @killing_my_ass_ @richard_normal @coolp1np often firms will schedule meetings with other firms. what then? @bulkUSBchargers remember when he tweeted about protecting suburbs for women that was so funny @sweetxpalma 🌏🔜🔥
@NeeNeinNyetNo my point is that it seems silly to advocate for the more right wing position of not entire education… @NeeNeinNyetNo not necessarily true. plenty of wealtht people take out student loans at low rates and slowly pay th… @douzmanian he has a job hes a senator @NeeNeinNyetNo is that not an opportunity to say instead, ok lets get you paid back? @adamoskowitz is the reaction to the real frustration of people whove paid their own loans, or paid for college, or werent ab… think it looks cool. we should embrace the insanity why not. every leftoid just wants to build a big square concr… @Seamus_Malek might have a beer.....or three haha @Seamus_Malek getting some vietnamese crabs tonight and then going to play some GTA online with the lads....yeah im okay!The entire government public health leadership, including Fauci and Biden, should not get the vaccine in order to i… @thepizzajawn not downtown @sillydingdong you can never be sure @pearkes they truly have everything....🤤🤤🤤🤤 bad for the people who can't enjoy Bernie's mittens because they are too angry. At the end of the day, though,…
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @_LarryJ_ If all goes to plan, I believe we are going to be very rich men ($1400)Going into a private DM meeting with @IdahoBones to discuss strategies for gaming the upcoming stimulus payment sys…
Retweeted by The Rational Ladall male annihilation remake whensleeping on the floor of my son's room because i got too freaked out reading SCP entriesmaybe you shouldve endorsed old bitch @rekastner @GarlicCorgi oof @Historiann Have some respect for a Senator of the United States.wondering why there were helicopters everywhere on Tuesday apparently someone did a bomb threat on Trump Plaza whic… a shitty mortgage to buy a dumb little condo with @douzmanian hes cool too im just #TeamFrank @douzmanian i like the one on the rightmore for me a satoshi to your Witcher....two types of insuretechs: either an app that you can just buy insurance on they call like CvrItUpX or a company tha…
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @AndrewYang you suck loser @VottoPlantEmoji @TomiLahren indoor dining is open in NJ btw and theres this great Portuguese placei promise if somehow the $600 check finds its way to me finally i will lose it all on robinhood or coinbase 🙏the consequences of big tech are here. weird white guys who say "mashallah" wont be able to retweet khamenei when h…
Retweeted by The Rational Ladthis is how the state handles white bisexual women with mental health issues
Retweeted by The Rational Ladreceiving word today is the day for BTC 100k dont miss cardio crew wosop @jubsdubs 5%🛌⌛️🔜 @mikebrooks92 too lateDAY 2 DEMANDS
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @sillydingdong haha @wokehuggies its a great time @badperson69 thank you!a delight
@primalignity nothing essential about barbers in my opinion @primalignity thank you im on month 4 of no haircut 2020's @AlldrittOwen Theres no getting through to you! Christ! @AlldrittOwen Owen you dolt, that is merely a paintinglets go patriots a moment, it seemed like US society was finally going to come face to face with its maltreatment of migrant wor…
Retweeted by The Rational Lad @jeanlucpeakhard @bulkUSBchargers as our friend beach tweets said, and im para phrasing "As a materialist, I only r… tracked and traced me mum. put her in quarantine then he did. @FugaziTruther it is pretty rare outside of west coast, as in it can likely be found in butchers but ive not seen it in any grocery stores @FugaziTruther its a really good cut of meat, highly underrated imo