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Toward a Soviet America

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Let's go!!!!! yeah, brother. is more racist than going to a Klan rally., to be an early American general sitting atop a mountain of skulls, not a care in the world @PSLBakedAlaska Bernie Sanders ran as stock liberal populist and these people think he was some radical "death to A…
@JoshMessite "I'm a sixty year old suburbanite with a 401k who consumes exclusively MSNBC and Twitter memes where H… @JoshMessite I don't think these people understand how little that stuff actually matters esp. to Bernie's target a… @tmcglonejr When is next time for them? 2024? If Biden wins there won't be a primary then. 2028? So we have to wait… post on this website was the guy who said "black men are trash." I love the combination of straight up rac… @PSLBakedAlaska @IdahoBones They are going to have to be with what's coming. Social Democracy is dead, the only way…, Terminator, Blade Runner ez don't miss!!!! @PSLBakedAlaska The Democratic Party is gonna be fine. He'll lose, but he's not gonna trigger some exodus or split within the party. @MandelaFace Man if I could get paid to report on what tweets Donald Trump Jr liked like she does that would be so… moment in film history. am specifically targeting a certain left tendency with this one. And some old friends who dreamed of 'liquidating… principle I oppose forced population transfers and mass killings on the basis of race.If you want to know what the future is, it's women forced into sexual servitude while lefties cheer it on. @rad_shiba_ A good number of people regard this as not actually counting as class-struggle because they regard trad… of the most exhausting aspects of being a Communist in American politics is being told "we're all on the same t… (like so many bourgeois mass institutions) ultimately boils down to affinity for a particular aesthetic. D… the character of white women until the end of time? A proper materialist understanding discards this kind of thi… made. Beyond that, this is an essentialist argument that ultimately serves very little purpose in the modern e… this the case whatsoever? Virtually all historical accounts of segregation in the south take into account widesp…'re gonna do it boys. Socialism with Chicken and Wild Rice CharacteristicsOoooh, baby, I'm fully turgid for American balkanization now. Give me People's Republic of Minnesota I am so fuckin… @BlackMetalMarx in countries that were not US client states. It doesn't make any sense, and it certainly won't prom… @BlackMetalMarx reparations for Jews who suffered through the Holocaust (West Germany did, certainly). Therefore th… @BlackMetalMarx It goes like this: they believe in reparations for slavery (rather banal, I'm certainly not opposed… think it is safe to say that John Mulaney is a pedophileOh, come the fuck on. Do people really believe this? I was a getaway driver who wanted to stay anonymous I would not wear the same jacket every day, especially if th… @mac_mold People read too much into this stuff. Your average Russian peasant thought that Jews were the reason the… @rfs_aelita Exactly. It's not some expression of valient resistance to oppression, it's a way to make fun of people… love being in your early twenties!Nah, she was too young for me.
I spent about the last year avoiding my sister's friend and now that I'm in quarantine I'm wondering if that was such a good idea. @BlackMetalMarx It's a good angle @BlackMetalMarx This is what I look like. I feel kind of bad now @BlackMetalMarx I suppose that's a pretty misleading post @BlackMetalMarx Haha. That's not me. That's Jacob Wohl. I was making fun of his weird stance. @BlackMetalMarx My avi isn't my face. @BlackMetalMarx It's true! I've had a couple different girls fall in love with me obsessively. It's almost performa… @PSLBakedAlaska anything that they can do. Most people would agree that it's inhumane to poison a small community o… @PSLBakedAlaska even if I understand that what's happening is wrong. I understand it probably won't matter if I pro… @PSLBakedAlaska Moments like Ferguson or DAPL happen when people's survival is on the line, when the situation is l… @PSLBakedAlaska But when asked if they'd march or go out and protest they just couldn't bring themselves to do it.… @PSLBakedAlaska There was this episode of the Daily Show back when Jon Stewart was the host where he went from prof… don't have to be hot to have a woman sexually harass you. I'm ugly and I've been sexually harassed plenty. The… This song rips because like 50% of the words mean nothing. The goddamn Aussies are taunting… @Toms_Spectre Quarantine is really doing a number on people. @donaldp1917 @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska The revolution would have to be an international one, but it will only ac… @donaldp1917 @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska Currently nobody has their shit together. However, I genuinely don't see… only national subdivision that needs changing in America is Texas. Balkanize that into as many states as you wa… @mike_hugs Absolutely. Radical Republicans were some of the most genuine revolutionaries of their time, Abraham Lin… @viperwave @TheLonelyPhoton Unfair to Blade RunneeSexually harassing Felix Biederman of all people is a strange move, but I respect that level of internet insanityThey either think they're one of the good ones (if they're white) already assume that there's no use talking to whi… I have sincere doubts about bridging that gap with good feelings alone. It's easy to radicalize someone along t… you're relying, for instance, on white people all being "allies" who "do the work" for no reason other than to a…'s why focusing on taking retribution on people is ultimately futile. You can say "we're gonna kill all these b… politics based on individual guilt or that relies on members of a certain group betraying that group is doomed… out great! I think it is important to realize from that debacle that capital won't let you get reforms passe… remember when Corbyn lost and people said it was either because Brits were too racist to vote for him or because… @Reboiras1949 @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska The world revolution will have to occur in all nations in a relatively s… @Reboiras1949 @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska Definitely wrong on all counts. The world revolution is currently not in… @JoshMessite What's wrong with him? Seems normal enough @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska Sure, I'm not gonna get mad at the Algerians for pursuing independence. But I think ev… @NeeedlesEye @PSLBakedAlaska I would disagree. Independence hasn't really worked out for places like Algeria, not b…
@ted_bundist I will be a foreign volunteer in the California National Liberation Front.I hope that the 2020 election ends with Trump winning the popular vote and Biden winning the EC. That would be the funniest result. @rfs_aelita I gather you've never worked at a pizza place, then. I don't think I would be capable of cutting one into anything but eighths @flossfurman Nothing dystopic about "monetizing yourself" @mac_mold @xandrellii If my landlord is black and not well off I feel better about her compelling me to provide a g… @mac_mold I would frame it more as an inevitability than an improvement. We could stagnate at the level of hunter g… want Chet Hanks and Tariq Nasheed to have a fifteen minute conversation. I think it would do wonders to bridge America's cruel racial gap. @bhangbhangducx Why do these guys find the stupidest things to get mad at AOC for? She sucks so bad and they get hung up on this shit @bounceaccount @nachdermas Every guy who watches Joe Rogan does so because they're mad that POC have representation… think a big result of Corona is that all these professionals who are working from home aren't going back into the… @LLW902 Nah, he blamed white women so it's all goodRemember when everyone was in a frenzy about people throwing milkshakes? Radlibs suck for a lot of reasons, but the… @ProudShooter What do you consider day labor?
@BLACKMESSlAH uh oh @LineGoesDan @belle_delweed Finns don't count as Scandinavians. I guess we have guys like Olof Palme and Floyd Olson. @Y2K_MINDSET @lib_crusher It's actually successful for the Dem party because they don't want to win, they just want… @LineGoesDan @belle_delweed We're generally not an exceptional bunch @BarnasJoe @AdGalliam Honestly, I hope that guy gets horned by the buffalo. Such a majestic creature doesn't deserv… @LineGoesDan @belle_delweed I like him because probably the only example of Swedish American excellence. @kofcarrotflower It's bizarre that this has turned into some sort of race thing. Is it only white women who buy sex… @LineGoesDan @belle_delweed Yeah, so many people hung up on historical events with no connection to the present. I'… only twitter users had grovelled at the feet of a Democratic machine politician. emphasizing Sanders's or Corbyn's personal niceness bug me. It's an incredibly idealistic view of politics,… @LineGoesDan @belle_delweed Trying to connect any left wing personality/org in the US to Thaelmann is insane. Completely different paradigm @JoshMessite I'll say that the difference to me is that stupidpol types are generally easier to talk to.I'm actually ethnically Swedish, but my stupid ancestors decided to leave and come to Minnesota. Didn't even have t… actually kicks ass. Great country. If I could choose a nationality, it would be French or maybe Swedish. @belle_delweed I must say, comparing these losers to Thalmann is really unfair to the latter who at least had the d… @PSLBakedAlaska Ok, how about this. The vibrator (built by oppressed workers in China with minerals harvested by th… @JimfromBC This motherfucker is gonna end up as a Blue Dog Democrat candidate in Ohio or wherever where he loses to… @belle_delweed They got about .001% of the US population to do the bare minimum to support perennial loser/sheepdog…