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theory: hereditary is the sequel to little miss sunshineROUND 2
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@0zzysaurus :'o @Howlinghound111 i dunno, amazon? toy stores? deep inside a mystical forest? the brand is jellycat @FeetGecko livin the dream! @0zzysaurus TRU. secondhand stores are our only hopeim getting killed by jellycat dragons night i dreamed i met amy poehler & adam scott and u know what? i hope they dreamed they met me @DocCrog mmmmm today i learn i love leaf stink @BurgerKapitany o shiiiit i love gnocchi, & any recipe w a kurt vonnegut quote is good enough 4 me. the recipe call… @saproartist i actually have it saved to my phone! ! i def recommend serving it w tortilla chips & avocado slices.… @worm_woman p...plants..... i love that variegated one in the 1st pic. ive always wanted a variegated monstera (sin… @_cakebasket mmm smoked turkey sausage sounds amazing @saproartist i found a super hit white bean chili recipe that calls for great northern beans & it honestly changed… @colorpulp YES!!! ive been looking for something to cook sweet potatoes in, bc i dont especially love them by thems… @XenixEffect helllllllllll yea, i do that w eggs, minus the beans. all veggies (& mushrooms) taste good in scramble… @dracofangxxx honestly sounds delicious. add avocado & baby u got a guacamole going!! im going to have to find the… @suddenlykats !! REALLY?? am i prejudiced against mint & OJ bc of toothpaste?? @keylimeseemfine i love split pea soup!! i usually make it w chicken broth & ham, but this sounds more budget frien… @XenixEffect would you just use water & salt instead of broth? my brother is vegetarian & id love to have a new rec… @DocCrog leaf stink??? @phoebeayscough ooh i love to learn about new soups! i have a friend who makes fun of me for using canned beans, so… @saproartist yesss kale is great bc it lasts way longer in a fridge than lettuce & u can put it in soups, salads, e… day i will make 1 batch of soup w bay leaf & 1 batch without bay leaf & we will see whats really going on here @rainbow_male i love broccoli but i have never tried this!! adding to list! @Obviously_Cloe i would do this but my bathroom is the size of a coffin & gets no light :c!!!!CHALLENGE!!!!!! a recipe for a filling soup that is tasty & filling & healthful w/o being too calorie dense. wi… @SluggoIsLit sluggo is lit @Obviously_Cloe haha heck i learned this the hard way w a previous sealed terrarium. im looking for a huge version… @Firstna14973820 @wrenwhite_ shit i just fuckin realized ted cruz has the fuckin zodiac killer symbol on his forehead lmao @missia_messii boohoo u r kind thank u @wrenwhite_ oof relatable. dinner tonight was 1/3 grocery store brand frozen pizza that was on sale for $3 tho, i c… @pseudorcas selfies but the phone is covering up ur face solidarity 🤜 @wrenwhite_ barter with them. offer some spaghetti, or perhaps some frozen taquitos @itsnero @DirkGrundy ???LEMONS???? chocolate/lemons i can get behind but mint/lemons i am highly suspicious and eve… @wrenwhite_ mega guillotine 2020 @ChiuChiuExpress this is my favorite thing to hear boohoohhoo 😭 @Psshaw +5 brewing +2 charisma -2 wisdom @JamesFromHR ok i dont know if ur trolling but now i must try this @DirkGrundy i have never heard of this practice! also i am very hesitant to try it @LylaHammar that is always so nice to hear, thank u @s0cial_jpg thank u! @Morganfwright no! @santgofer weh thx @Sofi_Lietti i dunno, i dont really feel like a competent story teller @Patricio_Memeza messed up!one day ill have a nice glass display case for my little humidity loving plants. for now maybe a fish tank would wo… spiced rum + cherry lime la croix tastes like root beer @Jack0ffJohnny oh this legit made me smile. i am glad it made itself found!2015 era musa art pt 2 what the heck era musa art was Good, actually come chocolate/mint good, chocolate/orange good, but orange/mint bad? @nnathersk what is a savers? :v @chero_sene i didnt actually get them but im sure they will find a loving home @wormple it didnt have any tags but i did some googling & it was made by gund in the 40s or 50s. its supposed to be…
2020 god oh my god @nervousbeast !!! i love him!! so cool!!
this is what my dreams look like am i @HgMorbi TRU, the lab scenes were def the best parts. i feel like it would b a good double feature w tucker & dale… @SinfulScience YEA @saucy_bb no worries i solved it! it was a samsung app gone awry. i deleted all my podcasts for nothing!!i fuckin love that guy from west wing & that other guy from the movie where channing tatum saves the president. i w… me MY GOD HE DID IT of my coolest dreams have amazing well developed architecture & city planning as an integral part of the ongoin… @pseudorcas LORDTi fuckin love the internet bc i can become acquaintances of ppl just by mutually existing beside them for 10 years.… @pseudorcas thats never happened to me & dont u dare curse me with these forbidden twitter hee haws @wrenwhite_ oh god like a snake oh god oh no. a fork and plate or bowl is involved i promiseok i forgot like 80% of the coolest parts but its still p neatthat dream i had last night: im gonna fuckin tell u about it at some point, even though i forgot some of the coolest bits @wrenwhite_ (im in the garbage & i eat the whole mac n cheese in one gulp like a terrible garfield)the coolest perk about living on the west coast USA is ur still awake for late night sunday musa twitter, its not i… question: where can i get a striped shirt w more than 2 colors for a decent price (madewell im lookin @ you, i… out an app called "samsung members" decided it needed to take up over 30gb in my internal storage & i cleared… @PaperBoxHouse i dont know a thing about high-finanglin pop star drama-avoiding decisions!! seems like he handled i… @PaperBoxHouse (i say, 7 years later) @PaperBoxHouse oh!! let art be art!! comfort the disturbed & disturb the comforted!!!!! @fritzwulf i will check it out!! honestly i looked up "run" &it was not impressive lmao. but i really dig the 5 seconds from the twich vid @chestervelt ok turns out there was an app called "samsung members" that was taking up over 32 GB of storage??? what the heck. goodbye!WHAT IS BLURRED IN TYLER THE CREATORS "TAMALE" MUSIC VIDEO @mangoskrt if u search crotch drop pants on google images u will see a lot of examplescan anybody help me out w this? what can i delete to free up some storage? why dont those numbers add up? is my pho… @Zahzu @PartyPrat wtf if u cant poop & pee out the same hole then log offgod. god!! can u imagine? if i looked cool in crotch drop pants instead of just like an idiot? wouldnt that rule @yolk_sac ok so the rest of the song is way less cool, im disappointedwhat song is that from that vine where the music goes "run" & the fish jumps out of the sink at the cats @zerostop yaaa likewise, lmk if there are any meetups planned w other locals/con-goers <3