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jenna @idkjenna Toronto, Ontario

artist. she/her. we are all bonded by love. @goddessnuknoit 💍

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@MarinaDiamandis How many cats do U have lol I feel like I always see new ones now!!!
@dangitdannylion The rainbow ones!!! @dangitdannylion Ugh I have a pair that I want too but they are so much here 😭bette porter being a mean man hating lesbian is just so fucking sexy of her truly a role model for us all
Retweeted by jennaOh, girl..... you had no idea what was comin @_danalouise Like the way he defaults putting “straight” and “normal” together 🙄🙄 @_danalouise Imagine thinking trans people can’t be straight lollllgod I hope she's okay. imagine putting a fucking teenager in danger like this because of her sexuality..... and som…
Retweeted by jennaHaley mocking my spoonful size is not appreciated !!!!!!
@BryannaGaga Oh 1000% 🤢 @BryannaGaga @shakeurkittyy The fact that these aren’t even goldfish 😭And before you ask... yes, I did itch my neck before taking this 🥴Wearing this relic today @miguelcolinart Literally what was the point to put a baggie hoodie over that...
Jojo siwa is gayyyyyyyyyy?God I wish I could drink a $12 vodka soda at a gay bar tonight and watch a drag queen who has sewn the JLo white pa…
Retweeted by jenna @jackelynv2 Most of the generic brand pancake boxed mixes are vegan if you use non dairy milk and use 1/4cup of app…
@miguelcolinart @ColourPopCo Omg I love this!!!!Lady Gaga, proud is an understatement truly
Retweeted by jennaThe strenthPlease welcome, Lady Gaga
Retweeted by jennaShe’s giving it her allllllllOk this is giving me sound of music teasI know Joe Germanotta mad
Retweeted by jennaThat’s our girl 😭😭😭😭AHHHHHHIM SO EXCITED my aunt has already called me today saying one of the reporters heard Gaga rehearsing yesterday and called it “bone chilling”It’s timeee @shakeurkittyy Welcome to the Biden Ball, now dance you mother fuckers!
Retweeted by jennajust retweet it and go
Retweeted by jennaI’m so proud 🥺 @vrsuss YES @goddessnuknoit @vrsuss Holy shit lol“Just a few bad apples” 🥴
Retweeted by jenna @vrsuss Husbands????? Nah I’m good luv we’ll stick w our group of 4 🥰’m sick of the word besties bc of y’all lol
@jenochej I feel you! It’s hard to let ties go when they are connected to old hopes/dreams. My wife and I like to s… did it!!!!!! you’ve never cried in a walk-in or stock room you have no say in the minimum wage debate
Retweeted by jenna @zacacatron @aloomf Me too 🤪 @miguelcolinart @goddessnuknoit YES AND GO GET THOSE GOOD ASS BAGELS TOO
@vrsuss I- what..... wouldn’t it be scarier to be constantly in contact with new people in the airport? I’m 🥴 @sc00byd00bie Hers was fine and was never impacted! She had other symptoms. I know someone who did lose their smell… @sc00byd00bie I was gonna say it probably was... Haley’s cousin had 3 negative tests before she finally got a posit… can’t wait to live with Haley again. Y’all truly aren’t ready for the apartment we’re about to pull off...yall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dol…
Retweeted by jennaThis could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by jenna @miguelcolinart Stopppp these are so bad 😭😭😭 @idkjenna
Retweeted by jenna
@danaspecial Some body come git er, she’s dancin like a stripperI hate that it’s been like 5 years since I worked in a grocery store but I still can’t just look and be like “oh a… girls are NOT seeing fka twigs , look how she cleared!
Retweeted by jenna @SethxTyler What if the laundry is still dirty and my sheets were washed yesterday @SethxTyler RIGHT?? Like I feel like I LOVE the idea of it and it sound so good when I think about it and then I ea… can’t decide if I love or hate avocado toastMade this for my desk @aloomf PERIODDDDDT can’t stand her... @dommyward The ed*bles hit didn’t they?Oh look, a meme about me, Haley, and Venus @katrieber @katyperry This isn’t true actually, there’s lots of science that dogs can thrive on vegan diets as long…
When I was 16 my first job was at McDonald's. Now I'm months away from defending my dissertation for my PhD. I've h…
Retweeted by jenna @danaspecial When that conversion hits and they’re $60 🥴It’s kinda funny I can’t get my head to stop like. Ever. But I’ve been doing 10-15 mins of meditation/yoga/stretchi… @dangitdannylion That was my runner upWe made progress!!! Had to take the lid off lol @KLTiago Skdjdk I feel that though that makes sense for some reasonLmao 😭 @KLTiago I didn’t even notice that lmao 😭😭 I like that album when I’m driving but I never listen to it otherwise lolCatch me at 2 @diamondsweisz When I’m at my mother in law’s house I have to ask the spirits to let me sleep at night and not foll… @diamondsweisz I used to “pray” to my dead cat every night not to haunt me skdjdkskHaley trying to convince Venus to use the litter robot is so funny skdkdklssl
Yaaaaaallllllll will draw to take a break from drawing
Retweeted by jenna @idkjenna Mariah Carey, who?
Retweeted by jennaAh, yes has really been showing me the same 6 posts for the last 3 days 😐Solidarity with Black youth organizing in Little Jamaica to provide support to BIPOC tenants in the neighbourhood!…
Retweeted by jenna @aloomf Alex..... @SethxTyler Is that it though? Or is this in addition to a new game @SethxTyler Whaaaaat
@3NN3Y3HS I have no idea LMAOO your house was always an adventure 😭😂 I miss itMy mom has a photo with Gaga (and Miss Asia!).... we stan.... also it’s crazy for me to look at this pic of my mom…
I’m deleting tiktok
Retweeted by jenna @FrootDeMarcoo The fact that you put this thought into my brain 😭😭😭 @FrootDeMarcoo Madison.... I..... @goddessnuknoit 💅🏼
I love talking to Haley twice a day lmao @dangitdannylion 😂😂😂Who is dis hunny...... 8 years ago today am now not even hopeful for THIS august. Lmao. @goddessnuknoit Thank Gaga we changed that plan 😌Lololol at us thinking our visa issues would be solved by august latest to start stretching every day 😌 @HausChromatica Right?!?! @goddessnuknoit @lucastweeets You JUST told me how excited you were for our plant wall. @lucastweeets 🥴🥴🥴 @goddessnuknoit Yeah I’m obsessed