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mack @idkmackk Chicago, IL

19 | he/him #blacktranslivesmatter

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omgggggg🥺 manifesting a spot in the new @rihanna @SavageXFenty show for a full-circle moment.
Retweeted by mackthe last one...😭 baby is still stuck in my head @lifeofshah pray for me chile 😭my birthday is tomorrow and I still have food poisoning so fake classy like girl down you be in dubai gettin yo chest shitted on
Retweeted by mack @blkplastic imma check it out. thanks! @blkplastic what’s that? @mikeytheicon yeah i’m literally never using this crap again @mikeytheicon i had to keep looking up tutorials for BASIC SHIT...I HATE adobe premiere. @prdsbeomi yeah like if u don’t have mods u might as well uninstall2 & 3 were both great, i’m not sure why EA dropped the ball so hard with 4 @loudmouthlyric yeah. mods carry the game honestlylike... @pussynits It has great graphics though. the gameplay is just ASS😭sims 4 is so boring like @loudmouthlyric this is probably the only one i’ve never played 😭When Rihanna does each of her eras for #Verzuz:
Retweeted by mackMe listening to my mashups on my way home:
Retweeted by mack @RyanNavy_Rih 😭😭😭thank you! love u too! 🐍
Retweeted by mack @legendarihhhh happy birthday sabrinaaa! 😆❤️ bernie meme isn’t that funny anymore @lemon_lacroix she isKandy😭 don’t think Denali was that bad omgSymoneee 👑👑Tamisha.... SAFE?
Retweeted by mackThe judges tonight: #DragRace
Retweeted by mack @MoonlitZay not the tummy police :/Tamisha is cracking me up😭 #DragRace
this song is so perfect it over with is the best song ever and i’m not even jokingGet it over with>>>>’s not better than anti is one of her best albums @idkmackk
Retweeted by mackWords cannot express how much I hate this picture😭 @cosmicairo 😭“Suit and Tie” is terrible. I stand by this. that whole era was kinda bad.
Retweeted by macki will never know peace will I? me getting sick right before my birthday....@rihanna’s ‘kiss it better’ x luther vandross’s ‘never too much’. 💞
Retweeted by mack @RudeGyalBre who is it?.@BreeRunway teases her debut studio album in new @BritishVogue interview: “I already have a concept for it. I wan…
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i agree with her when she finished her 6 album deal in 7 years and left w/ her FULL masters
Retweeted by mackMariah the scientist is elite @icarusfallng omg they’re so good, i’m just now finding out people don’t like them😭Hope I get these scholarships I applied for 🙏🏿these are good🧎🏾 BE UR SAVIOR I DONT HAVE THE POWER was DEEP in her bag Clinton to the 81m Biden voters:
Retweeted by mack @daysafterodeo @jaentyy that song is assanything good on Netflix? @whyyousoloudbro girls just can’t respect it @agirlikemey @whyyousoloudbro @agirlikemey i’m one the smartesth on the tl lolsome of us aren’t that smart and that’s okayHair by me for @SheaCoulee on @gaytimesmag Winter 20/21 Issue 💚
Retweeted by macksince a lot of the trash was taken out today, @ChicagoMag & @rebeccamakkai, you’re next
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**raises hand** 😉
Retweeted by mackthe standard.
Retweeted by mackpneumonia’m just here to help. 🤷🏿‍♀️ #wediditJoe
Retweeted by mack.@rihanna you’re 47. @CrazyFaceChico yup @respectfullyyy she’s a fcking vocal BEAST omfg @agirlikemey oh yeah. that’s the PITSthe white house staff waking tr*mp up today
Retweeted by mack @xblackestcherry ?????i don’t think there’s a bad combo at subway? @silentlyuncut exactly! it’s so funny because from the promo i didn’t care for her but she’s one of my faves nowSymone, Utica, and Gottmik for me @sawcjay @YouTube turn it off!Fat Joe’s new single “Sunshine” features the Kiss It Better x Never Too Much mashup created by @loneamorphous
Retweeted by mack’all really writing think pieces cause people are happy a terrorist is out the office and are happy there’s at lea…
Retweeted by mackbig black & stupid are arguing in the comments of this TikTok and I’m just like... it’s a audio from little women Atlanta pls c…
Retweeted by mack @dwaynefighter like if u “said what u said” then stand ten toes down girl i don’t get it 😭.@JoeBiden @POTUS
Retweeted by mackbut just a minute ago it was “I said what the fck i said” 😂😂 it’s tweets are protected. but i thought you “said what the fck you said”Ready to serve.
Retweeted by mackplease rise for the national anthem. 🇺🇸 entering the Senate chamber as Vice President tomorrow
Retweeted by mack @IvyKnowlesPark we getting them up outta here 🙏🏿