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Darren Bentley @IdleandWild Lancashire, England

Media Manager at Burnley Football Club, partner to @nic_wells. Personal musings on life. For all Clarets content, see club account @burnleyofficial

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@SarahMulkerrins You go to bed @ShabzYJewell YES! @claretblouse Good looking lad, that ☺️This is mad.. Welcome to Whitney live: the late singer’s ‘eerie’ hologram is going on tour @PhilBirdBFC That McNeil jaw-dropper yesterday was the best through ball we’ve seen since Matt Lowton fed Barnes v Everton🥰
Retweeted by Darren BentleyThe quote marks somehow lend this sign in a corner shop window an air of dark menace
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @Freemonster80 @soundstoryuk 👌evening, time for a spin through a few #80sessentialalbums starting with 3 from The Big Chair #nowplaying #vinyl
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @OwenCoyleJnr96 @Brunshaw10 @ChennaiyinFC Great to see. 👏It's not everyday you turn one! Lilia and Lexi Lowton celebrated at the @CeliaFarm - With llamas, facepaints, ente…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @AndrewGreaves84 I don’t get it.Happy Birthday #DavidSylvian
Retweeted by Darren BentleyHere are all the shirts that have featured far this season - they're building into rather a splendid collection…
Retweeted by Darren BentleyYes it has. 🤷‍♂️ magnificent. The weather this guy has had to endure and always with a beaming smile. Off to donate. Make sure… @OddsWise No, is the probably answer!
@Smallpaul11 @ClaretsPlayer 👍 @MrDominicWalker Got my feet up ready! @Smallpaul11 @ClaretsPlayer Lads are sorting now. Thanks for pointing it out Paul @adam_major1 @ldnlongside @BurnleyOfficial Good to know @Smallpaul11 @ClaretsPlayer Will get it checked out . Thanks @claretrobo I’ll mention it @ldnlongside @BurnleyOfficial Same as the old admin. Team effort 👊 @LeonDBH @DecMovUK @BurnleyOfficial Just happy in our work, Leon 👊 @RorySmith We all have to suffer for our art, Rory @Gammon_Army 🤷‍♂️Massive thank you to the beautiful @LoveTregenna for putting us up last night and all the staff and guests for acco…
Retweeted by Darren BentleyExcellent stuff, Rory
Please consider bringing a tin(s) to one of the 8 wheelie bins located around Turf Moor, this Saturday between 1:30…
Retweeted by Darren BentleyThe Guardian view of Boris Johnson: neglecting and dividing the nation.
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @bodenknights @SouthamptonFC Good banter @mattpend85 @ju_no1 I can but ask @ju_no1 I’ll speak to our commercial team. They order them @ju_no1 Did you pick it up? @joepattison97 A stat is a stat, Joe. Something to ge proud of @ju_no1 👍 @ju_no1 Pleasure @ju_no1 Just head to main reception and ask for me. How’s this look? @goal_media @TomDascombe @jackcork1 @officialcwood @themichaelowen Hi Damien. Yes, it’s been broadcast in SSN and P… @ju_no1 Hi, the frame is now ready for collection. Sorry for the delayQuite something, this programme for Fears - Memories fade via @YouTubePremier League. Paved with gold? Only 9 clubs have reported financial results to date for 2018/19 so totals will of…
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Jurgen Klopp received a letter from a 10-year old Manchester United fan. Klopp responded in spectacular fashion! 😂
Retweeted by Darren BentleyHow bad would a pub have to be to get one star from Terry? #recap
Retweeted by Darren BentleyGorgeous natural family portraits 🥰 #NationalLoveYourPetDay
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @andyhodgsontv @katessocial @amytheleader Aah, now I see it. @alexdjfrost 🙌 @andyhodgsontv @katessocial @amytheleader I’m confused. Are you Farrah-Fawcett?☺️ so, it began ... and Alfie, just waiting for Daddy to come home from training 🥰 #loveyourpetday 🐶
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @TherealNihal keen to start this work-out. Can you please re-run the details of the actual work out ?To use a horrible football cliche...”Like a new signing!”
Retweeted by Darren Bentleyon this date in 1981 #DepecheMode released their debut single 'Dreaming of Me'
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What's he need some gas money? ⛽️ 🤣
Retweeted by Darren BentleyThree's a crowd? Not a chance! #firstyearfilms #naturalfamilyportraits
Retweeted by Darren Bentley#TBW - 5️⃣0️⃣ days till @themasters #TheMasters 🌼 Guess the year this picture was taken with my mum on the bag in…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley"Let me love you a little more, before you're not little any more 💕"
Retweeted by Darren BentleyThe flood devastation had people asking “Where’s Boris?” – our 9 favourite responses.
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@DaleClarets 🐅 @DamianClose42 ☺️ @BKPCAppeal @ianabd Great news Banny. 👊You've seen #cakesmash photos but it adds a whole new dimension capturing it on film! Jaxon threw out some incredi…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @andyhodgsontv @PhilBirdBFC @peteoliver68 ☺️ @StuDunkley 🐅 @iw1963 Wish i played like him @Metaalhoer Thankfully, washed off 😂 @philadlam ☺️I’ll turn you into a masterpiece, he said! too!
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@hendopolis My eyes hurt @Simongr99424413 👊 @bigkevriley @nic_wells And you , Kev😍 @alexredmond_ 👊My latest cartoon for tomorrow's @Telegraph Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to receive my unseen cartoons:…
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Has it really been a year since the very lovely Julie and Scott's wedding day at @AbbeyHouseHtl ? Wishing you both…
Retweeted by Darren BentleyBeautiful baby girl 🥰 I love seeing Thea's beaming smile everytime I film her for her #firstyearfilm I can't wait…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @monkhouse13 @BurnleyOfficial I’ve flagged it up to ticketing. @jjames82 👍Check the latest #floodalerts and #floodwarnings for the #NorthWest by visiting and make su…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @jjames82 Hope all is ok Jemma
Stat @SamWalsh_93 👍Here it comes, the frontal wave modelled badly by some high resolution models too. This will add the to the problem…
Retweeted by Darren Bentley1974 World Cup Johan Cryuff The Master! Including the Cryuff turn Commentator David Coleman #Holland #Netherlands
Retweeted by Darren Bentley @_ts1995 No, Kachy was a speedballGutted to hear about the loss of this fella 🙁🚀 @Burnley67 Cheers✈️🤞Here comes the rain
@stevenIreland2 There’s a pale ale hidden in shot 🍺 @farquoar @nic_wells 👌 @KarenFaz Gru @Gibbo1882 ☺️ @cheshamclaret 👍#DateNight #ValentinesDay #BurgersAllRound @davidtwhitters ☺️