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Thee BEST sleep I’ve had in years !Mhmm ugh I need sleep now
🎅🏼🐱🎄Santa’s little kitty helper . ! Look it ! ! :) :) Omg ! I just found and bought this adorable little cats Elf hat for 6.99$ at Target toda…
@AskTarget Thank you Target 🎯 @AskTarget AWESOME ! ! Okay, thanks ! I actually did end up googling my local Target hours:) . Target in Manteca C… @CayleighDanya Ohh 😮 lol okay go ahead you have my permission:) thanksKay , bye till I plug it in ...Except, he said it all in Español I’m just correctly translating bc I have a Spanish to English perfect translation… ! D’: What the fudge ! :’( MotherF’n Fudge crackers ! ! ... lol ya , Im trying to find words for cuss words… people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by walking to the store and I’m wobblyYes target is open today till 10pm !Yes that’s so me. 😂 I need a new profile pic and a new header picUghhh..! I don’t feel like looking it up on google shit bruh I’m too lazy rn !!I know today’s a holiday but most people I know don’t celebrate Veterans Day so I just wonder if stores and restaur… @AskTarget are you guys open today Veterans Day ?Idk yet what time I should leave to go shopping lol uhmm .. what time does target open today lol wait.. I’ll just t… @carollizgarcia sorry again I’m sorryGoing for a walk and target shopping today lol aha.. again ! It’s gona be a great day today for me atleast bc Im no… the meds I have to take are daily and only work with food not liquids like plain water jeez I hate my lifestyleEnergy fuels for my person bc like I said I’m dizzy , lightheaded oh and alitle loopy too hmm I need fresh air and… I’m pretty positive that I got bit by a mosquito last night on my finger from my right hand I swear it lol I’m… I was pretty loud all of last night and I didn’t let her sleep like none so .. I’m gona tag her don’t follow h… twitter ! Im so sleep deprived that I’m dizzy and alitle lightheaded today rn lol I’m kinda sorta gona… bye maybe Idk I might tweet more shit that’s random bc I cannot sleeep tonight! Ok yeah night sorry I’m sorry I’m tweeting too muchIsn’t alitle messed up inside mentaly or emotionaly nobody everyone in the world is atleast a bit messed up in thie… even know except my family so stfu I won’t say anything about that. All you can know is that I have some adh… Im realy self - cocious about that if I tell you of if you’d learn to know what they are I will probably end up… afternoon were probably full of a caffeine double shot or triple lol ( if that’s possible to do )? Ohh !… that logic thought so stfu please bc I don’t wana read or hear it anymore. Kay , lol i am still not even a blink… able to ever ever EVER convince me so yeah I CAN TOO taste the slightest difference between decaf coffees and ca… with caffeinated iced coffees yes I can totaly taste the ingredients or the whatever in the caffeine from the c… the decaf shit in the decaf coffee bc yes I say I can taste the difference from caffeinated iced coffees and… I’m sorta wierd like that and YES there is a completely huge taste difference between caffeinated coffees and… coffees . Bc I feel like they taste sweeter and plus thier coffee is thicker and it takes a slower time to f… I finash a entire 2 or maybe 3 iced coffees all dranken in less than an hour altogether like honestly I feel l… tbh lol I have money enough for maybe probably a few more iced coffees today omg like seriously without caffei… had another iced coffee that was just a normal large French vanilla iced coffee but that was dranken like about a… just full of too much caffeine and coffees that it’s making me feel drugged which again I swear I am not I’m jus… by mid day today ( Monday ) bc it’s been like 13 hours since I’ve dranken the second venti iced coffee so id… sorry... i hope my family can understand my logic rn lol bc tbh I kinda feel like I don’t understand myself rn o… 😂 sorry I’m sorry .. :( :( ... ok ?That no , I am not ready or wanting to end or stop . Caffeinated iced coffees are the only thing in my life that ma… and shaky and hyper and my mind doesn’t stop racing and then my actions get fast moving and my heart beats… .. yeah i might have had a few iced coffees yesterday and now I’m not able to fall asleep bc if I drink too much…“Extra large French Vanilla 1$ iced coffee:) “ !! OMG ! I LOVE IT 😻 ☕️ #1dollarcoffees #myguityaddiction posted a photo bruhh #sugarhoneyicetea #anxiousmind #socialanxietydisorder #ok’m yeah I still have my twitter and ig public so yeah add me unless your gona be a kreep.. idcAnd Snapchat is going private bc wierdos keep adding meI deleted my fb app off my phone and also my messenger and my tumblr app too . So yeah that means I won’t be online… I’m freakin out I am freaking out rn I’m anxiousjuicy
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaI feel like fuckin lord farquaad from SHREK whenever my hair isn’t in its complete crazy natural curly state lol
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Throw it away ahem throw it awayOh .. gasp i f’ed up again lol Im sorryblack n white🕸️🕷️
Retweeted by paulina zuñiga🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼 🎄 4 5 D A Y S 🌟 🎁 L E F T U N T I L 🎅🏼 🎄 CHRISTMAS EVE! 🌟 🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaits chilly 🥶
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Retweeted by paulina zuñigathe downside about committing suicide is leaving your cat or dog wondering where you went and when you will come back
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaDon’t mind me am just crying over my new bag 🤧 It is PERFECT 😭😭💚🎃
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaJust dropping by to say I have bangs again 🥵
Retweeted by paulina zuñiganew profile pic or nah ???
Retweeted by paulina zuñigauhm just coped this belt buckle and beanie i am so powerful
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaidk how 2 keep my mouth closed
Retweeted by paulina zuñiga“u are what u eat” i don’t remember eating anxiety n back problems but ok
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaSome throwback pictures 🖤
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaIs it weird I want coffee rn
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaTherapist: “On a scale from one to ten...” Me: “A thousand”
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaForgot how pretty the color green is (@GlamGothBeauty toxic glitter)
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaMy life, your life Don't cross them lines What you like, what I like Why can't we both be right? Attacking, defendi…
Retweeted by paulina zuñiga😍😍😍😍wow ! pic of me when I was 17's fri-yay 🎉
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaUntil women can go out in public without having to constantly look over our shoulders and worry about getting kidna…
Retweeted by paulina zuñigawhat a year this week has been
Retweeted by paulina zuñigahow many mental breakdowns have u had today? me:
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaChristmas is a sad time cause you wanna spoil your parents with gifts cause they brought you up and cared for you y…
Retweeted by paulina zuñigare fucking tweet
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaHam is better than Turkey😋I SAID WHAT I SAID🗣‼️
Retweeted by paulina zuñiga @maddysbattle Tbh I gained around 100 pounds but mostly bc of my psych meds @maddysbattle Maddie, you look perfect atleast you never gained abunch of weight after being anorexic like me @carollizgarcia Haha! Omg nene your odd but your my sister so I have to love you lol jk11.11.19
Retweeted by paulina zuñiga @almondmilkhunni No b Im staying home and sleeping early tonight ..Lol right?! custom cat portrait mug😸
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaMy goal is to have my bangs look like this again 😭
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaI hate the internet sometimes lmaooo
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaLife after 18 is horrible. You breathe and you already spent $100
Retweeted by paulina zuñigaGuys can be such pigsI just got harassed that’s why I don’t like being overweight bc of my big ass when I was skiny I had no ass and nev…
LolOmg So Im at a doctors office in Modesto and playing on the radio is the song Santa baby .4 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by