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Intel® Extreme Masters is the elite global pro gaming tour organized by ESL. The tour has been sponsored by Intel since 2006.

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@NIPGaming @teamoneesports @WislaGames @tyloogaming @ChaosEC @illuminaRGaming These are your #IEM Katowice 2021 Pla… 👋 to #IEM Katowice 2021! @NIPGaming 🇸🇪, @teamoneesports 🇧🇷 and @WislaGames 🇵🇱 will join the Play-In Stage.…
The majority of ESL & DreamHack tournaments will be hosted as in-person competitions from within a controlled studi…
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We'd like to welcome @Movistar_Riders as the last team to join the #IEM Katowice Play-in stage after their exceptio…
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTonight we go into the semi-finals of #EEC! Join @deanbrownie and @DarfMike as they will bring you one of the matc…
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🇸🇪 A Swedish legend steps down from professional Counter-Strike. 🏆 Major Champion. 🇩🇪 ESL One Cologne Champion. 🏅…
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If you watched the #IEM Global Challenge this weekend, we want to hear from you! Every response helps us improve… the #IEM Global Challenge complete, and the ESL World Ranking now updated, here are the remaining invites for…
That's all for the #IEM Global Challenge, powered by @IntelGaming! Congratulations to the Great Danes @AstralisCS!… #IEM Global Challenge was brought to you by our amazing sponsors: @IntelGaming, @PredatorGaming, @GameFuel,… #IEM Global Challenge just wouldn't have been the same without these amazing people 🤩 To @stunna @HugoooTV did our talent do in the @ggbetofficial predictions 👀 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWith their win at the #IEM Global Challenge @AstralisCS now have two out of four #IntelGrandSlam notches. Could th… @dev1ce. An average of 100 ADR across 3 maps in a Grand Final. #IEM that was quick @AstralisCS #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters🏆🏆🏆 YOUR #IEM GLOBAL CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS ARE @AstralisCS! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 They sweep @TeamLiquidCS 3-0 in the Grand Final.… MY GOODNESS @dev1ce #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@AstralisCS are looking SO GOOD #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWe're already into our third map of the Grand Final! @AstralisCS 2-0 @TeamLiquidCS Can Astralis complete the swe… the best CS:GO experiences possible for the fans at home is made possible by @PredatorGaming #IEM 🤩 & @dupreeh finishing Overpass with a combined 62 kills and 230 ADR. It's pretty hard to lose when they'r… right now 🧹 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersToday is the last day of the @ESEA 5v5 Winter Cash Cups! Register your team at map down. @AstralisCS overcome @TeamLiquidCS on Overpass 16-11 and are now just 1 map away from the trophy.… is your last day to enter the #IEM Global Challenge giveaway for a chance to win an @IntelGaming Core i7 proc…
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersCheck out that @IntelGaming Core i9 Processor on the desk at the lunar base 🤩 The vetoes are locked and the #IEM G…
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersPro's do NOT FAKE! 😎 @dev1ce #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersYou love to see it if you're @AstralisCS #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@dupreeh & @dev1ce works so well 😳 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWe're back LIVE with the second map of the series: Overpass. Despite this being a @TeamLiquidCS pick they only hol… map of the Grand Final secured by @AstralisCS! They take their pick of Inferno 16-11 against @TeamLiquidCS.… ANGEL OF @AstralisCS @dev1ce #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@dev1ce & @NAFFLY are almost tied statistically going into the Grand Final as their team's top performers! Who do… is getting fired up 👀 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTHE #IEM GLOBAL CHALLENGE GRAND FINAL IS LIVE! @AstralisCS vs. @TeamLiquidCS THE LAST MATCH OF 2020. GET IN HER… fact: @AstralisCS have NEVER lost a BO5 to @TeamLiquidCS and the match up is historically dominated by the Dane…'s #IEM Global Challenge Championship Sunday! @ATT The Grand Final between @AstralisCS & @TeamLiquidCS is set t…
The penultimate day of the #IEM Global Challenge has come to a close. Make sure to be around for 16:30 CET tomorro… the close loss in the semi-finals @BIGCLANgg are now eliminated from the #IEM Global Challenge. This may not… like we're ending 2020 with a bit of 2019... @AstralisCS @TeamLiquidCS 👊 #IEM IN THE GRAND FINALS! @TeamLiquidCS sweep @BIGCLANgg 2-0! 16-11 Inferno 16-14 Nuke #IEM 📺:… ready to slice 'n dice 😎 @Stewie #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTHAT IS SPRAYCONTROL @XANTAREScsgo #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWhat is going on?? 🤨 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersGet your #IEM wallpapers and more awesome artwork from @nicolaschaussoi at! 🖼've still got our fans with us ☺ Join the @ATT party 👉 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersBack in the server for the second map of this semi-final: Nuke! @TeamLiquidCS are just one map away from making it… A GAME BY @EliGE! He makes sure that @TeamLiquidCS secured the first map on Inferno 🔥 #IEM take the first map against @BIGCLANgg 16-11 to take the lead in the semi-final! #IEM 📺:… FINISHES IN STYLE 🤩 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersHE CLUTCHES IT @EliGE #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersEmotions are running high at the #IEM Global Challenge Semi-Finals Player cams powered by @IntelGaming 💪
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWhat a turnaround from @Twistzz & @EliGE 👀 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTHE SECOND SEMI-FINAL IS LIVE! @BIGCLANgg vs. @TeamLiquidCS They start the series off on Inferno NOW! #IEM 📺:…'s almost time to find out who's facing @AstralisCS in the Grand Final! @BIGCLANgg vs. @TeamLiquidCS Will BIG… spoke to @gla1ve_csgo in the #GameFuelPostMatch Interview following his win against @natusvincere! @GameFuel
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersGRAND FINALS SECURED. @AstralisCS 🎉 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWE HAVE OUR FIRST FINALISTS! @AstralisCS take down @natusvincere 2-1 in the first semi final of the #IEM Global Ch… wins the round by MILISECONDS. #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTime is running out to complete the #IEM CS:GO 2020 quiz! ⏰ You could win a skin package worth $1,000 🤑 👉… 3 IS LIVE! @AstralisCS and @natusvincere are facing off on Train to decide who will be our first grand finalis… wondered what the best player in the game's dream team would look like? 🤔 We sat down with @s1mpleO to select…
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWE ARE GOING TO A THIRD MAP! @natusvincere wins nuke against @AstralisCS 16-9 Up next is Train 🚆 #IEM 📺:… drops the bomb and secures the 15th round for @natusvincere! #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersCHAOS. 😳 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersThe admins right now 👀 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@natusvincere were looking warmed up towards the end of Inferno, but can they take down @AstralisCS? We will find… a way to end the map by @AstralisCS! They take down @natusvincere 16:13 on Inferno Up next will be Nuke!…🗡🗡🗡 @s1mpleO #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersThe minister had made his statement. @Xyp9x #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters⚠ FIRST SEMI FINAL HYPE ⚠ @AstralisCS is facing off against @natusvincere in the first semi final! Join us as the… are the top 5 highest rated players in the #IEM Global Challenge heading into day 5! It's safe to say… both have 1s in their handles but who will be #1 in the server? @s1mpleO takes on @dev1ce in the #IEM Global… Saturday means TWO @ATT Super Series! @BIGCLANgg are set to face off against @TeamLiquidCS at 19:30 CET… the end of today we'll know both our #IEM Global Challenge Grand Finalists! 16:00 CET: @AstralisCS vs.… you look at that. It's #IEM Global Challenge Semi-Final Saturday! We're starting the day off with a MONSTER… aren't many things more mind blowing than some of the AWP clips from this year. Check out this roundup of th…
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Day four the #IEM Global Challenge is in the books! 📚 Make sure to be back tomorrow at 15:30 CET to find out our t… after their loss to @TeamLiquidCS, @FURIA are now eliminated from the #IEM Global Challenge. It was… nemesis down! @TeamLiquidCS SWEEP @FURIA 2-0 and book a spot in the semi-finals! #IEM 📺:… ABOUT STYLE @EliGE #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@NAFFLY SHOWED UP 🔥 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@Stewie IS HERE #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@arTcsgo Legend Timing #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersBack LIVE on the second map of the series: Inferno! @FURIA look to battle back into the series on their map pick a… a resurgence from @FURIA, @TeamLiquid finally managed to close out their map pick of Overpass 16-14! Inferno…😔😔 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters.@EliGE finesses the 9th round in a row for @TeamLiquidCS #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersIt's time to find out the last team making the top 4 of the #IEM Global Challenge! @TeamLiquid face off against th…'s time to find out the last team making the top 4 of the #IEM Global Challenge! @TeamLiquid face off against th… their loss against @AstralisCS. @TeamVitality's run at the #IEM Global Challenge has come to an end. Consider… a spring in your step? @dupreeh 😂 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersThank you for such a good game of Counter-Strike @AstralisCS @TeamVitality 😢 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMasters9-0 Inferno streak BROKEN. Player cams powered by @IntelGaming 💪 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersWE HAVE OUR WINNERS! @AstralisCS complete the reverse sweep against @TeamVitality! They win Inferno 16:5 🔥🔥 #IEM ENEMY LINES. @gla1ve_csgo cleans up the 1vs3! 🤯 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersHOT OFF THE BENCH @misutaaaCSGO is definitely warmed up! 😳 #IEM
Retweeted by Intel®ExtremeMastersTHE KING OF INFERNO. 👑 @Nivera__ has yet to lose Inferno with @TeamVitality. Can @AstralisCS topple his record?… IS ALL COMING DOWN TO THIS Will @AstralisCS continue their streak of 19 ESL play off appearances in a row? Or w… we ALL need to chill out after that map... #IEM We got you covered. 🏄‍♀️: surf_sanguine 🙋‍♂️:…
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