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viral inauguration tweetwatchin the inauguration moanin and strokin
emotionally scarredwhy do y’all ignore everything I tweet until I personally address you then go back to ignoring everything I tweet?… to my 8 active followers and the mfs with zero hoes I’m outdude just built a mansion out of dirt and dug an infinity pool with a tree branch.. whoever owns this channel bette… videos on youtube are either a white dude eating a lizard for no reason or a dude in the jungle building a…“down bad” quickly becoming the new “ratio” @JordanRoccesano i need a demonic succubus bent on extracting all my fluids with absolutely no remorse as I collaps… a girl to slut me out relentlessly with no regard for my safety or well being would really hit the spot rn ngl @afemeje yea I got nothing mani need a break @WukongDownBad they haven’t seen requiem for a dream I’m losing faith in societyso much unchecked mental illness on here its truly astounding @notdxnnys I SAID id rather have Five Guys cum in my mouth than see one more person having e-sex on the timelineid rather have Five Guys cum in my mouth than see one more person having e-sex on the timeline@ the best account on here @cloutsock Lmao please no at my breaking point @AbusingMyMeat RIPi can’t take it anymore
@YongGrape I did this for years @duvirgin @raptvcom @Drake i got to man he charged me 2.5 million for 8 bars @raptvcom wait till y’all see what me and the big homie got on the way. don’t worry im not gonna spoil it @Drake @7oh7p i used to fuck the shit outta mine @22PFossil nah he deactivated cause he lost a bet help me out again please
Retweeted by . @Cranoverse that last part threw me off man 💀“I have a kid,” @noopccccc I’m living in 65,000,000 BC rn @ashhhhhhole @femaleredhead different Rachel @Amani1600 man LISTENI’ll still neva forgive you niggas for complaining about the retweet button being different just for them to bring…
Retweeted by . @workingoncrying this the one @dracovstheworld LMFAOwhat if bigfoot isn’t hiding he’s just onto something?bout to call in air support hate living in VA man. gun supporting terrorist Mfs are about to march on MLK day. there’s 7 state police SUVs pa… @dracovstheworld damn you got the deluxe versionHappy MLK Day @Ter0me homies either get clapped or leave i hate it here @8thOfK2 Facts they 14s lmfao @justamelonn it’s helped me a lot I can only log in on my phone so once it’s in this box it’s really locked up @fbgwayne the Mesopotamia of modern hip hop @smokingcrac 😂😂😂 man I remember this shit @raptvcom talk that talk ‼️ @bonnieNoclyde00 nice to meet you tooif u can’t smell or taste anything u prob got rona. if u can’t feel anything u prob just normal @zig_in pussy smells like pussy man @dracovstheworld yooo exactly thats why I don’t trust these hoes @rudy_betrayed amen brothertoday’s agenda @Cranoverse GTA edits the best video format period @postedinthecrib 😻😽😸 @cecem00n this will be #8 actually @onlyleafss hold me I’m running out of oxygen @Zzislost sometimes @Ethanollies tomorrow. gotta call my dad and convince him im good first @Ethanollies ok and?☑ brush teeth □ joy □ some bitches ☑ ask god “what do u gain from this?” ☑ shower ☑ demons □ a goodnight text □… @CrypticNotAlone it’s like I’m looking into my future @snyyrid my life in shambles @snyyrid every time he pegs me I bury my face in my pillow and scream. @WannaBeReeceSr we had fun that night @biigwes_ each one of these phrases get burnt out faster than the last one I stg @fbgwayne gigantic W @notchaselyons LMFAOOOOO @fbgwayne this is science @mrcapsaveahoe1 fuck it send in the dogs too @platproducer man i hate updating my shit i only do it when they force me to @notdinari my cousin and her high school friends follow me i gotta block these kids man @crobertssss @TheeHornyPoPo I’ve never tried it I’m vegan @goon4brezzzy im close to the edge bro @AmaniCapalot I’ll chill with anyone if they slide thru even the demons in my inner conscious idc @MrChief64 shoulda caught me at a time before I hit rock bottom @whereiskumba rinse wash repeat rinse wash repeat day after day after day after dayjust finished my to-do list for this week @jozuintern ??????? @notshlawmpf I’ve been bleeding all day but it was worth it @lherealchieff thanks for giving me their home phone # last week was a minor then so I got paid under the table in unmarked bills so that’s probably why you never heard about it.… so this was right about the time Nike reached out to me and we made a $25 million dollar deal where I came…“this never happened” trust me it definitely happened stg @TheeHornyPoPo tore my ass up all weekend smh
Retweeted by . @Ter0me I live In Virginia they all got “Southern by the grace of God” in the bio @kiragoat @g7byy @raptvcom me either @biracialitis facts @raptvcom @goon4brezzzy one fuck up and it’s over for him @BakeHatesItHere Jesus Christ ur even down worse than I am @xXimid @Cranoverse Just followed u too @Cranoverse Talk to em ‼️