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@LFC Thiago and Jota signing day @uknowmeorsuttin Widgetsmith app @lordReinsnes Cheers it looks great just annoyed that the picture quality weirds out @AJotaGoals Download Widgetsmith and use that to make widgets with photos @AJotaGoals iOS 14 la @Maxi_1892 Nobody said it was him at his best @0CCIII Looks great yeh but bad quality is so annoyingAnd why are these pictures better quality ffs @KrissDZN Torres picture isn’t from twitter, but how do I fix itWhy is the picture quality so bad here but not in my camera roll ffs is stuck inside my brain ffsRather give away Origi for free than selling Brewster tbh @RB_07FtboI £37m buy back clause is good tbh and I don’t think palace would want to pay more than £30m if the buy back is 37 @Maxi_1892 It wasn’t a 10/10 performance, but with no training and the fact that he arrived 48 hours before the gam… @TheLampardView Even Cech 😂 @brfootball Link? @LFCVik2 He’s so good I still can’t believe we have him @ftblowen Don’t remember lol @Footy_Headlines @Nabyllionaire @FumlerRawk Played two games this season ffs @LFCVik2 What’s funny is Keita can do stuff the rest of our old midfielders could only dream off, but Thiago can do… saw people compare this performance to Thiago’s. You can watch every involvement from Thiago and none of them are… tonight @el_mansfield @LFCVik2 😭😭 @J_Lingz1 I dont think too much about it but I think it’s fair to do so. However, if both people think like this th… @I___Mohsen___I @fella_trumu @barcacenler Knocked Real Madrid out of the CL singlehandedly btwAh yes we were definitely full strength, we certainly didn’t use our defensive midfielder at Centre back @JCostanza_ Yes 🤠
@lfcaarxn Hello Aaron! No I do not agree 😊 kind regards, Anders @RB_07FtboI Deffo @RB_07FtboI The sound 💀 @alissxnnn_ Not Thiago I beg we can’t risk him v Lincoln @Houlty3 @tw___regista @SeanDOlfc We’re not calling Alisson, VVD, Robbo, Trent, Salah and mane the best in their po… @TheVirgilEffect Agreed mate he’s gonna be so important, he’s made me a million times more confident for this season tbh @TheVirgilEffect Yeah personally prefer Keita, but I’m intrigued to see how Thiago can change them both and make th… @TheVirgilEffect Hopefully Hendo if fit tbhThiago when he realized Alisson didn’t save a single penalty out of 10 in two Community Shield finals @CFC_Reece_ Oh shit it’s worst to best not best to worst lol @TheVirgilEffect Rumor has it Sheffield United are looking at somebody else (don’t remember who) so maybe Brewster isn’t off? @CFLMSO 😂 @VVDijkSZN CheersAnyone got this picture without watermark? @DannLFCTR @LFCTransferRoom True but Klopp’s German would certainly be better than his English, so makes much more… @Sensationn__ Literally butterflies in my stomach every single time he had the ball. Pure excitement every time. Ca… @DannLFCTR @LFCTransferRoom Wouldn’t they speak German to each other tho? @gxIdgxmez Yes 😂😂 @2PLpod Øyeblikk: Alisson som redder sin første straffe i Liverpool-trøyen @Thiago6 @LFC 🥰🥰🥰 @mikejfairhurst Cheers, deffo gonna do this now. I assume I only need google to get the pictures you’ve used? @mikejfairhurst This looks absolutely sick, is it annoying when opening the apps that it goes via the shortcut app?… team effort 💪🏾 And Up the Reds! @LFC
Retweeted by Anders @_Riddxck It can backfire tho, imagine your camera roll is filled with Chelsea fans after they beat us ffs @ndombaldboy @IfcJackk Very very very soft penalty @CFCMasi Thiago @Iversev2 Can’t wait @_Riddxck Screenshot next time laThiago is getting a TOTY card on fut 21 @LFC @Thiago6 I love him4⃣5⃣ minutes 7⃣5⃣ completed passes How are we, @Thiago6?
Retweeted by Anders @CFC_Silvax @IeeSZN Agreed wasn’t a dive @CFC_Silvax @IeeSZN Deffo touched yeah but is it really a foul @andrewrobertso5 Lovely tweet boss @Nabyllionaire Oh @_Riddxck @JoeGomezEra Nope 75/83 90%Thiago Alcantara vs Chelsea
Retweeted by AndersThe reason the referee didn’t give a straight red is because he knew VAR could check the situation to see if it act… @efckeato @doucouxre 👍🏻 @efckeato @doucouxre performance is gonna make Klopp think we don’t need another CB ffs @doucouxre @efckeato Being first after two games isn’t succes g @efckeato @doucouxre If it does I’ll literally give you £5 @doucouxre @efckeato Your success: @AnfieldAn Thiago 9 minimum @efckeato @doucouxre I’ve screenshot it already so no need to worry pal @efckeato @doucouxre Doesn’t change the fact that I will @ you in 8 months @efckeato @doucouxre I’m coming back to this tweet in May 2021 ✅How can you compare two players who have never ever played for your club competitively to three key players in a UC… @SolliHenrik 🥱The fuck is this supposed to mean? @SolliHenrik 90% completed passes and 75 in total more than all Chelsea players IN HIS DEBUT. Unlucky to give away… @SolliHenrik 😂WHAT THE FUCK HES SO GOOD @FalseFMatt Fabinho great against Werner, Thiago showed he HAS to start every game possible and a first clean sheet of the season is greatThiago conceded a penalty so that Alisson could save it and get his confidence back, fuck me he’s playing 7D chess
Retweeted by Anders @SolliHenrik Missed a sitter too @LFC @_fabinhotavares UnrealObeece* hate you autocorrectObeeve James’ defending ability is such a false image @SolliHenrik Did nothing 😴 @NxbilFxkir an amazing game -Thiago unbelievable debut -Alisson penalty save - Werner stinker and pocketed by Fabinho -Mané doubleWhere are the people who claim Alisson can’t save penalties now? @SkeptaInterlude Yeah it was unreal @LouisL_89 @danlfc66_ Not intentional but it’s an obvious red card @thanospv @EFCJakeee No worries @thanospv @EFCJakeee Also nobody said Salah didn’t get an assist @thanospv @EFCJakeee It is bro I literally went into the game v Brighton to screenshot this lineup. I know my stuff @FlamboyantNiels We played unreal tbf but @EFCJakeee Nah that was the season before (Lucas Leiva assist). We beat Brighton 5-1 this game @CFLMSO 5-1 actually but still funny as fuck. Great gameYes we only have one CB who isn’t injury prone, but our defense will never ever look like this again