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Anders 🏆 @Ifcanders Oslo, Norge

Never gonna witness Liverpool winning a trophy again

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Unless your @ is xgoalanke, your agenda against one of our players is not funny 👍🏻 @TransferChecker Do you know anything about Liverpool? Not necessarily now but in the summer? And any potential outgoings?Welcome to London. Welcome to Arsenal. @PabloMV5 is coming to the capital! 👋
Retweeted by Anders 🏆 @NxbilFxkir Minamino will come good either way, and the way to get good is to playAdrian would’ve saved Demba Ba’s effort btw, not Gerrard’s fault hthShaq reflects on Kobe. (via @NBAonTNT)
Retweeted by Anders 🏆Nuno when he brings on Adama Traore as a sub @NorthMCFC Yeah it’s actually quite interesting to learn about history tbh @Jaimin_MUFC @MolyneuxLuke No @GucciBoatGoat Me: do you know this meme? Rob: @MFEriik 😫 @2nestUtd ? @EricGarciaMCFC Exactly. Sterling is in his prime and he’d do well with Klopp @EricGarciaMCFC CorrectI mean there’s only one correct answer to this my days... @CuntHTH Because I’ve never checked before? @LiverpoolQuinn Tbf Lallana grew up supporting Everton @AMartiaI_9
@KeirLamont2 @FabrizioRomano Would be a class move from Giroud ngl @JoannaLee1986 @FabrizioRomano Yeah I know, but still odd @FabrizioRomano Imagine playing for Chelsea, Arsenal AND Spurs @eIpistoIero Keita should start @TongeeNdombeIe 😾Could someone please assist me whilst I hook this shit straight into my fucking veins? tell he’s crying. League cup and PL gone for Leicester lol @AVFCOfficial @CursedFootballLmfao the fans 😂😂Trezegueett @Iversev2 So sadJust found out the “well yes, but actually no” meme is fake and the original quote is “good guess, but actually no” @Leweyy_ Some people have actually said that ffs. He has a family unoBut Liverpool have the worst fans1!1!!!1!1!111 they’re paying £55.5million, nice @DylanZbaraz @JakeEXE09 “If you could have one player feature in future stars, who would it be? 👇” @Iversev2 @JakeEXE09 Wooow @jonasmk24 @JakeEXE09 yes. Haaland and Martin are both getting high rated TOTS, but my Liverpool lads won’t. Berge… @IfcAaryan Your pinned has less likes than my pinned. Make of that what you will @JakeEXE09 Ki-Jana Hoever or Sepp Van Den Berg @EricGarciaMCFC 😭Lol🚨 | ANNUNCIO L'eleganza di Milano incontra la tua classe. 👉 #WelcomeChristian
Retweeted by Anders 🏆 @utdmrtn He is in BelgiumCrying some confusion as to whether it was Sander Berge (!). But eyewitnesses said a player had been driven in for a 'medical'. #mufc
Retweeted by Anders 🏆 @libpooI Lool @libpooI WdymLOOOOL Norwegian media thought the Cummings bait account was real 😭😭😭😭😭Will be sad if Berge goes to Unitedwhat sad to hear the heartbreaking news of the deaths of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. Kobe was a true legend and ins…
Retweeted by Anders 🏆So sad to hear the heartbreaking news of the deaths of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. Kobe was a true legend and ins…
Retweeted by Anders 🏆Ffs Bruno might be available for Anfield?
Retweeted by Anders 🏆Oh ffs Bruno masterclass on Sunday.
Retweeted by Anders 🏆 @GucciBoatGoat @GucciBoatGoat Did you just flex on us? @Pydznn @MolyneuxLuke 😂?
@IvorianRobben @AmyLFC11 He doesn’t live in Liverpool (don’t think so atleast) , but I’m 99% sure he is very happy… @CFLMSO Bis Leverkusen? @CFLMSO Warum lmao @AmyLFC11 And we’re just getting started? Why leave when we’ve barely been the best in the world @AmyLFC11 Genuinely can’t think of any reason at all that suggests a move away would be good for him lolVirg taps the This Is Anfield sign before every game, he cried when we won the ucl, yet somehow he wants to downgrade and go to Juventus? @ahmedIfc @sxlmss Some ITK says sources close to the club are saying he’s leaving struggle to find any reason for virgil Van Dijk to leave this club. Genuinely no good reason. Klopp staying until…’t even realize lmfao @_Ifcjay He should play a very decent side atleast @EricGarciaMCFC @Cristster7 @Cristster7 Honestly kinda hope we lose. Can focus on other competitions let Shrewsbury play at Stamford bridge @UtdAventa @MichaelEmiIio Agreed. I don’t think they’ll deffo win, we have good chances with Elliot and such, but it’s gonna be tough @MichaelEmiIio maybe, but it’s not gonna be easy. Shrewsbury will be ready to beat our kids and play at Stamford bridge @MichaelEmiIio Nah our u23 will struggle. Sepp and Kelleher playing.. @MichaelEmiIio We’re not through lol @SublimeSadioV25 Were losing to Shrewsbury brother @ffsferna forget this iconic video talking big about Lovren and Otamendi here Klopp @klosmil @LUFC Blir bra @klosmil @LUFC Liten tur til England for å se Leeds mot Liverpool? 👀 @klosmil @LUFC Blir vel PL til neste sesong @LUFC @klosmil#GRAMMYs #RIPKobe #RIPGiannaBryant
Retweeted by Anders 🏆Christian Eriksen packing up all his trophies and medals
Retweeted by Anders 🏆😭 @VinwarHameed @FCBarcelona Shut the fuck up weirdowow avi, christian, supports Trump... @_Ifcjay I know that, but I’d rather have the small gold thing than the FA cupTreble (if that includes UCL). But honestly, Golden PL trophy > FA cup baited af lol, the guy behind this tweet is a Liverpool fan, calm down @HarryyMUFC @Ndombelefanboy ? you feel sick in the morning and your mum lets you skip school, but it’s Coronavirus is giving clear instructions and shouts. Ole literally moves his arms that’s it @MFEriik @Bergwijnthfc @TongeeNdombeIe Toilet water here > regular water anywhere else @TongeeNdombeIe @MFEriik 3 games lol. And I could say the same about keita tbh