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There are nineteen ghosts living in my basement. They never shut up.

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@SkyNews Pretty sure I know where she should have told him to shove it. @andrew_behan @marcusbarnett_ @zarahsultana Jesus whats she spending it on? Expensive digs? Nights out? Clothes? Not her tuition. @Morris2906 @topfotogmw @marcusbarnett_ @zarahsultana Plus all those expenses like Jess Phillips happy to take of tax payers. @marcusbarnett_ @zarahsultana Didn’t Boris get a scholarship to Eton? @marcusbarnett_ @zarahsultana She earns 80k so she should pay it back herself. Doesn’t she understand how out of touch she is. @AndrewBodinger @DominicRaab So, we want some of that as well. That is the whole point. @BBC6Music New York. @SkyNews As little as possible hopefully. @SunPolitics A Nation mourns. Not. @lisanandy Those pesky multinationals. You will be blaming billionaires in the right wing media next. @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston But don’t need that in East Midlands. Don’t see point of HS2 as what we have is really good. @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston Think two per hour @Kevin_Maguire The Mirror for Christs sakes. Still remember Maxwell. Who reads that garbage? @Kevin_Maguire Still got a job. Prices seem competitive out there. So different worlds I guess you loser. @ITVNewsPolitics @BorisJohnson Matters not a jot. Just slows things down. Abolish the lot of the unelected parasites. @wohyeahwohyeah @TheBritishGame9 @bbclaurak Can’t stop them and that is correct. Also just because Tories have a ma… @jacquesegh @conroydpscb @bbclaurak Think that would be the same under Labour. House of Lords are not elected and c… @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston St Pancras is the capital? @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston Yep @popemike80 @kins_stephen @BBCNews Not business rates but customers or lack off. You could halve business rates and… @RichardBurgon Pretty sure that Corbyn demonised himself with his own actions. The Press did not make him invite th… @callytaylor What is that keyboard? I want one. @DonnaDlm71 Sally James for heavens sake. Only one choice and it wasn’t Noel bloody Edmonds. @MotherFreds @BBCNews Grow up you idiot. It is the modern world. We all shop on line. Town and cities need to regen… @popemike80 @kins_stephen @BBCNews No people just don’t want to pay extortionate parking and find items not in stoc… @EnglishHeritage Oh my God so my Mother fibbed all those years ago. Wait until I see her. @no2brexit1 @NumberNullity @Peston Dozens not hundreds. We are still an attractive market and obstacles are there t… @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston The point is if you live in the East Midlands you have a great service anyway. Gr… @SkyNews @lisanandy Great weakness wanting to be liked? In a person who needs public support? She is truly idiotic.… @Matthew_White74 @LeaveEUOfficial Like the EU then. Most Commission departments are located in Brussels or Luxembou… @dranderson52 @Peston Long term this would give less benefit. Once it’s spent its spent unless you invest in capita… @NumberNullity @Peston We have not left yet so that’s a meaningless statement. @NeilDance @christhemusic @Peston But only at certain times. You can get from East Midlands Parkway to St Pancras i… @nojondo @andyandyfox @PolProfSteve No, the fact May was awful. Corbyn was not seen as quite so toxic and Brexit no… @nojondo @JonesBobster @PolProfSteve First of USA is only country that does this. So nothing to do with socialism.…
@Councillorsuzie I imagine no one misses that loser. Losing two safe seats because she was odious. @RAF_IFA It’s hard to know about it when you are not doing your job properly. But no they let crap officers retire… @SkyNews @jessphillips @RidgeOnSunday Look even worse if they elect a total loser. Unfortunately none of the women… @JohnnyMercerUK She made a fantastic losing speech acknowledging the better candidate won. Oh hang on no she didn’t… @abyssal_nothing @Jon_James99 @JohnnyMercerUK As opposed to Pidcock who managed to lose two safe seats. You gotta b… @lisanandy It had around 170,000 members when Arthur Scargill became leader in 1981, a figure which had fallen in 2… @wesstreeting She was pretty horrible to her own family and soon disowned them. Maybe she just isn’t a nice person.… @BBCPolitics Pretty sure no one cares. David Steel said go home and prepare for Govt in 1981 and they got 11 seats… @SkyNews @jessphillips @RidgeOnSunday But if they are unelectable with regard winning an election shouldn’t the bes… @P4DA @humanpilot @britainelects @OpiniumResearch In terms of seats it was appalling considering Tories had been in… @VLubev @britainelects @OpiniumResearch Corbyn was popular with Momentum who surrounded him making it look like he… @CulikOf @britainelects @OpiniumResearch What a dick. Pretty sure we done more in the World that most other Countri… @Jaydee_Old_Boy @timmyvoe @britainelects @OpiniumResearch Not embarrassed at all. Still gloating to be honest. @rose_marie @britainelects @OpiniumResearch You understand that ageing effects all don’t you. Sadly you cannot stay an infant forever. @GoodairMark @AEHALL1983 @dannyc1970 @britainelects @OpiniumResearch Nah, I am well educated and a member of a Prof… @PCSoblahdeehell @Paul1Singh I read the Times so cannot comment on the Mail.
@foolsgold_ The two don’t really have any connection likewise the conclusion you make is inane. Poor kids indeed. @MrBenSellers @LauraPidcock @LauraSmithCrewe @RaesideTom25 @BonnieCraven Not sure two times loser Pidcock is someon… @davidschneider I think to be fair it is because you won’t shut up moaning about how bad it will be. You are like a… @Keir_Starmer So will you expel Corbyn and Burgon. @FraserNelson Wondered what happened to Norman from Teenage Fanclub. @GreaterBacon @westham009 @HackneyAbbott @RichardBurgon Well pretty sure that Jews have first dabs on Israel. @PCSoblahdeehell @Paul1Singh Well Mosley did leave the Conservatives to join the Labour Party so pretty sure that not a voyage Boris is on. @mrmarkf @Stevebi27465893 @Paul1Singh I think that was in the days of Union strikes. Fortunately Labour and Trade U… @Paul1Singh @francesweetman Especially if the EU is just Germany and Luxembourg by then. @MSmithsonPB Least they only need small rooms and a few chairs. Could use my shed and still swing a few cats. @HackneyAbbott @jeremycorbyn I think to be fair Corbyn demonised himself. His own historical actions pretty much tu… @MirrorPolitics Who cares the idiots an irrelevance anyway. He will be retired by the time Labour get anywhere near power again. @lewis_goodall You are just a haircut so who cares what you think? @nizzer71 @lisanandy Same old labour response. Terminal losers now. The Labour train is derailed my friend. Nandy j… @gerard_hove @markvipond @BBCPolitics @nicholaswatt Watch it happen. Watch other countries decide to leave. In ten… @jonhyde14 @lisanandy Charisma is important. Blair had it, Brown did not. Cameron had it, May did not. Nandy doesn’… @BrugesGroup Haven’t they now removed the bell for restoration hence the high cost for replacement at 100k. Plus 40… @tynewrc @SarahChampionMP I think the opposite is the truth. Senior people don’t prosecute to avoid being accused of racism. @lisanandy She not very charismatic is she. The slight speech impediment does not help either. I thought modern pol… @lisanandy Not long in the sense of the lifetime of a giant tortoise you mean. I reckon 15 to 20 years before Labou… @GiftCee Germany should not have been so selfish. Euro really only favours Germany so there is an inevitability about this. @cliff_944 @BBCPolitics @nicholaswatt It is happening though and that is the massive change. I think remainers have… @CaomhanMacandra @BBCPolitics @nicholaswatt @BorisJohnson Well he has played a blinder so far. Look back just two m… @nbinsider63 @BBCPolitics @nicholaswatt I don’t mind BMW if it is a Mini made in Oxford. @gerard_hove @markvipond @BBCPolitics @nicholaswatt Yeh yeh. Same old tripe. Lets see when Euro collapses as all it… @BBCNews I am centre but cannot stand the twat. @lisanandy Tories were divided at one stage but Boris took a massive risk and got it right. Labour were the archite… @arachnochist @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika I think people were suspicious of Corbyn. His popularity rating was awf… @arachnochist @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Yes but you lost you know. May was the disaster and Corbyn had a short… @BBCNews However Waitrose is so much nicer. Worth the extra money. Plus get my free Times and coffee. @BBC6Music Rick Astley. Not my fault I came from Newton le Willows. Can i claim my hometown as hospital I was born… @BBCPolitics I prefer Myra Hindley. @SkyNews In the way that Teresa May had charisma then oodles of it. Oh hang on. Her voice is like chalk on the blackboard, grating. @arachnochist @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika But they didn’t win even with the awful May as competition. So you have…
@arachnochist @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Not nonsense in the fact by the time of next election Labour will have… @StalledProdigy @SkyNews To be fair though we don’t shoot anything that moves. @zarahsultana Not sure you ended anything as you certainly have no idea of history, political or otherwise. You rep…
@thequentinletts James Corden was right for once. He is a twat. @kevpk1962 @LauraPidcock @zarahsultana Pretty sure its overpopulation killing our planet. Don’t think Mother Earth… @virgosam70 @nickworthy1 @humanenergy5 @LauraPidcock @zarahsultana On the other hand people shouldn’t look to the S… @Pamaro25 @BlnRussell @LauraPidcock @zarahsultana As opposed to a Tory hating serial loser who managed to lose two… @BBCPolitics That went well last time. More like Momentum helped Labour lose yet another election. Now backing anot… @didihtown @PigCakey @Channel4News Dude. These are estimates. Final calculation will not be made for some months. Do your homework.
@warrenmorgan To be fair it is a joy to listen to his inane ramblings when interviewed. The fact Labour will never… @richardbullard2 @RCorbettMEP @Conservatives No because no duplicity in it. Choice Corbyn or Boris not really a choice. @BottyBolingoli To be fair if I had his money I would do fuck all in public service and lead a dissolute lifestyle.… @lisanandy Kevin Maguire the second most loathsome man in the British tabloids after Owen Jones. God help us. @harriet1marsden When power is restored after a power cut. @didihtown @PigCakey @Channel4News Too many shanks for my liking. Seriously accurate measurements will not be avail…