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@quiq_Youtube Just zone wars
Don't forget about this @xXCharlixDUnKi Lol this is a ps4Wow the dragon breath shotgun is now really goodMy favorite battlepass skin haven't tweet much today lol @vestarpen2 @FortniteStatus The pump is such a iconic gun to the game, idk why they keep vaulting it @FortniteStatus Still disappointed without pumps but thank you for making a effortThank you all for 5.8k ❤ @Ovoked_ Ratio @ItsCrispyCUH NAE @Repoopbruhh_ This is a mood @HYPEX The only problem with increase the player count is that there is already terrible server lag and and it woul… 4 of big mouth is out!Thxs so much @ightBoomer for the 2.8K V-bucks card 🔥🤯 #BoomerLegit
Retweeted by ight BoomerTf is this lmao @tpz3n Lol he tried doing that to meOpen zone wars lobby, add: ight Boomer @RockboatFNBR Well I just smoked so im doing pretty good lol @RockboatFNBR I have a problem ok 😭 @mh135700 Because the music I usually listen to is not for school lol @IoutExotic Yeah its all hand held, because of covid they needed to order new equipment and the tripods weren't in yet when I filmed itOut off class until 12:50 🤝😎 @tpz3n PogFilmed and edited this in class. im new to this and it was just a random assignment but still give thoughts @TemperHimself @Feedsssy You just got to give it time, people will soon realize how cracked you areIn 2021 @Feedsssy and @TemperHimself are going to blow up, there both underated afBump @RockboatFNBR I'm level 51 with battle bundle and like 15 tiers bought lol @XBLCrossfire If that was me, I would have chocked throwing the impule and impuled myself off the mountain 🤣 @ClearlyBowl It gives it to you after the match usually @dead_eye20 I'm a lazy ass person, I don't like going out of my way just to get extra xpWhat I like about this seasons challenges is that you can play the game normally and you basically auto complete most of the challengesDon't forget to enter! Also GM @Pxlare Whats up with your finger tips? TwitterBump @PENCILOLOLOL Thank you Mr. PencilThis is a banger, like and rt @FRPsycho Nah, the people who are still doing console wars @VergeRiftz @ebay_profit @MesitaKazekage @catherrera11 @jordysbtw @vipersurge @BraxtonSteube I'm not famous lol1 more Mom can we get the Kratos skin? Mom: No we have the Kratos skin at home "The Kratos skin at home" or 2? ngl this wrap is under rated @PENCILOLOLOL I do not actually own the skin lolAnother combo @quiq_Youtube @IghtStorm @DACELL427 Your blocked by a lot if people lol @DNPthree God damm, 1-2k a month! @IghtStorm @DACELL427 What a legend, Dacell out here supporting everyone ❤ @dead_eye20 @qCandywingX @dead_eye20 @qCandywingX Shut up meg @ClearlyBowl Pog @Verybigtuna @Feedsssy I only have the normal golf club sadly @Verybigtuna @Feedsssy Thats the golf club right? @imsticksfn Congrats, you put a shirt on! @Feedsssy I've switched back to the Rouge spider backbling, and the pickaxe is one of the only ok combos I have for eon @Feedsssy I'm probably not going to use it on eon lol, I only had a few seconds to claim the gift and equip it befo…! @Feedsssy Ofc, this pick is sick, im going to run this for a bitPerfect! @DACELL427 @ClixHimself You dont even sell cigarettes, wtf @froster1247 @dakotaz The tac is inconsistent af @dakotaz Pog @SlurpentineG I dont think soShow proof of subbing!! @Feedsssy @strikebtw @Hitology @ClexaEthan A lot of people wanted to supply lolGiveaway! 1x Battlepass (Gifted) 1x 1000 vbucks in gifts 1x 800 vbuck skin 1x 500 vbuck emote (4 Lucky Winners!)… @dakotaz I love the new stuff but im still disappointed without the pump9 more likes 👀 @JakKWolf94 @UhhTadeo That pickaxe is sickDude I cant believe they already made a game for kratos skin from fortnite 😐
Retweeted by ight Boomer @Juanmarux BangerBig giveaway at 45 likes 👀Congrats to... @FM_Maxence Please DM me within 24 hours for your prize! winner 👀 ends in 15 minutes! @TemperHimself @FortniteGame RatioI'll buy you a 1000 vbuck gift cardLater next week*I need this pickaxe 😩 if anyone gifts me I can pay back later this week @pr0vokd I have balls what I dont have is the knowledge to play chess and $500
@UhStormy__ level 50 lol @YuhBoySoap 🤣 big L @dead_eye20 Because I am still a bot lolLil flick lol @dead_eye20 @catherrera11 @RockboatFNBR Season 6 battle bass leak @wtfsaucy I win @wtfsaucy That will be $500 @JacobLucado LolThis ends in about 2 hours 👀 @Feedsssy @GGIamNaidin 👀 congrats brother1 more person please go follow @Feedsssy he is 1 off from 1k! @Feedsssy Ayo @Drain1Blaze Yeah