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anxiety is a monster. (he/him) i dont know who i am, i dont know why im here, all i know is that i am #UNSURE

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@Pikaclicks @im_a_squid_kid you're both violent abominations. @sophietexas_ @snyyrid @epicodila of courseALLEY OOP!!! second channel vid tmr. its gonna be funny. @vawkie who the fuck are you. where is Mental @Pikaclicks @KarlJacobs_ @neekolul No. @Smajor1995 @Elaina_Exe don't fall for it soldier. @luhvss 300 tomorrow 👍 @sIeepyza Potatoskin is its name now @env_vy @storfanie 🖕 @Pikaclicks @epicodila 3. amazing. @PINKDlSC ? @mmeltdownn i hate these questions @mmeltdownn unless it's not in my state @mmeltdownn We have the Rootbeer and Birchbeer. thats about it.
@mmeltdownn Root beer? @mmeltdownn hi @a6doff r u insane @mcblockdaily @Pikaclicks @realQuig LMFAOOOO GET FUCKED @Pikaclicks @realQuigRatio'd L @Pikaclicks @realQuig
Retweeted by calvin? @mcblockdaily this is the best day of my lifeBuilding a house but only adding one block a day (Day 72)
Retweeted by calvin? @CARAMIIAA i lauhed @mispyyy i rarely play it but yea @sophietexas_ u give off heavy fire vibes NOT BECAUSE OF THE HAIRtodays lesson: sound. sound is important. @illuminatwt trust me. 30 sens, 350dpi, 3 feet of mouse room. trust. @illuminatwt low sens and mousepad i told u @ameliaamoran love it.i can aim today. @icjavier24 do u love him @ignCalvin so sorry cal... congrats on 600k tho.. 💔👍
Retweeted by calvin? @Pikaclicks @FitMC S T O P @mmeltdownn King @enderIeaves you NEED to @illuminatwt i am not scared of Homes though ShoeLace.i am literally obsessed with chick-fil-a @PPlushy NOOOOOO @PPlushy this IS clean. you should see the other ones. @TalentLacking What the Fuck @Ph1LzA LETS GO PHILLLL @Scottposts whats ur setup lookin like?? 🗡 🔥 🏹 🎣 @Tylarzz soon™️ @Scottposts 🤺 ON GUARD! @enderIeaves how did you know what my final form was @Tylarzz W H A T T T T T T. IN THE SAME FUCKING CAR??? @MateuszAdamWar1 ye @itsmeantex B E G O N E @enderIeaves got 8. @enderIeaves 🤺 @Scottposts so do the mfs that test me. 🤺🤺🤺 @FRIGHTNESS1 ye watch. 🤺 ≠i dare someone to cut me off. we gon see whos rly cut. @Michaelmcchill @Dream Holy fuck @Scottposts @TalentLacking it's all he has. you have to understand @hatemylifecz i Have been. thank You. @TapLHarV NNYYYOOOMMMMM @Technothepig ZOOMIN BRO @PlGRANK @Pikaclicks that's because i AM god @Pikaclicks *gasps* guhhh give it to me *grabs the space weewee* @Pikaclicks *floats over to you gracefully* seems you're a long way from home,, space ranger.. 😳😏 @bearbubb Based. @illuminatwt No. get away from me. i'm LARPing rn. @ThirtyVirus i will fight themMinecraft roleplay is cringe, there I said it. 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 i will however continue my sexy Hot Astronaut Space Explorer… @yogenki @Pikaclicks i'm going to Stone him. @hannahxxrose ✍️join✍️dream✍️smp✍️ @Pikaclicks absolutely not. this ruined my January 21st. this completely ruined it and were barely 30 mins into it. fuck you. @Pikaclicks you are fucking atrocious. show yourself to the door you absolute abomination. This is fucking gross an… @itsmeantex WHO A R E YOUso we went back to school.... have never laughed so hard in my LIFE @jamal18925350 @illictseven . @McBirken AGREED!!!! @yogenki Y O S U P 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥LETS FUCKING G O O O O O @PapaNappa_ What @Krinios Where. @enderIeaves @GeorgeNotFound @voicefulshelf68 The Bible says Do not Question me Woman. @GeorgeNotFound @voicefulshelf68 ayo WHAT?
@Elaina_Exe @Pikaclicks HOW WAS THERE NO INVITE????? HES ASS COMPARED TO yours truly @Pikaclicks Anonymuz - The Ride @Pikaclicks ok fine ill say it. fran drescher was fuckin smokin hot. FUCKkkkk @Pikaclicks mmmmhh 🤤🥴😋 @krustydavidd i got the dump truck Krusty David. i Do. @Pikaclicks he might be gone But i'm still Here 😈😈 💩 Sorry i Pooped :/ @celestia717 Eating Chips and Dip and Probably playing Minecraft. wyd.thank u for 50k on the second channel. i kiss <3 @jennavm "please. no more computer."alright im gonna start butterflying in SG now, its just too cracked. @Tryhard_PvP i would be Bluahwiso i played some mcsg today.. @colinsmoke NOOOOOO @colinsmoke YES!!!!!anything for the confetti @sophietexas_ it do be a rough world out here. my motto is "its better to be pissed off than pissed on" ..this works for most peopleso is this just called SMP now???THE AVENGERS THEME IS PLAYING WHATTT