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Fuck. Why i am crying over an online conversation that was in the past. I feel there’s a crack in my heart. Idk why… @tamndaddy18 Yes 🫠🫠🫠🫠 this will keep me horny tonightI think she’s right. I deserve happiness @tamndaddy18 Sama2 @tamndaddy18 shopee image recognition to the rescue~I want to be a smart pervert. Not some dumbass that ends up stirring drama. That's why I don't reveal much @senxrv rame palingan gw ikut ngomong’m having a great time doing some new things with the ⁦@gmbusbus⁩. Special thanks to ⁦@JoshuaRosenthal⁩ and ⁦…
Retweeted by zk Ξ @kittygalisback Ini konteksnya cultural appropriation yg orang bule lakukan ya? @lycorisghoul Hentai recommendationsI can’t use chopsticks @notyourfavbaby Kebiasaan jalan cepat. Aku suka ninggalin tmen aku gara2 kebiasaan jalan gaya orang Singapur 😂😂😂Kapan saya ke Belanda ;______; @stellaa_cyl Fanboys won't change easily just like iphone fanboysDulu gw dibilang mirip joji sekarang gw dibilang mirip kim sunggyu @exeviow Anyways, get well soon vio! @exeviow Analogi gw dalam membayar asuransi kesehatan: mampus gw gk bisa connect ke Kibana @stellaa_cyl Lol his new projects dead on arrival then @stellaa_cyl Ok, this boils my head 😡
1 more feature before I sleep @menepikan @sgr54yheb89hlka Jadi keinget Mari dri Evangelion post sendiri biar fotonya reach ke orang lain juga yang membutuhkan好多迷彩😳
Retweeted by zk Ξ @kuncyupbyunga mood gw lagi pengen bantu orang dengan ilmu gw yg gw pejalarin selama ini. Hope this image helps 🫡🫡🫡 @kuncyupbyunga struggle sendiri jangan dipikul sendiri, bu. You are loved by your close fam… @notyurdarling iya kadang aku kira itu kamu yg post wkwkkwkwI am fucking lost that a football club is publicly traded me try to qualify this tweet. I see seven possible scenarios playing out, and none of them seem both likely and…
Retweeted by zk Ξ @kuncyupbyunga Ma'am you need counselling or psychiatrist @AutismCapital My dApp front-end migration from Create React App to NextJS is almost done. Just need to resist myse… @hllcutes @Indomielovers Udah gk ada :( Kare juga gk ada @akunbuatnic @FWBESS Gw awalnya kira testnet wkwkwkw @secretdehh @FWBESS @asdpurba @FWBESS WKwkwkwk kena dusting ya bang? @FWBESS Minta address mu, nder. Gw cross-check transaksi lu. Kan semua public. Jangan2 BSC Testnet atau Polygon Mumbai lagi. @monicakho3 Panas hari ini gimana gak capek
@bayiicumi Ldr juga? @NSFWFESS_ Mikir jangan pas lagi horny seriusanTurns out you fell victim to a lie: the fact that you have such a hard time changing isn’t due to you being lazy or…
Retweeted by zk ΞOk I broke my promise with my baby that I should say things positively, but I will slip myself this time. Will avoi…, I am glad that I was able to adapt myself just for the sake of my loved ones. She has been the check and bal… my loved ones that I was able to thrive because I left Indonesia while my loved one said I just have the right…, I am still Indonesia citizenship anyway. Regardless, I never proud of Indonesia even though I am glad that th… Independence Day to the country with rotten inefficiency and society that's driven by influencers not smart p… @blinggdulce Menfess cowok aja dilike demi engagement doangto prove that I am a very capable person so that I can earn more money and spend my money for me and loved ones. I… not want to view things in black and white. I yearn for me being ambitious yet I don't want to hurt myself too m… the right direction or not. I just registered for a Taekwondo class, and I believe it was the right step since I… also, being comfortable with social media especially Facebook where I get constant (serious) information and la… inside me, I know that I must cling to having an individualistic mindset because it worked in the past. I have… feel that socializing in real life has always been a blocker but in reality, it's not. I was able to learn differ… don't know what tf I am doing right now.... It's very hard for me to sacrifice things. I am juggling with a lot o… @susucimolry Don’t forget to drink water in case you are having anxiety with uncontrollable breathsRT FOR FOLLOWBACK BOSKU
Retweeted by zk Ξ @MALEMPLUSPLUS Hi? @Pyscheart Kirain bnyk yg ajak pas kamu post di menfess wkwkwGiveaway saldo 50k untuk dua orang masing masing 25k. Rt aja ngga perlu follow. Thank you and good luck. #zonauang #zonaba
Retweeted by zk ΞPro tip: Don't trust any tweet that doesn't allow comments. Anyone who is legit will accept engagement and even alternative opinions.
Retweeted by zk Ξ @invertednippie it as a species. @invertednippie The post you just made was so good, that shortly after receiving the light bouncing off of it, it r… @FWBESS Kebiasaan agresif ya gini @stellaa_cyl @SpicegirlNFT True. If I am not close with someone, why should I be lying if following the truth is th… Sociopath Die through loneliness and tragedy of their loved ones @apoykira Biarin aja. Kebebasan opini. Keliatan kok dia sociopath. Cuma bisa ngebikin orang risih. Belum tentu bisa… @stellaa_cyl @SpicegirlNFT Unless the dishonest people pay unknown people to support, then they are not alone, but… @pseudovumcyther Serem jir. Gw kira penipuan di FB dan bokep di Twitter udh parah ternyata semua penipuan di twitter lebih parah @binarsaturnus @aaaaaabible @my_dreamhanguk @horangiiiee Mjb. Benarrr. Manusia itu selalu pengen sama orang yg kura… @stellaa_cyl @SpicegirlNFT This is exactly what I learned from the sociopath next door book. People with a lack of… things I’m never doing again: • FOMOing after a major pump • Rotating profits into another (risky) altcoin • Get…
Retweeted by zk Ξ @pseudovumcyther jumlahnya gk dikit lagi 🫣🫣🫣🫣 @exeviow Ayak kunyit + cumi kunyit (sisain buat malam juga) @calapacarkamu Semoga yg ketemu bisa pakai ulang🫡🫡🫡 @sss4321_s @inversebrah -46% rnThe reason why I dislike Uncle Roger is that he's a CCP bootlicker. Come one dude, we, as South East Asians, are fi… are really waking up, skipping breakfast, going straight to their office job under blue light for 8+ hrs, ru…
Retweeted by zk Ξ @seoleluna Dihapus wkwkwk;_________; Heartache @FWBESS Save yourself first before you save others, nder."Mudaram as Estações"
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@laiceiceee @kostanalter Lumayan @kostanalter Tasnya lucu bnget nder 🥺 @nerdybutfun Lemak perut @bedaisygurl Anda introvert @exeviow No offense. Ini salah satu gw yang benci dari Indonesia. Gw rasa bnyk orang Indo yang saking gabutnya dan…, have you backed up your computer recently?
Retweeted by zk Ξ @seniaawx Sudah terlalu malam buat mudeng @VCBrags Gotta pivot to survive~Ok i am panicking due to my stupid work @FWBESS @AutismCapital Oh, come on, Autism Capital. My investments haven't fully recovered from the so-called supercycle yet..@nhentaiOfficial is a prime example of a server-side rendering web application but it works FLAWLESSLY. Yes, I op…, it's more like being a hawk since I don't want to be too close to her in Twitter space for a lot of reasons ̶s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶e̶d̶ opened her profile page every few hours, and when I told her, she felt safe. A happy accident I guess My Malaysian friend gave me a recommendation of a song while we were talking about Jay Chou. Instant soldDicari: Joki yg mau bantuin input gambar unit perlantai apartemen ke excel. Fee: 15rb perlantai. Gambar dan templ…
Retweeted by zk Ξ @kangkarrot Selamat bangLinkedIn has 7000 profiles of "Binance employees", of which only 50 or so are real. I wished LinkedIn has a feature…
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