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@evisujinn 🫦lowkey // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by overcook lltl @annxval good shit anner @playboipichu @onmarti @SmexyRosies chill @Evs2x on god @playboipichu @onmarti @SmexyRosies not dating > @80tsu yes @ecrims_yt appreciate u @daimyoFPS @jettdaddy69 @SUPERCAT1439278 W @Xorainn @Evs2x idk how he is real bro @Xorainn @Evs2x he blames everyone besides himself n is the most passive aggressive person ever @Xorainn @Evs2x ur raze is the oddest human ever im telling u he is a dodge at all costs. @Evs2x @Xorainn LMFAOO OHH THIS GAME @Xorainn wait when wtf @threeFPS perfect @decembervlrt tyty @threeFPS do it @homiesrice SHEEEEH @oceanvandal @ssav1or 🫡 @JAM56k 🙈 @JAM56k hand over the cat immediately. @XIRPOR @ignepiphanys i was banned from the discord @threeFPS that was my main accounts name for like 3 weeks... i hated every moment of it. @XIRPOR @ignepiphanys rn? @lylacVAL tysm hannah @ignepiphanys lol @XIRPOR @ignepiphanys ive never played it b4 @oceanvandal @ssav1or ayo? @jennniiival @unshtable @ssav1or dont apologize baefy @zeravalorant 🫡 @stellariwnl YURR @ssav1or oh lets FUCK @KaedenVAL SHES BUFFF @zeravalorant i got u @ssav1or oh fuck @emgotcutetoes NIKI FAN 🫡 @zeravalorant ur gameplay insaner
@harmfoo @Evs2x how u get ur phone stolen bro 😂 @etherealVAL_ no @Evs2x oh fuck @daimyoFPS yk me @fIuffyzx throw it back n then she twerk 🍑 @arrt7x WHAT @fIuffyzx 👊🩹 god damn i hurt my knuckle @annxval @fIuffyzx @ignepiphanys u a real one @epiphanyspriv learn to spell fucker @ignepiphanys YUH @1hruki appreciate u @dr136x 🫡 @atIasxo <3 @ignepiphanys brod @dogbackp6ck u keepin it lowkey @redestined mwah @epiphanyspriv wrong accept @yungmohj appreciate u <3 @turtlewurdle no @arrt7x ur highkey so sexy @zeravalorant i love u @ignepiphanys r u actually first @bearrval niki @RainAims 😍😍😍 @miraixz alex @RQCKET <3 @zipxs all u @annxval ty anna 🫡 @ignepiphanys ofc i listen to almost anything @fIuffyzx u aint even gotta lo- lo- lo- lo- love mesupport on youtube <3 // valorant montage (like & retweet) @homiesrice @fIuffyzx @inaahxo @wunjii inshallah habibi @fIuffyzx @inaahxo @wunjii lying is haram @rachprivacc u got this r9chl @kxtieoh @Evs2x this is fucked. @kxtieoh @Evs2x he prefers one on ones so if u want the rest of us to leave jus say so @Evs2x On my way! @emluo ive given up. its not possible @emluo fuck ranked @stellariwnl @wunjii @Evs2x @fIuffyzx @1hruki twitter user fluffy said going once, and i proceeded to say going twi… @stellariwnl @wunjii @Evs2x @fIuffyzx @1hruki @stellariwnl @wunjii @Evs2x @fIuffyzx @1hruki wow. @1hruki @stellariwnl @fIuffyzx yo nice setup btw i fw it @fIuffyzx @stellariwnl @1hruki TWICE! @fIuffyzx @stellariwnl @1hruki going twice @stellariwnl @fIuffyzx @1hruki at the end of the day i can easily purchase both of u 😂 @Klamran love u too bae @Klamran so inspirationalviolet
Retweeted by overcook ll @VELTLOVESMILFS ??? @swerlworldy @team_parallel MY GOATTJoined @team_parallel 🤭 (Full Link Below)
Retweeted by overcook ll @Evs2x -ranked @miraixz @Silenx_x yk me bro cmon
@kayvalorant LMFOAAFOO @t4sted LMFAOO @xxelitism @Evs2x ur mom got the latest software update how tf she know what lol means @ignepiphanys @Evs2x well played @Evs2x big nose 👃