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@JonDBarker 100%. I would be down for that. 81+ is a shout for this Friday imo. More good cards to pack, better cards.When you open a player pick upgrade and see the blue border... It’s always Verratti! This card is going to give me… @JonDBarker Bro I wish! @JonDBarker 🙌 @xJapry Very true @Goffeng_Trader Everyone on the discord grabbed the photo while I melted on the floor & beat me to It lmaoCrafted •Moments Lucas •Flashback Allan •TOTS Payet •TOTS Nani •Rich Mans Cyprien Picks Made: 243 Total Spent: ~… Ligue 1 Summary: Ligue 1 Upgrade Player Picks •✨N-E-Y-M-A-R ✨x2 🇧🇷 •Aourar x3 🇫🇷 •Osimhen x 2 🇳🇬 •Thiag… @GeorgeCook___ @Mehdibob GEORGE FFS!!!! That was the best part, HAHAHAHA @Itshaber @ra7oom I’ll send an update once I’m done putting all the dupes into sbcs @FUT_Accountant DEAL! @marcusa2001 220-230 packs @iDloading_ Oh you weren’t lying. It earned me an unfollow. That’s awesome 🤣Now to find out what to put all this into 🤣 Summary coming soon... @CheesePerogies ~220 @narcoinsfc LMAO FUCK YOU GUYS! @FUT_Accountant YES DUDE! @ksackunited FUCKING GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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Retweeted by Goldenbear @Itshaber have i told you how much i hate your pack luck? LMAO @CallumFUTTrader @felipaonadal Same. Think i bought like 2700 but my dumbass is submitting them into these sbcs instead. @CallumFUTTrader @felipaonadal was fucking around, but that was really the move lmao
@MikeyDowdell Yeah the guaranteed was Mbappe & we hit Mbappe from elite 3 rewards lol. Good times @MikeyDowdell I would love an Mbappe/ but I really want Neymar or Ben Yedder because of their price lol @JonDBarker The more the marier 😂 @Al3x__Al3x Oh lmao. Didn’t even notice that hahahaInstagram Wadup! 😂 Mans Cyprien & Rich Mans Cyprien! Lets go! @felipaonadal @Piquelme20 That’s not bad. You add a Maestro to him and he equals Prime Moments Eusebio right before… @felipaonadal @Piquelme20 No. I think the SBC should be priced higher buecause it’s better @GIoKkHard Imo, yes. I would think that ~750k would be decent value especially considering the grind during upgrades for ligue 1 next week @Piquelme20 I’ve been said that shit. People need to remember! Don’t let them forget! U-N-T-R-A-D-A-B-L-E...
@JonDBarker LMAOOO hopefully @JonDBarker I’m okay with expensive SBCs tho. This is a quality card, personally a bit too expensive but at least i… @UniqueRiggers I’m okay with Untradeable packs but it needs to balance out. If you’re gonna give Untradeable packs,… @PascalRo21 👀I think it’s a really end game card, I appreciate the WF upgrade, so I understandthat the value I like that it do…
@FUT_Accountant Are people dumb? LmaoDUDE!!! This TOTS is JUICED!!! 😍 My starting XI will hopefully revolve around a lot of these players. Gueye Obje… @PistolPete2506 @chelsblues113 Cheaper yes! 100% @PistolPete2506 @ryanator109 I did but can’t open them until next week. Along with guaranteed Bundesliga, Serie A, & Ligue 1! Oh an… @JimmyG23FIFA Like 3 millIf you asked me, i would re release every single league premium upgrade as well as 81+ Double, NEW Bronze Upgrades,… Serie A Summary: Spent 0 Coins Opened 0 Packs... Needed a break but we bounce back for Ligue 1! Neymar… @DillyOHIO Gg bro! Feeling is unreal at the moment ain’t it?
@angrynate Ahhh yes. I’ve tried shipping something there before... NEVER again. @angrynate Well probably sold out by now lmao @angrynate Try again
@JonLamont1914 Not yet. Haven’t been playing a whole lot this week. Gg on the pull tho! Let me know how he hangs @PistolPete2506 🤣
@PistolPete2506 You are a fucking legend! How about a birthday week while you’re at it?
@PistolPete2506 @BuckArmy Slow down.. @PistolPete2506 I thought your birthday is next month?What does this mean? @RROY3R 2.3-2.5 if you look for the right cards @RROY3R They will all hit 2k+👀
Retweeted by Goldenbear💛
@Piquelme20 OOP for 2 weeks as well 👀 @Walsall_Ram @PistolPete2506 This fucker is Cuban not American 😂 @FUTJL1906 @sxwsee Nah you’re fucked. No way am I risking my fat ass hanging over a ledge 😂. Adios amigo @land_ahoy_ Yes. I unfortunately fall in that misfortune situationCertainly player sbc value has gotten worse every year, but I feel like this year it’s to the point where they’re t… @lfc827 we get two smaller leagues tomorrow. 1) The Eredivisie 2)CSL Apart from your standard Serie A u…💪😜 @Mansoor53959060 👍
What has happened to TOTS KDBs price? 🤯 Literally losing a mill since I bought him pre rewards for Premier League… of MANY issues with the menus this year. Still a thing 8+ months into the game by the way @Memphis If your hair ain’t like this during lockdown, we can’t be friends @felipaonadal I can’t do this sbc until I find a hot sexy Portuguese woman. Any recommendations?73 Balance. Perfect! He fits right in! @RMSports_ (Don’t forget time zones) 😅
Give me that man bun! @felipaonadal
@FUT_Tradinator Yah man, I’m doing 450 per day. I’m buying the same list of players via BIN every day, and normally… @FUT_Tradinator Yup! Currently sitting at 2700 + @PistolPete2506 “The upgrades I like”Serie A looks stacked you know? 😂 ALMOST regret not doing prepping for this league ngl. Won’t be doing any upgrades for this league 😤
@ksackunited @felipaonadal @JonDBarker What you get?There’s your icon sbcs @PistolPete2506 Don’t get me started
@pheath8 Hopefully Serie A so i have more time to buy LIgue 1 rares 🤣 @KSIOlajidebt 😂😂😂 @JonDBarker Nah. Still partially unassigned with bundes Fodder because I refuse to “waste” fodder before knowing what’s coming this week @JonDBarker Reus is my favorite Bundesliga player of all time. I was super happy to pack him! @JonDBarker That’s good FODDDAAHHHH @Yazeed_Alanazy Its honestly super random @FUT_Accountant Gwan Nate. You just opened them during a dry run. You got this man! @SJEthan89 👀 👀👀👀👀👀 @donedall87 Yeah that part is cool. I’m unassigned currently still with high rated fodder from these picks that I’l… @felipaonadal @Piquelme20 lmaoooo @GusMg88 Web App Bidd>>Assign on console.... Rinse and repeat @Piquelme20 @felipaonadal we have a problem