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.@citizenlab brings new story to light on how NSO fights terrorism... to my untrained eye looks like NSO are the te…
Yep. 153,000 dead and more dying. Trump tweeting this bs is a self-own.“The Trump women are so profoundly out of touch they don’t even know how to pretend.” By senior advisor…
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyYes. Please wear a mask especially around people indoors where social distancing is not enough. Wearing a mask is c… @AllThingsNatSec I doubt it. Trumpie is like a kid, he thinks if he closes his eyes no one can see him... he will c…, almost every #Whistleblower has experienced the same thing as Alexander Vindman who says: “Coming f…
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @dcolapinto We owe Alex Vindman to do everything we can so others can have the same courage to stand up to expose wrongs within our society.
@StevenLHall1 He certainly is. @john_sipher @StevenLHall1 Russia is laughing and celebrating. @JediMammoth I’m only hearing brainstorm even when reading the other thing purposefully..@AVindman I also feel the same way. What can people who share this feeling do? @_JakubJanda @KirkseniyaSF Stalin was a horrible strategist + a terrible leader. When comparing casualties it’s cle… us remeber brave Poles who fought the Nazis and were betryed by the Soviets during 1944 Warsaw uprising. Heroes…
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyNo need for journalism as a cover when you can just hack the CMS.
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @harlo @EFF This is good stuff! @AndrewBakaj Agreed.Well said!
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyVindman is a hero!
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyGuess everyone seen this and I am 13H too late. Nice video from @ProjectLincoln! @evacide Putin is not a lawyer. Not sure Trump would listen to anyone else.
Listening to @NPR @UpFirst about Florida restaurants that were back to normal numbers before recent Covid spike. My… @toholdaquill @Bing_Chris What’s ballot harvesting? Can I grow these at home and harvest by November?This is the co-founder of the Federalist Society. The same Federalist Society that has backed all five conservative…
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Who else is ready to vote? Like for “yes.” RT for “hell yes.”
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @jsrailton @irawinkler @SecureMentem Yeah google results... something happened. @jsrailton @irawinkler @SecureMentem DuckDuckGo seems ok. @irawinkler Doubt it. Probably never studied history in high school...Bloomberg: Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn’t Have Enough to Eat Last Week
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyWhistleblower Aid and @MarkSZaidEsq can help Congressional staff for free. Please reach out:
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @john_sipher How long have they been grooming Trumpie?NSO Group's gaslighting masterclass: "we are #deeplytroubled" Promise to *maybe* investigate. Request sensitive inf…
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @mackwage SMS 2FA works great with a number no one knows you have. Get a cheap 2nd number and don’t use for anythin… beware of the Deceptikons threat. This is a real, persistent and a serious problem. reminder of the persistence of the many challenges of our neighbors: I’m at a red light on speakerphone w/ Theres…
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I’m seriously fucking tired of journos getting killed. How do we live in a society when we can get tired of journos… need legislature to act on this in US and EU. The greater good of fighting terrrorism / serious crime can not be…
@JayLeidermanLaw You think the US is? I hope so but feels like only Russia is throwing punches we don’t even have our hands up....@jsrailton thanks for sharing this. Going to follow @WolfieChristl. People definitely don’t understand this... it’… @jsrailton @wirecard With @wirecard missing $2 billion, missing COO and a constant problem w/ short sellers, a surv… we don’t regulate the private spy industry, the articles will read like “expenses for murde, torture of peers or… @jsrailton @wirecard They were planning to have a German firm run around London with imsi catchers, curious what sm… @jsrailton @wirecard Interesting. I estimate that the escapade in London last year involving 28 field personnel and… @spsullivan Sorry Sean it was me. I just got off. Go ahead. @keisisqrl @deviantollam Cheappy looking mags. What a waste of nice mason jars...:) @DHWise007 @USAmbIceland @StateDept Totally agree, US diplomats are targets. DSS definitely have a hard job keeping… forward to read True or False and share with my mom and other family members. Way to go @CindyOtis_!! It’s…
Enigmatic Russian Businessman in London Intrigues Investigators
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @razhael I don’t expect anything less of them. MI6 has to MI6.The headline doesn't quite do this justice. Britain's Secret Intelligence Service privately approached the court ex…
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @I_Fagan @mukhtarsalim80 @LSELabs Ian, sent you a DM. Could you reply? @joshuahersh This will only lead to escalation and bigger problems. We know this because we seen previews on CNN fr… @john_sipher He stiffed them for the HOA fees like he typically does..."How a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to hunt for targets." #cybersecurity #infosec #tech #hacking
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyLooking forward to see the record holders for most complaints and most substantiated complaints! Is anyone working… @DHWise007 @USAmbIceland Doug who wouldn’t want a gun in Iceland? ;) this guy is nuts.You know where this happens, @MariaBartiromo ? In a fascist state.
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@StevenLHall1 Is it normal that there has not been an aggressive response from the Kremlin yet? Wonder if they ar… Trumpie will blame the Democrats... for the weather. @AllThingsNatSec I only know one America. I don’t want to validate Trump’s or Putin’s goals of divining is. We have…, @RadioFreeTom, I know it’s not your intent but you are fueling the divide when you validate it like th… @StevenLHall1 It’s extremely scary.“How India became a hack-for-hire hub” @undertecher dives into the murky market in Indian cybermercenary services…
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyI’m voting! And I am encouraging everyone I know to vote as well!
Seeing this I know there is hope for the Russian people. They are also tired of Putin!
We need to be asking questions about this type of military activity. Surveillance is an indicator of some kind of p… @GwynneMaggie Nice! Have fun! Lots of happiness!Chevron dumped 16 billion gallons of oil waste in Ecuador's Amazon, leaving behind a cancer epidemic that decimated…
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyDo family phone plans enable domestic surveillance and abuse? Yes they do and escape needs to be cheaper and easier.
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @dcolapinto @MarkSZaidEsq He did fine!Totally agree:) of the few cops in America who wants to be a neighbor. Not kick the door down and be a warrior. @SkinnerPm talk…
Putin and Russian businesses have plenty bankroll to fund international political activity to light fires in our co… @RosaLSmothers Trump knows better than to bite the hand ... that holds the kompromat!Russian Active Measures are heating up.
@DHWise007 What are we going to do to keep it together? @Newsweek “National Security is the thunderbolt they keep at the ready to terrify us into debasing our laws and curtailing our freedoms.”
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyAnother glimpse into the seedy underworld of everyday commercial spyware transactions: Fugitive Wirecard Executive…
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.@evacide pointed out a very valid and timely article. With people stuck inside domestic disputes are up, stalkerwa… @RosaLSmothers @PaulRebuked @facepaintutah Nice to see a preview of the Russian GRU Active Measure think tank’s spi… @DHWise007 143,000+ dead, it’s way too late for masks, patriotism, etc. In my eyes he betrayed us.FINAL WEEK TO APPLY to our @citizenlab fellowship on surveillance, digital security & race. 3 or 6 months @ $4k/mo…
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Waiting for a company to quietly start offering congressperson location data for opposition research. Would it even…
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @jsrailton @ByronTau Once representatives data is used for oppo research, they will make it illegal for oppo resear…
@RosaLSmothers @GwynneMaggie @CordeLisse Brilliant item! Glad I asked! @GwynneMaggie @CordeLisse I need more info here. What’s a banana hammock? And does the banana condom work?
@IvankaTrump billionaire's daughter is telling unemployed Americans to "find something new." Thanks for the advice, Ivanka.
Retweeted by Igor OstrovskiyCommon they can’t voluntarily disable the product that is marketed on the abilities to oppress freedoms :) The remo… @aCryptoConsult Just imagine @rebecca_tidy’s contacts with sources for this piece. Powerful journalism!Wow. An exhilarating quick read for true crime junkies. And an amazing glimpse into economics of a drug gang during… @parscale is happy to keep working for @realDonaldTrump from the corner of shame rubber room to which he was… @elvina_nawaguna @gtconway3d @tomlobianco @Politicsinsider Parscale got a Ferrari and a very expensive Land Rover I… one is allowed to steal what @realDonaldTrump already stole. Seriously Parscale what were you thinking. a guy nobody has heard of who hasn't been confirmed by the Senate shouldn't be running secret militarized pol…
Retweeted by Igor Ostrovskiy @alexzfinley I’m down. These will fly off the shelves at any MAGA rally.When will this abusive treatment of people of color stop? We treat traitors like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort bett… Once Russian boys start coming home in 200кг zinc lined coffins, Russian tanks will no longer take joy rides… is needed here. A good step forward! Private spies have no allegiance, no honor and absolutely no… @StaceySrm I doubt you will have any issues but they did kick me off from accessing their system ;)