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@dvdplayuh Sorry I can’t type @dvdplayuh Isn’t the college in England? @FlREARM Jail @BigTucsonDad Have fun @CassandraTrill Is that bad @UnfollowLogan Jail 2. @meeeeeriem Monday @CregGino I know I knowImagine getting a day of the week named after you. Thor got Thursday. if I got a day it would be “Eriday” which als… @PleaseBeGneiss Cant wait for Thursdaythe bourgeoisie 157 days after the French Revolution:
Retweeted by eric @abernothing Nice :)the headless horseman, five months after his death:
Retweeted by ericSun shined a little dimmer today @emohilaryduff CDay 157 of no headI’m out here living like the talented Mr. Ripley
Retweeted by eric @whoisgrazie This for mint chocolate fansthe ability to be tinkerbell one day and sexy Optimus Prime the next is a level improvision that spies across the globe should be studyingGoogle search: I lied on my resume and now they want me to do my job @SneakytheSnake @tropicanapussy Dixieland Delight 👀 @LiISnack That town don’t look big enough for ya @CdyRnkn This is his origin story @deliberatedaily Slutty cure for covid @femaleredhead mathew mcconaughey @femaleredhead Sometimes we have to go back so we move forward @idkwhatimduin Slutty harambe? Ok fine.No one is more creative or resourceful than a twenty some year old girl coming up with a costume idea for every day… @nuggetzsz 10 or 11 I thinkLucid dreaming with Hans Zimmer playing in the background and now I’m on a space odyssey across multiple dimensionsNot that it stopped me and Harrison from making cringe homemade music videos
What a stat.
Retweeted by ericStories are funnier when you tell them from first person so I’ve just been telling other peoples stories. Someone w… @randypaint Ignore the haters this is the correct takeDenzel Ward really SLID past this block to make the tackle 😱 (via @thecheckdown)
Retweeted by eric @nickil0deon Maybe it’s a baby 👀I love that Hans Zimmer is somehow the “bro” film composer @Idontxanax He seemed pretty normal he played pro baseball. I think it’s just some rich people shitFound the pic @HarrySon39 We shoulda never stoppedWe would have been getting real weird to Drops of Jupiter by Train @Skoog “Suck my dick” really nicely @randypaint My cure really does work but you have to put water in your mouth and get your head upside down @BarneyLile Fuck @kyle_knoblauch Only 6 seconds brotherBelle: *kisses beast* Beast: *turns back to human* Belle: oh Beast: what Belle: you’re still ugly Beast: ok bu…
Retweeted by eric @discopez That and bad day lolI’m glad tik tok didn’t exist when I was a teenager I would have definitely made some cringe shit to How to Save a Life by The FrayThis is how I watch Attack on Titan
Retweeted by ericHe went to school at ragina lmao @olskult Rally cap on @olskult @espn LmaoThis is the worst night of my life @dummyjig Not the zombie @TommyLiesse21 Always
@trammellistryin More of a metric system guy myself @MrVito04 😑 @trammellistryin I tolerate themOnce I hear someone say “don’t encourage him” I know I’m being fuckin hilarious
Retweeted by ericCall me when they discover some baddies bro
Retweeted by ericI’m new to painting but I’ll join! #nationalartistday
Retweeted by eric @TeamCaciorDie Nope you guilty by association brother @pireland34 I’ll be back in a jiffy @badboychadhoy We stand in solidarityall eric’s are bastards @kellydango you watch them while I go smoke? @zack_nfl Just trying to be like you @TakeForGrantd @badboychadhoy @TakeForGrantd I need this for my parlay don’t ruin it @SirWestonLaw One day 🙏🏼In too deep and I can’t see the shore @imbabyfr I’d tell you but I don’t mansplain anymoreKyler Murray saw DeAndre Hopkins in man coverage and laughed out loud.
Retweeted by ericA computer game where you go back in time with a gun to kill Adam; it's a first person shooter.
Retweeted by ericWe are all niceguy840 @georgeforemans @maxdixon12 👀 @royalsikko Well Linkin park is the best band ever @BigTucsonDad I’m just here for him and Kyler Murray slidesWe’re so lucky to get to watch Russell Wilson @DJ_Slizzard You got ghosts? @chingonavirus Lmao sell them some phone cases @maxdixon12 I have my ways @itzswimshady I like green @asia_phoreal KingGirls always have bruises all over their body. Are you okay, you got ghosts?I have this exact fit @cal_gif This is fucked upWow go get bitches the old fashion way
I want Kevin Harlan to narrate my life @butter4374 @CaucasianJames Red swim suit?when it comes to being a guy, i know a thing or two
Retweeted by eric @ItsZaeOk I feel for niceguy840 @rnawyhousedogjm The gloves in the neckfullmetal alchemist brotherhood - opening 1: again
Retweeted by eric @becsschindler That’s what I’m wondering about Jake’s tight ass shirt