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I used to have NBA dreams, but now I gotta stay with a thing with a beam #MamaWeGonnaMakeItOutSoon

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@Conmxn @notdiin Gimme a bit @jakkuxd @daiptix Why would you want my life when you just made fun of my life @jakkuxd @daiptix Who works in 2020? get a life dweeb @jakkuxd @daiptix I’m on rn @jakkuxd @daiptix You discussing business???? yeah both parties involved making a loss @visionofviii DAWG PLEASE IM BEGGING U. MAKE IT SO DETAILS THAT MY NATURAL INSTINCTS KICK IN AND START LICKING MY PHONE SCREEN @visionofviii HENTAI PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU. MAKE A NICE DRIPPING REALISTIC PUSSY @megcp13 Year @jtylerr7 kk I will @Boy1drr erm :3 who we playing withWho on cod and wanna hear my new sexy ass voice. Let’s run
@thegingerbatt yes 🙄 any issues here? @rturocantu I was using headphones I found at a parking lot LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @notdiin I will not do that again. When we playing again. I need to prove myselfimma be nutting all over y’all ears during streams now 👁👁 the veteran coming out retirement @sebastianjii LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO na im crying rn 😭😭😭😭😭na im crying I didn’t know how to start a convo so I started fake coughing this way they can acknowledge me and start a convo first @trammellistryin @notdiin !!!!!!! @notdiin im a new person now. next time we play I will talk moredude literally said 2 words in 2 hours
Retweeted by Not Jean or Lola @ripxRain Sheesh so many females in the replies @ColinKnife I used to have the A40 with the mixamp back when I played competitive. Shit was insane, could hear ever… @OnlyLeafss Imma use them for gaming and lectures onlinethe had only one left @MarcusSmarf Have 1 pair leftif they don’t have the Astros at my Best Buy Imma deactivate my account and never come back. Going out in the rain for it @Boy1drr After being lied to so many times, yes means no to me now @Boy1drr So it does workNeed this answered asap bc I’m about to go to Best Buy to buy itThe Astro A10s also work on laptops too right with its 3.5mm jack? If I need to use it for listening to lectures @kidfromindy Two years??? That’s exactly what I need then @sophiesolit stfu PLEASE for onceI think I’m leaning towards the Astro’s A10s @ColinKnife That’s what I’m leaning towards. Astro’s have always been known from quality headsets throughout all my… @Ultra15151 Yeah I agree. But considering I won’t play as much being busy with college and work, it just makes more… @officialmangoo1 So they should work @Ultra15151 I had A40 with Mixamp but sold them when I quit competitive. Don’t wanna spend over $100 on headset :/… @notedub @IcyVert yo. Do ps5 controllers have the same aux option like the ps4 controllers @stroofinati If you’re serious then I can take that route. Rather wait a few days for the A40 to be shipped than go… @officialmangoo1 I have no clue since I don’t have ps5Last question!! Do wired ps4 headsets work on ps5 as well? I completely forgot i need to keep that in mind @notedub Wait do these work on ps5 as well?? Just realized I need to put that into consideration @AirIanes Laptop easier to browse stuff @notedub You think I should just go with those? Or better headsets out there for cheaper. I’m leaning astros just b… help, which one is best for value? (Durability is top priority) @TlMMY_ Is the cable durable tho? Bc I won’t play as much, so I don’t think I should be too harsh on the wire @stroofinati you deadass? how much @abbasr368 LMAOOOO brown momsAre Astro A10s good? I’ve had good experience with Astros but idk if these are worth $50 I used to have the A40s w… hyperx or steelseries? That’s what I’m hearing most rn @CryptiicNo This shit not available anywhere @Inteduardo Na I just found out it’s the headset charging port that’s loose now @CryptiicNo Is this what you just got? Or this the one with the trash ass mic @Hauntterr How long you had it @Mr_Felina That’s what I’ve been using since PS3 days. But the the charging port broke on me. It’ll charge my heads… @Freddychini @_karsz Is it durable tho? I’ve had like 3 pairs of turtle beaches back in the day which were wired an… @_karsz @Freddychini Are these wireless or wiredWhat’s a good headset (PlayStation). Something cheap and durable. I really don’t care about audio quality as much.… @notdiin if you’re good im gooooood too lil dinwhy am i involved in this @notdiin How you doing lil dinwow
Retweeted by Not Jean or Lola @trammellistryin Thank youis the USA in the western or eastern hemisphere? please don’t make fun of me and just help me bruh @notdiin Me me me meHere is my wise tweet for the night to anyone who is feeling upset or lost, Atleast you didn’t wake up and be the…
Retweeted by Not Jean or Lola @TheTopViking @Xouped If he steals this and it bangs again, I will deadass on everything post my feet on the timelinelook at me guys!!! im a 24 year old (TWENTY FOUR😭😭)who is only known for tweeting about cows. im single and current…
Retweeted by Not Jean or Lola @Xouped @CryptiicNo you’re using my tweet to talk turn on his back... and he’s using my tweet to turn on ur back… not white, so I don’t have the privilege of getting banger tweets that are literal ASS CHEEKSwhy is this cow so JACKED @COSTCOBACKWOODS pull out the secret weaponI love you all <3,lifelife, @ExoSuckss It’s 3:20am @1D1MO yeah I’m a freak, what about it 😋 @1D1MO you be getting ur back blown out? @Kiid10Da @marcxsy @playboicarti why are you still talking???????? nobody likes you, nobody ever will like you, nob… @Boy1drr @Xouped He deadass was about to take his dick out when I connected to him and I had to skip @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti Like wise @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti I ain’t want ur fake ass congrats either way 🙄🙄🙄🙄 @Kiid10Da @marcxsy @playboicarti no I’m kidding, i don’t have one @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti I’m not single anymore. I have to respect my woman now @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti To be fair I was gonna deactivate it either way. I always do anytime I hit 5K+ @marcxsy @Kiid10Da @playboicarti I hope you lose ur account that you’ve grown so quickly— oh wait 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @marcxsy @Kiid10Da Son please delay ur album another year @playboicarti @stroofinati Gn brodie @Daymeeein It feels like I’m part of the home fr. Like the connection is much better @ripxRain Yeah I agree. I like expired stuff too @prakdip Porn @ripxRain So ur saying cookies from a bakery are fake?why is everything homemade so much better? Cookies, cupcakes, porn, mom’s cooking, Mac n Cheese, grown fruits and vegetables for example @HarryButAverage The trick to this is, put ur thumb pointer and middle finger all together, and then just shake/vibrate ur hand fast as shit @stroofinati @ripxRain @scarrfries Rain talking, like he know, how, to spell words 😭😭😭😭