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do what auntie says, not what auntie does. beading ig @/ihootaloowa don’t follow me if you’re a child 🔞

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i really just be vibing on an empty stomach all day lmfao
Retweeted by ussy wussy𝐁𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐃 & 𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃🩸✨ #31daysofHalloween day 24
Retweeted by ussy wussy31a. Mariah Carey fighting against pre-recorded vocals during her iconic 'Touch My Body' performance on Good Mornin…
Retweeted by ussy wussy17. Iggy Azalea's attempt at a freestyle rap
Retweeted by ussy wussy12. Chillin With You feat. Jamie Lynn Spears by Britney Spears
Retweeted by ussy wussy6. Lady Gaga's promotional travel video for Singapore
Retweeted by ussy wussythread of messiest songs/performances/moments by pop girls that I can't believe are real
Retweeted by ussy wussy8. Miley Cyrus recording a fight at her own concert
Retweeted by ussy wussystill thinking about how “voting is sacred” is the most clown ass bullshit phrase i have ever heard. like HUH
Retweeted by ussy wussydang guy all cheesin🧀
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Three sisters tattoo by @nedpines 💚💛🧡
Retweeted by ussy wussyI’m crying
Retweeted by ussy wussyThis is my favorite video
Retweeted by ussy wussySad to think of all the native relatives I’ve had who would’ve lived longer if they got the health care they needed…
Retweeted by ussy wussyI love these videos so much🤣
Retweeted by ussy wussy @TaylorEenaHoe This is so crazy 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤝🤝🤝🤝🌱Grow🌱 This was for #NDNinktober2020 but I didn't have time to actually do it the day of. k'uchuchu:kwe(rainbow cor…
Retweeted by ussy wussyi think 16 yr old me would fuck with 22 yr old meLook at this FRODOgraph
Retweeted by ussy wussymy camera roll is a messFuck i sent like 8 video messages 10 minutes ago and i forgot what any of them contain wish me luckPerseus, a 12 year old aspiring model
Retweeted by ussy wussy @creatorsfavorit I didn’t mean to capitalize those words 🐒 @creatorsfavorit I tell people i was supposed to be the next coming of Christ but i didn’t want that spotlight so i… sensored by TikTok for speaking Navajo on this video 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by ussy wussyi wanna b a supermodel
Retweeted by ussy wussyMy Smoke Signals pieces together! 💕 #SmokeSignals #Nativetwitter #ndn #native #nativeart
Retweeted by ussy wussyThey all turned out soooo good 😭❤️
Retweeted by ussy wussyyou’re laughing? the rugrats are stuck in paris and you’re laughing?
Retweeted by ussy wussyjust got one of @niibidoon hoodies i’m so mf excited 😤😤😤😤😤😤anyways rt if i could be ur supermodel
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i 100% have a crush on everyone i went to elementary school with (that i remember)It takes $0 to like/ retweet ! Our next customer can be one of your followers! Follow my moms ig page…
Retweeted by ussy wussyfor sale on my ig ✨ @/ihootaloowa want to get a labret piercing so bad :/Sarah Paulson after booking a role where she can smoke a cigarette
Retweeted by ussy wussy @princesseroni i love you i am so sorry these dumb mf project their stupidity on you😔 they really out here with emb…’s two of my favorite #ndninktober pieces~ LANGUAGE: inspired by the “fuck love” daggers is the Chahta Chi Hu…
Retweeted by ussy wussy @sc6ttyy i wish i could explainpeople taking off their masks to hear better ????? damn what update y’all on where u listen through ur mouth hole😎😎😎i do not think cats are funny or cute. they simply exist.Used to be big on family and friends now I’m just big on whoever big on me
Retweeted by ussy wussyhow i feel texting first
Retweeted by ussy wussyI’m sorry again, but I really need help getting water (I get the refill 5gal bottles), some veggies, and some food…
Retweeted by ussy wussyCowboy Bebop Opening
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Retweeted by ussy wussymen be like “i’m straightforward and you don’t like that😎” but only tell you shit after they get caught . makes sense.i love being Indigenous bc that means i’m not on the internet rn
Retweeted by ussy wussyHello Twitter ! I am asking for help. We have been thru so much but I have been fighting hard to get us a better li…
Retweeted by ussy wussy @bellabhexin ahhhhhh yes!!! excited auntie over here 🥺💕my house is having a shrek marathon 😌🤝the details 👀👀 thank you for drawing me 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @odetomedusa I really got so lucky acquiring linda (my car) ive been trying to learn how to work on cars on my own… Winehouse was right.. what kind of fuckery is this 🤨
Retweeted by ussy wussy @odetomedusa I just want to be able to pay for a house with a garden and a mediocre vehicle without wanting to cry… could just be daddy 😎
Retweeted by ussy wussy @haudenoshawty i like where your head is at 👀🤠it’s so hard for me to not sound like an asshole when it comes to astrology i just be hearing myself sometimes like🐒🐒🐒🐒date night but we go watch toxic couples fight at the bar
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Retweeted by ussy wussyfeelin
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😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 i fucking LOVE MY DOG
Retweeted by ussy wussyrecently homeless Pregnant Momma with twins due in five weeks in need of medical attention & a functioning smart phone $Kreal84
Retweeted by ussy wussySooo basically we finna be drunk af 🧐🥴😂
Retweeted by ussy wussyWow it’s such a lovely day to forgive yourself
Retweeted by ussy wussyi want to be a sugar daddy so bad but i’m so poor 😎wow turns out that not having in-person community for months is not great for my mental health
Retweeted by ussy wussyi appreciate people that can talk and joke about their trauma and also hold boundaries 🤝 it’s a balanceme switching from being a troll on this account to talking about politics in a span of two tweets
Retweeted by ussy wussyPlease sign this petition. It is a call to action for the gov to provide financial support to Neskantaga First Nati…
Retweeted by ussy wussythe way i spilled tea on myself 8 times with this girl @ihootaloowa Hold em high! Indigenous features are beautiful!
Retweeted by ussy wussymy cheekbones do be up therei look really good when i’m in a bad mood :)
@Pbaddieb out here being wholesome 😎's a cargo ship with 60 million gallons of oil sinking off the coast Trinidad and Venezuela that will be catas…
Retweeted by ussy wussyidk how mfs jus sleep. y’all don’t have thoughts ???
Retweeted by ussy wussyThese are going up in my Etsy! Bundle 2 of any items in my shop get 10% off, Bundle 3 for 15% off ☺️❤️…
Retweeted by ussy wussy @odetomedusa you are a light☀️☀️☀️ @Jody_Dee I would be far too powerfulif i ever say i stayed up late doing homework, i’m lying. i was definitely crying and smoking weed all night.does ur mom always get excited about anything colored turquoise too lol
Retweeted by ussy wussyIt is no longer enough to simply speak out about injustice - you must be overtly critical and reject the behavior,…
Retweeted by ussy wussyPutting this back on the TL cause whew 🔥 it was like the instrument took over his body
Retweeted by ussy wussyme going to sleep knowing i- am so tired of thinking 😎
Retweeted by ussy wussyoooooop one door closes 👀👀👀ok now i am at the sad parti don’t get sad or anything i go straight to mad in every negative situation 🤠All cute
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Made with the healing Rose Quartz!💎
Retweeted by ussy wussyMe lip syncing at the grocery store under my mask:
Retweeted by ussy wussyI wanna be his friend and eat plátano frito all day 🥺
Retweeted by ussy wussyMe only realizing someone was flirting with me months after it happened
Retweeted by ussy wussy😭 this so petty i love it
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