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noah. @ihyfaded 20 | Tiffani ♡

Water boy for @AXLE_R8 ❄️ CRL Hard Carry for @SHUEsport | Michigan’s Last Hope 💯 Goat of Humanity 🐐 💵🔝

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@JlMMERZ i average like 4 viewers cause i never stream, just like 20 hours a month @JamaicanCocoRL @jrussrl_ it would sound better if you take out the "out" @JlMMERZ same
@_SambaRL @CamRL_ fr just a common error @_SambaRL @CamRL_ me too tbh @Volterohh woah @sosacrdbl @baperoyt fr @RLStatsGG so are most NA teams @_SambaRL @CamRL_ same @fishhr_ nah, 1 month of learning, adjusting, and prolly struggling, 1 month of hard improvement, and if you get th… @fishhr_ time to prove them wrong 😈feelin so motivated idk how to describe it, it’s refreshing @CamRL_ i meant to put 2 @fishhr_ @mwShadow vouchAny RL Casters available to appear on the Closed Qualifier broadcast tonight? 👀 RTs appreciated. Paid opportunity.
Retweeted by noah. @mwShadow @Nindo_RL @TheDangerTaco @TorrentHQ @kinseh_ @Dappur KINNYYYY NOO, recover soon goat @kinseh_ @BlazeRL_ do something probablyi see so many interesting thoughts and opinions about rocket league being a tier 1 esport or not, some make literally no sense though @SoniqsEsports i once ran into @tcorrellrl while we were both on vacation and we went mini golfing the next day @vexinno @kelly11marie @hockE_RL it’s black and blue, it’s literally been proven @Jay_RL_ @fishhr_ he doesn’t need quota this month at least right, since it’s already the 22nd? @vexinno @kelly11marie @hockE_RL nogoing to start streaming earlier in the mornings again like i used to do i can get back in a healthy schedule 👍
@softaimsuppress i’m the best player NA @xMoopy congrats man! @JlMMERZ if i can afford it i will, so i doubt it @JlMMERZ idk we’ll see @JlMMERZ 0 @Volterohh yeah @JlMMERZ i don’t play so idc, i’m not home tho @JlMMERZ do i have to hop on and carry @chellchee @GameStop @Xbox APOLLO
@Jay_RL_ @Busse_RL @tidebtw guys what’s going on, @RocketLeague what did you do to us @Busse_RL @tidebtw i doubt it’s the game, i’m just taking the night off and mentally resetting @tidebtw @Busse_RL i just have no control over the ball or my car @AstrohRL you asked who cared, i was just saying probably rocket league @AstrohRL probably rocket league @Busse_RL im like really bad atm, i legit cant air dribble or get a flip reset, ive been trying for an hour, i lite… @AstrohRL if you mean based off TOS noi guess im tryna ask if there's a reason for thisi started grinding the game once i got home from college, im talking im at 105 p2w rn, and i suddenly woke 3 days a… hey @TryMetafy as a coach!! hit me up to climb up those ranks @JamaicanCocoRL W @chellchee @GameStop @Xbox the one by the window is Apollo, he’s a good boy @chellchee @GameStop @Xbox my girlfriends dog is also named apollo, they should be friends @xferrarixRL i always want to play the game @_SambaRL @minahbeast @Busse_RL @TopCheese_ @_DarkRL @lubeytv @Comp_RL @Jay_RL_ @Aechh____ @e11ns @dbanq_ @2FastRL @_SambaRL @minahbeast @Busse_RL @TopCheese_ @_DarkRL @lubeytv @Comp_RL @Jay_RL_ @Aechh____ @e11ns @dbanq_ @2FastRL @CamRL_ @spoodhype ?Rank XI
Retweeted by noah. @surrealRL i want to be the bestidk how to improve, is 1s the only way or something @baperoyt @mystroRL no i dont think im any better than i was in 2017, or very slightly, i 100% have worse mechanics though @xferrarixRL no @xferrarixRL motivation isnt a problem. i just can not see improvement in years and i feel worse than i was in 2017i feel like the more i play the game the worse i get, and i havent improved since 2017, idk what to do to actually…
@anonrl_ @ItsElectraLive ur above @e11ns @ItsElectraLive @LarderTiffani i’m a god amongst men @ItsElectraLive nice.
@Recelect_ i need good steam pfps. can not use a pfp crisis, send me pfp's please @CamRL_ air pod pros if they can be wireless @AyyJayyRL i really thought two of these kids in my game were boosted, thank god im not tripping
@egirlofurdreams @LarderTiffani @PorkletRL CONGRATS PORK GOAT @anonrl_ @XSET you’re questionable @JlMMERZ @JaykeyzRL @RL6mans
@Lachinio can i have your world champ tagplaying at 5 in the morning with no sleep is not a good idea
@fishhr_ which way @arisrl_ @Faded_RL i did not quit @WondaMike29 huh @e11ns @Nitrovity @fishhr_ @KnightsGG @RoyalesNTC @Gr0wlii he was talking about his teammates dumbass, no one beats us now.
@sosacrdbl @Turbopolsa @Firstkiller LOL @anonrl_ @9broc i've just never done thisBRING BACK THE @NRGgg ERAthat was fucking crazy @birddotexe @Xfinity @RlScholar my internet has been out for hours and hours each day while we have their best plan… @birddotexe @Xfinity @RlScholar PLEASE TELL ME THERE'S A SOLUTION ITS BEEN YEARS @kzineel @Xfinity its to the point i cant even load youtube half the day @kzineel @Xfinity theyre the only company near me as well, i literally cant play most of the day so i have to main freeplay @Jay_RL_ lucky @LunarJRV @AyyJayyRL @Jay_RL_ same @Jay_RL_ jay do u still have bad internet @oathler @CheeseRL_ tell me im not the only onethis is my consistent internet, its almost unplayable most of the time, keep in mind this is normal, NOT bad for me… complained about my internet a lot on here, so i decided to show u a clip of my NORMAL internet, not even when it…
@Lachinio @fishhr_ @Azfura @spoodhype @widthemid @SunlessKhan @Lethamyr_RL send me a picture too wtf, when did u cut it off @Busse_RL everyone smokin that Shebex pack recently gang @fishhr_ @Azfura @spoodhype @widthemid @SunlessKhan @Lethamyr_RL i would’ve subbed in if i saw.
@Jay_RL_ football just makes more senseCLIQUE REUNITED, nice shot @e11ns @Lachinio @jbot801 @RL_Comm LMAOOOOOO @FUSl0N neither yet, market will continue dropping for a month or so
@Tennismaster_11 idk just a summer job @FanaticosBiH bet @FanaticosBiH i know.. @FanaticosBiH yes @FanaticosBiH i literally have nothing left