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juju 💰 @ihyjuju Las Vegas, NV

just a mf tweetin / turn notis on

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go follow my new insta @/ihyjujuu get me to 1,000 🙏🏼 @IcyJaime what is it @IcyJaime i’d subscribe to youif snapchat say im subscribed to you ima have to delete yo ass
“you got any hobbies?” i like sleeping @ClitPizza @sneerid i was that one mf that took all them basketball games hella serious ☠️ @kysccalamity real men hold in their criesgirls will be sooo damn fine then BOOM they miss their ex @slvppy worst thing is wearin a fit and yo crush don’t show up to school that day @beebinton this finna be bro"you're so quiet" fuck u want me to do freestyle? @dripstillonhold need me a girl wit a big foreheadall this forehead and I still can’t remember shit
Retweeted by juju 💰woke up alone again @itsloriharvey it should’ve been me @bluefaceniloc couldn’t be me 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 @bluefaceniloc how to flirt i done called this bitch an idiot @slvppy i just be sittin n then i recall @CeciIiaaa omg a NORMAL ceci tweet ?ⓘ this user has zero hoes
you NOT putting me oni’ll never ask "what song is this?" i’ll just type every word i hear into google @Highkhe yo spelled backwards is LIARi hit rock bottom at least 3 times every week @sp_ceii ion even know why i even crack my neck anymore it don’t feel good it’s just a habitsome new hoodie drip
Retweeted by juju 💰mfs be like “i hate waking up early” bro i hate waking up @bluefaceniloc sadly she never coming back. she’s happy with the new guy. you’ll always think about what could’ve b… @sneerid what he gon do if i go there n put on a leather coat. what he gon do. nothing @NotMqsvn she does want youmfs who gotta sleep in the living room mad af rn 😭😭😭 @ClitPizza ion need a therapist i just turn on dis Futureall i do is listen to music and pretend that i don’t existYOO y’all go request to follow my new insta @ihyjujuu , finna follow da first 20 mfs back 🤝 @beebinton ong i can’t even masturbate on my couch without her yellin at me @txcket bro gon wake up in a hospital tomorrow LMAOOOO @slvppy 11 months wasted , 1 more to go @slvppy @sp_ceii vouch @slvppy look at mr b go @ClitPizza u into incest so it’s okay @whysaiah so real“we can still be friends” no we can’t“you’re 20 still playing video games?” bitch you were 16 and pregnant @sneerid they don’t know i got on Moncler @ihyykev yea but the best feeling is waking up like 2 hours before ur alarm like damn lets goooo i still got 2 hours of sleep
@si52tyt her ass so fat you’d do the sameJUST HAD SEX LETS GOOOOOOO @JrMoneyGettin couldn’t be me @Abdiysl20 what y’all gonna do @JuicegawdinPriv #FineMenWithAIDS 🤩 @Abdiysl20 jail ain’t even that bad fr free food, free sex, free bed to sleep in etcwhite people eating jail food rn @OvOBrezzzy i pray they plate looks like this thanksgiving except if you got a boyfriend @OvOBrezzzy uncles too 🤷🏻‍♂️ @slvppy “i got no friends” then the next week she’s on a Miami trip wit 8 of her homegirlsi really got unlimited data just to get like 3 texts a month @702nik checked her likes and haven’t ate in 3 days @sneerid real mfs don’t eat breakfast anyways @CeciIiaaa ur uncle prolly gon do that to u laterif your family can’t cook don’t post your plate @bluefaceniloc my life been a fumble ever since my mom dropped me as a baby @bluefaceniloc she ruined methis may or may not be about me y’all be easy’re going into another thanksgiving with no girlfriend to bring to the family dinner. embarrassing @mysticthegoat this was for the women broget ready for them “im thankful for..” posts tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣imagine your girl tells her groupchat “please respect my decision” before sending your picture 😭
keemstar 40 years old. that’s all i have to say @kysccalamity normalize having multiple girlfriends“where did it all go wrong” bro BIRTH @whysaiah welcome to twitter man @sneerid yo get a boyfriend and stop postin pics of they ass. dont let that mf control you be a strong hoei be tweeting like my life is falling apart whole time i just got homework due @slvppy real mfs wake up n go straight to twitteri am once again asking when does it get better @bvnnyara miss us @bvnnyara yo“im fighting demons” no ur just fighting a latina bro
2021"are u ok?" bro i eat one meal a day at 5pm what do u think @slayrrs need a woman that doesn’t liegirls take 60 pics and post none of themwe really used to ask teachers if we could go pee @kysccalamity i think they was doin something else browoke up to a fully charged phone wit zero good morning texts @ClitPizza @bluefaceniloc oh look the twitter honey himself showed upthe masculine urge to end it all @OvOBrezzzy ironic @OvOBrezzzy DM lol @ayedocc 2 mfs wit zero h0es 🤝 @OvOBrezzzy read my header brocall my dick a boat cuz it holds a lot of sea men @Sadcrib i already threw up 10 imaginary gang signs bro why are you still recording @OvOBrezzzy my grandma lied unfortunately