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Emily @iiEmiily In Someone's Way, Ireland

Rock The Boat world record holder. (she/ her) Any queries contact my manager @iWearaLanyard

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One of my top genres on Spotify this year was... adult standards???Good lord am I TIRED. Not mentally but Christ my legs and feet are killing me. Why have I gone for hour long walks… of myself because not only did I make an important phone call at work, but I worked up the courage to tell my… can say I like @thehalocline
I’ve been busy all day, but DECEMBER FIRST IM IN A FOREIGN STATE, IM RUNNIN’ LATE, IM ALL ALONE, WISHIN I WAS HOME WITH YOU BABYExcuse the poor editing but how has this not been done?
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Working when we open... at 7am tomorrow morning in penneys. Light a candle for me xo @_boyscrytoo Thank you xo @SayHiSinead I’m just envisioning the queues. Last lockdown we had an empty shop next door, but there’s something i… didn’t realize tomorrow is also children’s allowance day. I urge all of you not to shop tomorrow, for yours, and…
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Judging by the noise upstairs, I can only assume theyve installed an organ.Don’t know what to say other than these look cool love how people in Galway are inexplicably just drawn to be near water. As long as it’s not raining, there’ll be a gaggle by the sparch. @racheleustace Ugh I feel you. I used to be so bad with them but started buscopan about a year ago and noticed a ma… fog this morning vs the usual view @racheleustace Have you tried taking buscopan? Game changer for me!they have the same middle name too wow
Retweeted by Emilyi can’t stop thinking about this little mushroom family
Retweeted by EmilyMarch again in 3 months
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@WillMacAoidh @henotweet 100%. All year they wouldn’t dream of working Sunday, but come December they’re the exact same. It’s mad @WillMacAoidh @henotweet This is true. I bet they’re gonna give out about working sundays now even though they get… pals want Christmas cards??? Lmk!!!! One of my favourite parts of Christmas! @henotweet I imagine there already be a fuss, but I’ll be sure to say something to our repsIf you see me any time in the foreseeable this is what I shall be wearing xo @WillJosephCook This may not have ended up the album name, but the album is still class, well done! (also think yo… @henotweet :) @gand4lf_ If you want to get pictures taken walk past my apartment and I’ll take some xoNow You See Me is a cinematic masterpiece. @EoinBeeTee Where is it streamin?Housemate who was absentmindedly watching at the start, then scrolling through Reddit: ...who’s Polly Protestant? @AdamMelchor Would It Kill You by hellogoodbye, apart from the dance breaks you will take.I feel so bad for every other country in the world that doesn’t know what the toy show is.To anyone outside Ireland who has no clue what the #LateLateToyShow is and why we are all crying with joy... It is…
Retweeted by Emily @leehotmess hahaha, im genuinely jealous! 😂I just feel so warm and fuzzy after that now. There is good in the world.The #LateLateToyShow 2020, produced by Larry David
Retweeted by Emily @leehotmess Never more than six degrees from an Irish celebrity 😂 @Piomaher1979 A subtle flex 😂I say it every year, the toy show is a time warp. You blink and it’s 12. I love being Irish #LateLateToyShowShout out to the sign language interpreters, ye legends. #LateLateToyShow is the best toy show in years and maybe ever. #LateLateToyShowLads, Ireland is class. Fair play to all of us. #latelatetoyshow @WillMacAoidh RTÉ player!!Anyone who’s having trouble try the sign language stream! #LateLateToyShow @geniamha Try* @geniamha The the sign language one!!!#LateLateToyShow @searchforjuice Noah and Annie 5everRock is the covid vaccine #LateLateToyShow
Another disappointment of 2020.Or at least the gorilla from the adPhil Collins better come out for the drum solo #LateLateToyShowThis lad needs to be set up with Annie from earlier #LateLateToyShowWear ✍️ rainbow ✍️ tutu ✍️ to ✍️ fight ✍️ covid ✍️ #LateLateToyShowWow I can’t believe they ripped off my viral tiktok on the toy show, I’ve made it.Here lads are they ripping off my tiktok??? #LateLateToyShowShe just LOOKS like she loves art. I love her vibes #LateLateToyShowNot to brag but Dermot Kennedy’s aunt buys her meat off my da xo #LateLateToyShowMy stream stoped for a fraction of a second and I literally screamed NO #LateLateToyShowI would’ve screamed and dropped the guitar by now lolAh lads, the look on his face 😭😭😭#LateLateToyShowJays this lad is goodWho loves trains more Aidan or Jacky? Fact off to crown the winner #LateLateToyShowThe team at RTÉ this year #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by EmilySwitched to the stream with sign language and it had a really sweet ad about what they’re looking forward to forward to at Christmas 😩 @WillMacAoidh Understandable. She has Disneyland, she’ll be fine. We want Adam and John.Lads. These are the best kids that have ever been on the toy show oh Christ #LateLateToyShowAh lad here comes the tears (again) #LateLateToyShow @WillMacAoidh Try the one with the sign language! It’s working for me nowCan all the money donated be given to Adams space endeavors?Someone tell NASA to make an exception. #LateLateToyShowI can’t believe I missed the vehicle parade. 2020 is the cruelest year.#LateLateToyShow Garry Barlow and the other abroad Irish kids:
Retweeted by EmilyThe RTE player cut out for me and every time I refresh it just goes back to Gary Barlow and the girl singing. Reale…’s acting up at I missing the vehicle parade????Literally exclaimed “AH ITS GARY BARLOW” and instantly went “wait I don’t care”Am I going to cryAnnie knows about his coke related crimes.H’on Annie ya legend. #LateLateToyShowFeck it my@laptop died what did he win???Never mind the Beatles, Thomas the tank engine is clearly more of a cultural feat. #latelatetoyshow @CadburyIreland @JDalyR97 you can have the double decker xoBREAKING: Jason Derulo has fallen down the stairs at the Late Late Toy Show 2020
Retweeted by EmilyThe CACKLE when the elf and safety officer came out #latelatetoyshowBest session of 2020 with that tune #LateLateToyShowThis girl is so sweet oh my god“He had me til he cut the leaves” House mate furious that the cutting tutorial lacked detail. #LateLateToyShowSam just wants to be back in the wild making pottery, not putting up with Ryan. #latelatetoyshow @CadburyIreland Home alone 2!First #LateLateToyShow not at home, though I swear still I can hear my mam cackle across the county @Stephenlough95 These are all the ones I got. Fingers crossed for you anyways! @CadburyIreland Selection boxes. Wait all year and it lasts five minutes on Christmas morning 😂jayme when ryan said he was five years old #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by Emily @SoLikeVicky SAME LOLI don't mean to jinx it but I think the RTE player has copped on to itself!The neeeeeeeeck #LateLateToyShow @saoleoin nvm the quality is shocking lol