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@colinsbad Just drank water and had a Diet Coke or two. Diet Coke is zero calories so won’t break fast. Been in ketosis since hour 36ishAlso, I’m still going to the gym everyday and lifting.58.5 hours in. Not hungry at all, energy is good, mental is great, 164lbs👉🏻156lbs. @JayAbundez @jinFNBR He’s low enough body fat but needs to bring out his insertions @vohlii cool?Big moves BTS with Balanced this past week and upcoming week. The ball is officially rolling ladies and gents :) @Furiouss this whoppers slander fr rn?Just spent an hour answering all non-trolly DMs. If I missed you, hit me with the quick "Bump^" and I'll get to it. @jinFNBR God genetics, start hitting abs everday
@SkillzMGMT @akagvming This is a banger to you? Would hate to be your significant other... @blindbeastly This morning, yes. Feel a lot sharper @MistaDJ1 NoIf I set aside an hour or so a day to meet with people to talk about making lifestyle adjustments that align with h… @BalancedEsports Happy Father’s Day everyone💙Update: Almost 39 hours in 164lbs to 158.8lbs. A lot of water weight and some fat. I feel fine, sleeping on no c… @COPEgg How do you make a Handkerchief dance? You put a little boogie in it @1HP_Medic ...arm would be toast after one season. That’s why arm-care, rest days, workouts, etc. exist. Esports DE… @1HP_Medic 99% of the people that “grind” the game won’t last 5 years in the space—they’ll burn out mentally or sim… @1HP_Medic The entire esports space will change when players work smarter & not harder. You don’t need to sit in-ga… @1HP_Medic Thank you. Seriously, thank you.I have never read anything more intelligent in my life. 🤩 @TrickAIM Exactly, it’s not remotely easy. You don’t have to play the game 16 hours a day to be the best... @NottDylxn @yoxics @Glorinsz @902Creed @heyFL1X @vohlii RATIO HIS ASS💯💯 @yoxics @NottDylxn @Glorinsz @902Creed @heyFL1X @vohlii You’re femaless too hush @NotCash_ @infamousbtw I once had a friend give me this analogy (he watches anime religiously): Anime is like butt… @NottDylxn @Glorinsz @902Creed @heyFL1X @vohlii Liz only wants me for my scientific knowledge💯💯 @Glorinsz @NottDylxn @902Creed @heyFL1X AYO?! @NottDylxn @Glorinsz @902Creed @heyFL1X You don’t know that...Slowly turning into a fan of tattoos... @idropzk this might be a stratY'all have no idea how hard it is to fast when 99% of the content you watch on YouTube is cooking channels...
@strahfe @aimlab Huge @BalancedEsports This is me.My mom watched my stream for the first time last night Instead of typing in chat she decided to text me directly…
Retweeted by Balanced Klemm @diaamondTV This is so cool, man. Couldn’t be more happy for you! @spookyaddison Not at all. I still play video games religiously. I have seen zero (0) decrease in skill in-game ove… @TrickAIM VOD review while working out, planning out select times to scrim and select times to do homework, meal pr… @COPEgg @mamabenjyfishy @CrimzF Key takeaway: @CrimzF should drink more margaritas! Cheers to a great organization🥂If this is you, you have two options: A) DM me and ask for help if you truly want to improve your lifestyle B)… question: if you’re physically unhealthy, doing poorly in school, or don’t leave your house—is being good a… @spritefn Sprite, my mental is impenetrable @JayFNBR Yes @QTVain Fasting is 99.9% mental imo @Coolawesomegu I only fast to either A) rest my hormones or B) trim a bf % off or two. Usually once every month or… spend like 3-4 hours at the gym everyday just having fun and vibing... I’ll do a set, check the Twitter TL, mix… @kingBtweets Somewhat of a subjective test but I noticed my mental capacity has been lacking in Valorant. For examp… @vohlii Facts yo 💯 @Coolawesomegu Never do something you don’t understand the science behind @BankTellerFN I did 10 day fast through MASF supplements about 2 months ago. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever doneOnce again, experimenting on myself. Starting weight 164lbs, almost 17 hours into this 72 hour fast. @vnshmax Ryder is ridingDouble scooping pre-workout while fasted should be ILLEGAL... No wonder there is a opioid crisis, I’m bouncing off the walls. @Jarekor_ Ok, JarekorI went to the gym at 10:30 just to record this... Disclaimer: I have never done a hang clean in my life… likes and I’ll go do this rn
@pr0phie @SpacestationGG @Complexity Congrats, pr0ph! @BalancedEsports Please do not let anyone else win but myself @vohlii Locking $5 you can't go a week without changing your bio @vnshmax You want @TxndraBTW @BalancedEsports We will be expanding into Apex Legends as well, especially if it continues to pull the… onto this, I could not give less of a shit about your social media following; I want people who will contrib… to expand @BalancedEsports by 20+ people by September 1st. Adding Rocket League and Call of Duty creators a… someone please help me get the @klemm @BrunaKlemm hello do you know the person who has the @klemm ? @Dexterwastaken It’s decent. I don’t have recent pic tho @HockeyRoxFN Blah @sabpie_ RT I bench 3 times a week and still single, what gives @codepolitikos cut myself shaving and this shit has been bleeding for 10 minutes... my white blood cells afk or some shit?! @Ju1ianZ @mintaims fired on siteLat spread update✈️ @Poach @PlayVALORANT It's cool to play a game where a company can make this big of change and the community not fre… @DuneQQ ill give you a fb because of this, gg
@BalancedEsports @Ju1ianZ @TrickAIM @vohlii I’ll switch hit for you trick @DaveLimTV Definitely horribly wrong lolPretend im vohlii gymshark shipment game in + new pre-workout... Today's going to be a good day @symrifle @BalancedEsports I miss you ked @YktvLewi ....In 5 minutes.... @logicalfn_ Suspicious? Try what he is saying is virtually not a possible timeline of events LOLNot to be, well, that guy but per say someone was to make a tweet 5 minutes before they were to go into cardia arre… @InstinctXI Still died to surgeFound out they added bolts back...
@VannaLuong Sure but it’s also 10x easier to get hurt using regular bar. I don’t train deadlift to improve I just d… @VannaLuong Never will train regular bar, no point. Not a competition lifter5 hunnid LIGHTWEIGHT @princessjasFN 2 years XD @Co1azo WWAny editors that use premier pro and can help me trouble shoot? My videos look fine when they're in drive but when… @vohlii your loss, I'll get diced by myself😈 @vohlii Nah Kobe made that @vohlii Gym date w klemm @kaaahtz @Mrsmissylopez I will kiss you kah @CoedleTV #CompleteBalance atta boy @menace_val Atta boy @TheTulantro Congrats! @akagvming At least stop copy pasting my business model if you want to call us trash man @vohlii That’s funny because I don’t see you @quackzyy I’m too 3k with less than 40 hours this act, I feel like that is a flex