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Omar @iiOmarSP My Room.

Insert Bio Here, Mecha fan (Braves, Gundam, Super Robots), a new fan of Tokusatsu, lv.23 -- discord: ask me in DMs! Currently: started learning Japanese.

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#夜のフィギュア撮影会 テーマ「2体以上使った写真」 過去作 自分の中で一番並べたのを
Retweeted by OmarComparison Left: unmodified Right: modified白背景No.5 仮面ライダーW サイクロンジョーカー #HIIROsfigurePhoto #トリガーズフォト
Retweeted by OmarBless this guide Link:引用RTで褒められたり紹介されたりしたい 来ないだろうなと思いつつ、我慢出来なかった😅
Retweeted by OmarYeah I play Yu-Gi-Oh
Retweeted by Omar @SonicHackintosh Spinball#見た人も無言でピンクの何かをあげる
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Retweeted by Omarガンダムファイト国際条約第1条!!
Retweeted by Omar @makeupatokufan @RainMirage_Art you#宇宙魔神ダイケンゴー いざいざ回転😵‍💫⚔️
Retweeted by Omar @WarpedEngine Guess what's gonna happen soon3枚目はこんな感じで合成・編集📱 技術不足で撮るの辞めかけたけど 頑張って仕上げてみました✊
Retweeted by Omar @jaynotlame @RainMirage_Art Np bus driver @jaynotlame @RainMirage_Art This is something to compensate for thatズフォトの世界   【銀河無敵の筋肉野郎】  仮面ライダークローズエボル #仮面ライダービルド #万丈龍我 #フィギュアーツ写真部 #t_shf #トリガーズフォト
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@CowboyBarbaryn Wait they were? I never had them to begin with so I didn't know that they were gonehi
Retweeted by OmarHE GOT TO 1K VIEWS
Retweeted by Omar @RibcageCF Happy day of birth!A match made in heaven? Battle Network and Medabots are crossing over! A number of NetNavis are making their debut…
Retweeted by OmarI love Kamen Rider Gaim, I wish fruit was real
Retweeted by Omar『スマブラ』スタッフから、プレゼントをいただきました! ありがたいことです。 肩用EMS! OAグラス! そしてクスィーガンダム! 死角ナシ?
Retweeted by Omar作った。 ピンセットが無いから、デカールはまた今度貼る…
Retweeted by Omararcsys give us order-leo you cowards
Retweeted by Omar @jaynotlame Kamen Rider Build is so cool I wish rabbits were real
Retweeted by Omarhellfire made me act up and i couldnt get this out of my head
Retweeted by Omaroohoo boy
Retweeted by OmarSo I may actually touch Medarot S because of thisYou know, nothing too out of the ordinary, just two of my favorite series clashing together WHAT @RainMirage_Art even as ironically, being rude to your friends is just being shit @jaynotlame Kamen Rider Kiva is so cool I wish bats were realstream this
Retweeted by Omarkamen rider den-o is so cool i wish trains were real
Retweeted by OmarThey’ve made up their minds
Retweeted by Omar#NAOズフォトの世界    【仮面ライダーエボル】     フェーズ1〜4まとめ #仮面ライダービルド #エボルト #フィギュアーツ写真部 #t_shf #トリガーズフォト
Retweeted by Omar @koufzin1 ぼそっ....
Retweeted by Omar久しぶりじゃん🍑 #仮面ライダー電王 東京駅で待ち合わせしました❤️←
Retweeted by Omarフリートにも挙げたけど、私史上最もカッコいいダブルだと思う
Retweeted by OmarAfter mastering the "SOR4 DLC" soundtrack, here's a NEW remix of the original theme, in tribute of it's 30th annive…
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Meet Diego. Or else!
Retweeted by OmarToday is Streets of Rage’s 30th Anniversary! And to celebrate I’ll be playing all 4 #StreetsOfRage games every nigh…
Retweeted by Omar#夜のフィギュア撮影会 再掲     テーマ「2/Twin」       破 / 滅
Retweeted by Omar @makeupatokufan @Genesic_Zero夜の戦闘が好き。
Retweeted by Omar30 years of Streets of Rage today! What will you be doing to celebrate?! #StreetsofRage #StreetsofRage2
Retweeted by OmarSo, it's the 30th birthday of Streets of Rage, my favorite series of all time! I think it deserves a little more th…
Retweeted by Omar @CowboyBarbaryn King shit#お笑いブンドド道場 イタズライド #ユウユウフィギュアファイターズ
Retweeted by Omar#HeiseiWeek 2. Day 1: Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz. #KamenRider #Henshin
Retweeted by Omar @yuzokoshiro I've personally thought of it as the former, but knowing it was GROUND UPPER this whole time is a neat… @CertifiedIdi0t TealHappy 30th anniversary the Streets of Rage message
Retweeted by Omar7月オモ写振り返り〜 なかなか時間が...
Retweeted by Omarwait THERE IS A NEW SCREENSHOT二人の斬月 #フィギュアーツ写真部 #トリガーズフォト
Retweeted by Omar#NAOズフォトの世界    【究極のフェーズ】 仮面ライダーエボル      ブラックホールフォーム #仮面ライダービルド #t_shf #フィギュアーツ写真部
Retweeted by Omarthe world really would be a worse place without ace attorney pursuit themes
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Retweeted by Omar @RainMirage_Art What the fuck hes slightly taller than me @RainMirage_Art Wait is he like 7'00 or something?MASKED RIDER CHALICE #JusticeForKamenRider
Retweeted by Omar#ゲンフォト #オモ写 #トリガーズフォト [さぁ、お前の罪を数えろ]
Retweeted by Omar @Epic_Kevster Ill keep 3K「仮面ライダー鎧武 極アームズ」の必殺技演出です! 全アームズの力を備え、あらゆるアームズウェポンを呼び出しその力を自在に駆使する仮面ライダー鎧武極アームズ! #ガンバライジング #仮面ライダー生誕50周年
Retweeted by Omar本日ご紹介するLRカード2枚目は! 「仮面ライダービルド ラビットタンクフォーム」 こちらなんと 「仮面ライダービルド トライアルフォーム(ラビットドラゴン)」 とのメモリアルバーストとなっております! 奇跡のベストマッチ!…
Retweeted by Omar @RainMirage_Art First: Who is this person and why do they keep making all these insane tweets every 5 seconds Curr… hit 1500 followers today so the bonus Mobile Suit of the day is the MSN-04 Sazabi from Char's Counterattack.
Retweeted by Omar荒れるぜゲッターー!!
Retweeted by Omar @RainMirage_Art Holy shit Kuugsふたりでひとり VS ひとりでふたり!
Retweeted by OmarHow many "Kaisers" are out there? 🤔
Retweeted by OmarIt can flash kick!!!
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Retweeted by OmarSketch of Super Sonic with his Riders accessories. Inspired by the victory pose he does in the game.
Retweeted by OmarEvo Moment #37, alternatively known as the Daigo Parry, occurred at the SF3 semifinal match at EVO 2004 17 years ag…
Retweeted by Omar @Gettermancc5 When the DS🌙The space character of the day is Gentaro Kisaragi from Kamen Rider Fourze. He can transform into the titular hero…
Retweeted by Omar @circuit4short ManFrom After War Gundam X.S01E28 at 00:12:05
Retweeted by Omar @MrFinFunnels what the FUCK @silverstarlotus Tachibana-san is a good character Dont @ meHE SAID THE LINE Groizer X Debut: Groizer X Year: 1976 Designer: Gosaku Ota
Retweeted by Omarreaction image @circuit4short @CrowEdge I am, slowly but surely dragging him into my hell holeThe Blade experience, Ft. @CrowEdge how you can so easily tell this used to be a chuck e cheeses
Retweeted by Omar @TheOtaking @Swivelboiigues1
Retweeted by Omarthanks over 200 likes! ありがとうございます! ついでに妄想版のカイゼルグリッドナイトも置いときます。 #SSSS_DYNAZENON #ダイナゼノン
Retweeted by Omarうらやましいので、 カイゼルグリッドナイト~!!#SSSS_DYNAZENON
Retweeted by OmarグレートダガーンGX 線画がだいぶまとまりました。 #勇者シリーズ #伝説の勇者ダガーン #procreate #プロクリエイト
Retweeted by OmarFinished the Cybuster/Cybaster/IDFK Kits cool
Retweeted by Omar#8月になったのでフォロワーさんに自己紹介しようぜ マイペースに撮って撮っての繰り返し鎧武を推しつつ他も撮る。 先月からインスタも始めたんで宜しく
Retweeted by Omar @Swivelboiigues1 @RainMirage_Art Money全員描けて満足です
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Retweeted by Omar @RainMirage_Art Sent