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she/her | english text analyst in the games industry | views are mine, not my employer's | come watch me stream dbd!

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@obstagoon funky like u @pvpwastaken .... i legit just got into bed zubsaaaaaaad @pvpwastaken please my children are dying @pvpwastaken there's this game called dead by daylight idk if you know it
@TweetLlkeAGirl legit thinking of you in your fucking duvet at work @Carrieehii @Ten_Letters10 Take care of yourself, boyo!
@karlmccartney why u a dickhead tho @DreanaJane @buuzentv @GuyFriendy Thank you so much for sharing your community with me! Was great to hang with you and them <3The fact the BBC 10 O'Clock News reports Angela Rayner saying a rude word about a Tory MP, but not Conservative MPs…
Retweeted by Lunix @MostUnfurrowed @karlmccartney quelle surpriseIt do be that time tho. New rift, new cosmetics, new screams! @LaviniaDuck I considered that head too, it works well! I think I was just happy to finally wanna use the demon mask one :')Getting a care box from work is great. Having it support black-owned businesses in the UK right now is better 💙 reupload gdi) Final ep of The Boys S2 was insane so I wanted to draw these gals. It's been a while since I las…
Retweeted by Lunix @blushykashi @wiisports69 @blushykashi @wiisports69 pls support the gaysthe racism/misogyny/harassment that zendaya, brie larson, emily vancamp, don cheadle (etc) have been subject to for…
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bad 2 the bone @wiisports69 like not having th option 2 rt without quote now
Retweeted by Lunixyes we're dating @wiisports69 @TobiSouls tobi they look so GOODi would like everyone to see them excited to announce a Halloween Co-stream with @La_RousseTTV, @pvpwastaken and @tiptoeonabirch this upcoming 3…
Retweeted by LunixYa gal has only gone and got Yungblud tickets tho 👀 @Bastianwerewolf Thank you so much again 😊💙 love his lil big teeth, urghCheeky wee Leviathan for @iistalrii :D 🐍
Retweeted by LunixGame, Set, Match. #DeadbyDaylight
Retweeted by Lunix @MimikyuSir loser
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On the plus side, looks like after April 2021 I won't have to pay that shitey stamp tax, y e e tFriendly reminder that I'm simply a vessel waiting until I can have my own cats, and I spend at least 14% of my day… had someone start insulting me in DBD endgame chat the other day then come to stream and hit me with the 'oh… commission for @iistalrii , thank you!!
Retweeted by Lunix @pikseart Thank you again so much, it's perfect 🥰🎉 @uknownuffin I'm biased cos I love Rahul Kohli and he's in Bly I think 😂 @uknownuffin MATE full tears. I think I liked the spookiness of Hill House more but like the storyline of Bly Manor…'s 2.30am and I have two episodes left of Bly Manor and I may have to be an adult
Oh fuck me, just watched episode 5 of Bly Manor and fucking chills, man. Unsure how to process that. @CapybaraAdrift For you? Always 😘My taste in guys is very settled then girls it's just like yes alla compilation of some of my favorites pokemon & animal crossing commissions so far 💖
Retweeted by Lunix @fae_kitsune @SimplieRen What a wonderful triangle it would be! @SimplieRen marry me
Can we just survive a lil? seeing the gals in bly manor: the gays win again @DeanFoley2 BannedHow am I meant to have chicken without gravy ffsOrdered KFC chicken and gravy, and they sent beans instead??? Fuming, don't like beans dang it @frennimgz Gotta gauge the reactiontruly a win for the bisexuals'what's your type in men' my humour is sophisticate @Sittinz urgh I love her @daninahurry unfollowed and unsubbedAhhhh so glad I went live! Thank you everyone who came by, really cheered me up after an icky day. Thanks for the r…
Not feeling 100% but wanted to see the lil beans, DBD time I a forest spirit, or am I big tiddy goth girl? Both, let's goooI'm so excited with how my Halloween costume is turning out, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH
As promised, on the occasion of reaching 15k followers, I'm going to host an 𝗔𝗥𝗧 𝗥𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗟𝗘! How to enter: ▪️ you have…
Retweeted by LunixDon't get me wrong, he looked good then too. But ya know. Sharp guys in suits.Amazing how much hotter the guy who plays Luke is when he's playing a non-addicted guy @MostUnfurrowed @frennimgz can't believe people think i'm racist, sexist and homophobic when all i do is vote for a… @frennimgz 👌 I kept a lot of bits from various jobs and uni over the years, and I've come across a note saying 'thanks for le… bookcase emptied and cleaned! I'm not doing this to avoid something at all 😊 @foliosociety It certainly does 👀Massive respect to everyone still experiencing time as a linear sequence
Retweeted by LunixHeavily considering starting a collection from @foliosociety and no it's not prompted by the dinosaurs, why do you ask @xxelestina Ahh the sunflower one is so adorable! Thanks for the info, will pass it on 🥰
@obstagoon idk, and I do get wanting to win, like it's natural and I do too! just when it's game after game after g… I say this as someone who plays both pretty equally, and knows that survivors can be shits too. It just feels l… much as I like to go by 'everyone plays DBD how they want', going against killers that are repeatedly tunneling,… @autisticvanya @blushykashi oopAll are passed along now so won't be doing anymore, just so she can look over them etc. Thanks! @dafforene Hey! Thank you, I'll pass your info on ☺️Thank you so much everyone! I've bombarded my poor friend with all the stuff, and really appreciate the people who… @YnasWorks Thank you! I've passed your info onto her! 💙 @ElArtisteV This is so adorable! I've passed on your pinned commission tweet to her, thank you 💙 @frennimgz Oh ofc!!! Feel a dope for forgetting, defo passed on @KiLeR_ArTisT Thank you! I'll pass you on to her 😄 @Nootchi3 @ChloeCarterArts @PetsPaints I literally just saw them both in the portfolio hashing, so good! Passing th… friend is looking to get realistic portraits if a couple pets, if anyone has commissions open or recommendations!… @Antlan5 correct answer but alas, pig was a weenieaka pig I am your only pressure with an activated hat, why tf u tunneling meImagine this You're playing pig. A survivor with an activated hat gets unhooked by another survivor, and you hit t… you can put through a needle: a thread
Retweeted by Lunix @uknownuffin I really, really enjoyed it. While checking something I found this article though and suffice to say,…
@uknownuffin Legit about to watch the finale now so.. clearly didn't get into it at all in two days oopOnto the last episode of Hill House and yeah, nicefun tip for writers! instead of saying "her supple breasts" try saying "her serious set of honkers. a real set of b…
Retweeted by LunixGood chance I'll die before tomorrow cos summat is gonna get me so see you all on the flip side xoWho the fuck thought it was a good idea to watch a spooky show in bed Thats right Me
@pvpwastaken sleepopeepo <3Shoutout to Discover Weekly, giving me nothing but absolute bangers this weekVery excited to announce a Halloween Co-stream with @La_RousseTTV, @pvpwastaken and @tiptoeonabirch this upcoming 3… @erujayy I would wholeheartedly recommend you for anything Twitch related, ridiculously good at communicating, the… i have been working closely with twitch streamers, these emotes for @iistalrii have been worked on over th…
Retweeted by LunixUse lockdown 2 to get something done you couldn't be fucked to do during lockdown 1, like learning to juggle or imp…
Retweeted by Lunix @uknownuffin High praise, suppose it's not like I have to go out anywhere 🧐