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I am loving thisLoL #TEXvsTTU#TEXvsTTU wow that sucked#TEXvsTTU. That was cool 😆What does it mean when I get turn on watching steak being grilled over a hot fire??I wanna feel boring flames when you speak my name
I don't wanna live a life without youI really need good vibes sent my way. Its just 8 and I'm ready to lose it. Trying to hold in those tears!!Forgot to grab my glasses....welp I'm gonna be blind at work today! 😂🤣Heavy on “who’s gonna be there ?” 💯Please stop dm’ing me legal questions. I’m never going to answer them. Plus I’m not even wearing pants. Do you real…
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I don't want the world to turn without you
I really want to stay in bed!! @TwinFlameRx What does this mean for me???? uuggghhh I really dont know.Okay I was going through this horrible slump mood. But I think I feel it shaking off!That #heartpounding feeling when he turns and looks at you, that heart pounding feeling when he smiles at you...yes… people that don’t use dating apps are my people
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Fuck ... here they go 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Got my new glasses from @EyeBuyDirect I CAN SEE AGAINSomething in the way you move has my heart swaying to the beat of your heart!
It's so beautiful outside!Noah Fant makes an impressive catch for a big gain. The @Broncos move down the field trailing by five with 3:09 rem…
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Yes!!!! Yeah baby! Call stands. @Broncos #BroncosCountry
2020 was just wow and its not even 1pm yet
Loving the rain!
2020 worked. He walked away and has not bothered me since. Hahaha one guy would not stop hitting on me. So i showed him a pic and said that it was a photo of the love of my lif… I hate feeling like this @dontkalemyvibes You and i both hun.
I cannot wrap my mind around this. I just cannotIt’s ok to let yourself be loved
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OFFICIALLY. GAMEDAY. #BeatTheTitans x #Kickoff2020
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I really cannot wait to get my glasses. Then I won't have to squint so much to see my screen. LOLI think i am ready for a quick napOkay time to find a dr to get my health more on tract!!Just ordered my new glasses from @EyeDirect and can't wait to get them. So I can freaking see!!! LOL p.s. everything is double right nowMore than a game. #ItTakesAllOfUs »
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Each and every makes my heart shutter. My body trembles and heart tries to comfort my soul. Why must it be this way?Good Morning! LoL @dontkalemyvibes Bout to put that on right now
@dontkalemyvibes No!! Your not. We just get so anxious and believe everything will always fall apart. But it doesn'… @dontkalemyvibes Never be ashamed of it either. Just as long as you hold your self accountable then it does not mat… future husband better know how to put me in my place.
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Time to get to making homemade pizza
All the smoke from the #wildfires are making its away up here. My three day weekend will be filled with cleaning, r… Morning!!! LOL well for me its the morning. LOL
Is it that I know they waybits gonna go....or is it that I'm hoping it goes that way?
I have never had a dog fart around me before and it smell this bad🤣😂💀Omg my dog is seriously laying some nasty ass farts right now. WTF! 🤣😂Good Night NeverLandOkay I am ready for bed. Everything is all set for tomorrow. I really hope to get a good nights sleep. Unlike last…
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Feeling another hair change coming on...Just wonder what color I should do...or do a lighter shade of blonde than t… apologies for keeping it real.
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤If he ain’t a man of his word he ain’t a man of anything
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I love the drunk me, shyt...I'd be with W H A T E V E R when I got them drinks in me!!
A true friend strengthens you with prayer, blesses you with words, and encourages you with hope.
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I’m not waiting my whole life for you to figure it out.
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤When you wanna scream that your the better choice...pick me. But then realize...never beg to be chosen. The right…
Patiently waiting for this to all be over. . .
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I cant do this...not again"I'd like to tell you that my sky is not's violent rain"I am typing this tweet while I am starting to fall asleep. LMFAO I need to take a nap. My eyes don't want to stay open.Its such a lovely day...yet my mind is just lost and my heat feels heavy. I need to detox from this negativity that has my senses. @dontkalemyvibes Girk you and me bothYou've changedI need more beer and puppy people in my life
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤I gotta get this back on top! Can't let this hold me back againSomeone made an assumption about me...for some reason I didn't correct them.Then...I let it bother me, second guess…
The sparks from my words have created far more ashes than beauty
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I think that is what I am going to do! I am going to get dressed and head over there and just listen to my music and do this!ALRIGHT...IM FEELING IT! HAIR COLOR CHANGE TIME IS HAPPENING AGAIN!Why sir! It is in my humble opinion that information is power!To clear my mind..I think I will clean our a bit of my storage. If that is one thing to keep me occupied...its to c… I will admit it. I am hurt! I am down for the count...I am going to go into my room and chill while I tweetI am going to get a head head head start on ordering Christmas gifts. Shit I ordered over two months ago just got t… @dontkalemyvibes I had to learn the hard way that I should only ever apologize for the things that I do wrong. Wh… left my glasses in the glove compartment in the car and now they smell like some fragrance shit that give me a he… really need new glasses!!so JFSF had an episode and he has now pulled away like he does before. I hate this but I am trying to be understand… they are not gonna get it today! Used up a few tries...they will try it again tomorrow!!My sister is trying to get this army figure with a parachute out of the gutter. My son was playing and threw it att…
Got absolutely no sleep. Time to get up and get ready for work! I need a redbull
@AmazonHelp Yeah!! It worked. Had to use a different internet connection for some reason. But it works now! Thank you! Time to read! @AmazonHelp @AmazonHelp I input my Amazon sign in information and it says that the server is taking too long @amazon why is my account not registering for my @AmazonKindleIs this going to work??? I need this registration thing to work!I want to add that one person!! I really do! I wonder what will happen!Why am I so bloated today? LOLOkay I was doing this registering process a bit wrong! LOL now to try again!So I love going to yard sales! Great finds all the time!! Found a Kindle for $10. New and came with leather case! @OrianaNathalie My brain would never allow me not to work. I started working in the 7th grade. Now with two growing… for leadership, @AssemblyDems @Rendon63rd.   #SB731 is moderate police reform to decertify those who break the law. #YesOnSB731
Retweeted by ❤🏈Jazzy🏈❤Why am I craving #avacado so much! I am going to make toast with an acacado spread!!I want to do my hair again! hum...lets see how this turns out!I am just ready to get on out there and meet new people!!