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Jazzy @iiyWAnABluvdbyU California, USA

SingleMama👩‍👧‍👦 🏈Broncos⚾️ Dodgers 🏒LAKings 🏀Lakers 🎶Lover ⚖ParalegalInTheMaking📚 🎭LiveTheaterLover Very open, understanding while holding my own.

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Not all baby mamas got drama, some got diplomas, degrees and jobs. They go to work and independently raise their kids in silence.Calling her a QUEEN is not the same as treating her like one!!It's said that nobody rides for a deadbeat father like a new girlfriend that believes he's being kept from his kids ANT THAT THE TRUTHDid y'all couples leave a good tip for the maid after your Valentines stay in that hotel suite???Too many women building dudes up for the next woman. Well he's damaging you for the next man.When you see them making that same mistake and then wonder why they were where they are in life. cause hunnny you…'t wanna fall to far? Well then keep doing what your doing...Nothing!!! Absolutely nothing and nothing is what… of that one dream that I use to have...feeling that it is something that I want once more...and its scaring me.Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they are on the same side!Out of all the questions that are on my mind about you...there is one thing that I know for sure. We're sharing the same moonlight tonight!"AAAHHH YOU PUSHED ME INTO THE LIGHT...." (Danny&Jesse playing video games) @Broncos_grl Exactly!! Cannot stand the show @NoLongerMrssed Congrats and sending you all good vibes!!😂🤣Cause I'm a pusher...
It feels nice to be on a vacation from my overthinking about work. LoLSo beautiful! doesn't @Twitter want to work on my laptop???? 😣Your age doesn’t define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intelligence, and rumors don’t define who you are. @boysoverflower_ watching the series all over again!! Love it @FunkoHQ The kids loved making their very own #FunkoPop #cusin #vacation @movemesteady Im here sweetheart if you need to chat. K Wishing you Tight hugs and good night snuggles. #tomorrowisanewday
Look I found my hunny!! LoL 😘😘 Morning Washington!! to get this face a bit painted for the day. LOLHomemade Pizza Night!! Oh yeah!!'m such a beautiful (????) Um..okay.
GOOOOOOD MORNING WASHINGTON ❤❤❤That was a very interesting landing!! Now time to head to the house and pass out!! HELLLOOOOOO WASHINGTONWe are about to be on our way!!
Got time before our flight and so we are packing up more of the room for our future move!!
SMG...I have some more self loving to do...all I keep thinking is how I am not enough...but I know its a lie. Its a… don't care how long you have known my boss, I am not going to give you his cell number. And if you know him so we…“Mr. Relatable”
Retweeted by Jazzy @lilbrokebastard 😂🤣 @NoLongerMrssed I heard a guy say this once to my friend, she looked at me cause once this was said to me ! "Great… know that there are some great single dads out there. I do. But it really ducking amazes me that a single dad can…
Retweeted by Jazzy @NoLongerMrssed Single dad most of the time have their kids for only weekends. They have more free time than the mo… on earth are these people talking about...LOL my poor boss!! hahahaeeewwww....I hate customers like this. Don't call me rude when your the one who wont let me help you because I am a… @BestSuperWoman Thats BS....shit. Thats one of the reasons airlines gave when they added more seats to get more bod… said they didn’t see the turn about ... lol yeah right
Retweeted by Jazzy @Broncos_grl No one would see that turn speeding like that in a residential area! SMH😂🤣 @NoLongerMrssed Mine all come out blonde. On the keyboard they show brown but once I post...they all show up blonde for me. It was weird. @NoLongerMrssed I was shooked when mine changed after I shared that I had gone blonde. 🤣 😬😟see they do listen to u…’m on a plane and the entire flight sat still so that a man in the last seat at the back of the plane could get of…
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@GarrickY0_ I need to find the right person for me tho🤷‍♀️😥We have started packing up the arts n crafts desk!! Wooho!!📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦So many people are having babies!! This baby fever shit is killing me...aaaahhhhh!!!! @Jazaloo I will be out of town all of next week. But when I get back us girls can get together for a cheesy date!!!💕💕BREAKING: Sophie Turner is pregnant!! That’s right, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going to be parents!…
Retweeted by Jazzy @Jazaloo My darlin what time do you get of work and do you have a little bit of time to spare to meet up? I get the… think once I leave I am going to go and get a Korean cheesy corn dog!!!This Baldwin clip in light of the Bloomberg audio released yesterday means so much. Spend 2 mins of your day and wa…
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Stop chasing after a boy who won’t give you the time of day, or who isn’t putting in the effort to talk to you. The… can't wait to get back up to Washington for my vacation!! Then for the final move!So my friend shared a news posting about @Allisonrinauro stealing $73,000 form a homeless man. She pretended to hel…🧳Just two more days, then we fly out for our week long vacation!!! 🧳 @House0fHavoc @men_are_human @TNubian2 @whit3mal3 Part of what motivated me to become a paralegal is to help single… @movemesteady I got a few from #Torrid and they are sexy looking and great feeling!! I love them.Love debating and just learning more and more about politics, world issues, and social issues. Just hate crappy peo… just letting my friends and family know that I am moving out of Cali soon!!Got my boxes in to start packing!!Broke both zippers on this damn backpack.😣 Welp...toss it out and now to shop!😂🤣🌦☂️😂🤣 @BuddeWillem @nowthisnews They did that on their own. But people should call and show support for this teen. To be…
@nowthisnews School Information River Ridge High School Principal: Dr. Toni Zetzsche 11646 Town Center Road New Por… This is why I get scared about my children getting older and going to middle and high school. @Ham_onRy @cocaineNwaffles @HKrassenstein He was a Dem far longer than he was a Rep. and in 2018 he was "independen… would love to learn to play the saxophone if someone is willing to donate a saxophone, sunglasses and a slick, sh…
Retweeted by Jazzy😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 @JeyniOhrteez @fubbinz Hair Damage & Hair Loss from DevaCurl - You're not CRAZY or ALONE! Go to this @Facebook pag… @fubbinz @myoldshirt Hair Damage & Hair Loss from DevaCurl - You're not CRAZY or ALONE! Go to this @Facebook page… I don't waste time entertaining fake @Twitter accounts that are made just for the day to bash people… here it is, looking very much like the breads we see depicted on tomb walls from the Old Kingdom! Old Tech!
Retweeted by Jazzy @kenney_tx 🤣😂Cause their mama was probably named "Karen" and she put raisins in the potato salad.😂🤣 @NoLongerMrssed And then they end up in front of Judge Judy to get back the money they lent them for all the cancel… @NoLongerMrssed And then they act like.... @lewismalik65 @bromo_sexuality @HKrassenstein 🤦‍♀️Knowledge is not resistance. Never liked the guy so no bandwagon… for that day!! you aspire to be anything, be the realest one in the room.
Retweeted by JazzyHealing yourself is a power move.
Retweeted by JazzyI also realized its not in my nature to sit back and allow anyone to harm me on any level. Intentionally or uninten…
Retweeted by JazzyY’all chasin after relationship goals more than your own life goals. I will never get it. Ever lol
Retweeted by Jazzy👏👏👏👏Ant that the truth!! rudd drunk at the club is my vibe for the rest of 2020
Retweeted by JazzyDear Lord. I really hate how people create fake twitter accounts to bash and talk politics. @cocaineNwaffles @HKrassenstein Nope it isn't hard to follow. He has been a Dem far longer than he was ever a Rep.… @lewismalik65 @bromo_sexuality @HKrassenstein And I'm referring to his whole past and current political stance. How… @d1mushrooman Not gonna lie...I'm working on it. Stopped getting plastic items for parties. Trying to go for bio d… single use plastics from your weekly routine
Retweeted by Jazzy @bromo_sexuality @HKrassenstein Political party Democratic (1960–2000) Republican (2000–2007) Independent[1] (2007… @cocaineNwaffles @HKrassenstein Political party Democratic (1960–2000) Republican (2000–2007) Independent[1] (2007… is straight people...#BloombergIsRacist Political party Democratic (1960–2000) Republican (2000–2007) Independ… @cocaineNwaffles @HKrassenstein Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Michael Rubens Bloomberg (Feb14, 1942) American politic… @bromo_sexuality @HKrassenstein Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Michael Rubens Bloomberg (Feb14, 1942) American politic… Everyone out here in Cali saying Bloomberg is for the people. Stop being such sheep. Do you research. Look at w… will open the 2022 and 2023 seasons on Labor Day weekend against Florida State! 🔗
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I need this to be over with....🤢