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Shruti Honnungar @iKanyakumari Mountain View, CA

The Quirky Secret.The Quiet Shadow. VMware, CMU, Artist @my.artventures on IG.

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I feel old. But I still have these. Several of these😛 @Numb_Skull I know right? Why would they do thatCrap still intact how I intended it to be😛 I need to learn to let go off things😛 @gshny Good oneI'm speechless
@arunmeshtru Just sad😦
@darthdevi I love them when I get to see the lovely colours 🤩 @ragwho How? @edbidangi Yelli iduIs there anyone who have controlled their shopping habbits? @abhinav_kr 21/50 sometimes hate making decisions so much. It has such a paralyzing effect.if you're not happy single, you won't be happy in a relationship. true happiness comes from closing 100 chrome tab…
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Hello tweeps please connect me to people who have travelled to the central and Eastern Bhutan in the last 6 months? Please RT?
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar"The glorification of busy is real and it's a problem" @abhinav_kr @FlamingoVegas The last 2 lines !!!
"We will no longer have the routes for cheap, low-skilled labour that has dominated immigration and our labour mark…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarI'm completely inspired - artwise. I have a dozen photos of every art piece that I liked. Cannot believe how much I…
Yaay😋😋in your opinion, what’s the difference between an excuse and an explanation?
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarAnyone with AB+ Blood group willing to donate blood in Thane (Mumbai), this is a personal request! As the blood gro…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarWhy is this bird better than 99.9% of humans...
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarMoms can be so dramatic!
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One of the most perilous illusions is that your real life has not yet begun, that your present existence is a mere…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarIf you have no options, you will be made to settle. Be it business, employment, or relationships - always have options. ALWAYS.
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @ahbunaa This is awesome:)You can “get a good education” by giving it to yourself. Education is something you do, not something that passive…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarMade the bed, kept cleaning the apartment, realized I hadn’t seen the cat for a little bit and found him like this
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarI cannot spend all my free time/weekends coding. It would drive me insane. I love the work I do, but coding isn’t…
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @pooja_LuvIndia @HealTheBay @SFEnvironment @PaloAltoShapers I had done something like this in Pacifica as a part of…
Learnt about a new instrument - ravanahatha. It sounds melodious
here's where
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarThe "No" in "Tula je karaychay te kar" is silent.
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar“I wish I didn’t feel like there’s a better version of me out there. I feel that way all the time.” -Taylor Swift. Yep.
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarMe: “I’m gonna be productive when I get home & get some chores done” Also me when I get home:
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarMental toughness is persistence not intensity.
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarAstronomers have found a #FRB that repeats on a regular cycle. Every 16.35 days, the signal named FRB 180916.J0158+…
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@ashish_amarnath @paperlesspost Is this like the e-greetings? Or it has other features as well? ( On the first glan…"The closer you are to the truth, the more silent you become inside." - @naval
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Fastest across the Atlantic tonight from New York to London so far is #BA112 at 4hr56m. #VS4 in 4:57, and #VS46 in…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarDo you guys know what this is?😛
I hadn't realized this earlier but it is very hard to find dustbins along the roads for long stretches here.Anyone , which is the best app you have come across to make lists on phone?"We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience." ~John Dewey
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Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @abhinav_kr And that twine thread which I always remembered to take at the last minute🤣 @abhinav_kr Reminds me of survey maps.Learning how to say “no” is one of the most critical skills at workplace for growth.
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @iBakasura @abhinav_kr They are talking about Green/ White Tea. 😛 Jasmine and moringa tea are really effective apparently.
Tea🤩😁 How I make myself feel a little better 🤣 to make friends as an adult: 1. Say "we should hang!" 2. Do not hang. 3. Say "we should hang!" 6 months later…
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@pooja_LuvIndia @cathaypacificUS What happened?
Levels of mitigation in speeches. wardrobe is: 5% clothes I wear on daily basis 5% clothes I can but don't wear on daily basis 90% clothes that…
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar🤣 @Irish_Coffeee @a_niyath Would they disclose it after? @a_niyath Ohh. I have heard about cbdr thing, but I thought they disclosed the details when you went for the experiment?For Example, I read something about 'culture of honor' and an experiment conducted for it's study. They wanted to k…'m curious to know how do people gather data in cases where you need to take consent from the subjects but letting…"Everything in my life is determined by my upbringing, my genetics or my environment. There is no such thing as fre… I am this colleague 🥳 If you're in Munich, or know anybody in Munich, who might have a room, please please let…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarI didn't think I'll like 'The good place' with the first 2 episodes, but it's actually a great take on everyday mor…
@Irish_Coffeee Exactly....I just ate apple palyA😦And it was good😦😦😦 @Numb_Skull @Dhichkyaaon Why would they ban?This is a BRILLIANT idea, @MumbaiPolice. Hope other cities will follow suit. 👏👏👏👏
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There can be only one.
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If you don't get pleasure from praise you won't be hurt by criticism. When you derive your self image from others'…
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @AnyTechnology Wow @arunmeshtru I know. But I don't know what to do to not get scared. 😞 Waiting for them to start recognizing me and be calm 😛 @pragya_barthwal They are beautiful :)I feel like I am going from 'Fuck ,dog, devre kapadappa' to 'stopping to say awww cutie wassup' to 'ayyo devre kapa… sketch #beginning. People on IG, please do follow my page @my.artventures 😁 kaapi 😁 think I've solved more problems on long walks than in front of a computer.
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungarmake sure that the walls you build to protect yourself do not become a prison.
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarYouTube is full of teachers who will happily repeat themselves until you get it. A rewindable instructor has infin…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarPoint Reyes, California from a helicopter 😍
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarThe best picture ever taken of the sun reveals its bizarre surface
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @nikhiljoisr @divakarhebbar @Numb_Skull Artesia has a lot of Indian stuff! I had had a Rajasthani thali in one of t… Horseman has such intense dialogues."Isn’t the point of art less what people put into it, more what they get out of it?”
how do i feel better about rescheduling/saying no to things when i am 100% exhausted?
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarFirst baby steps for this little guy, he’s getting there. 😄
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @sowmyarao_ Traitor/Traitors @arunmeshtru HuNothing like Bengaluru man, Nothing!!
2020 @IndigenousBeads @darthdevi Lovely :)Just because you work in tech doesn’t mean you have to spend your life 24x7 in tech. Hobbies & other interests are…
Retweeted by Shruti HonnungarYesterday was about absorbing the hit. Today is about preparing for the future. I've been on the side of the table…
Retweeted by Shruti Honnungar @Tea_angdi Thanks @SnehaSRao1623 😁 @arunmeshtru Thanks meshtre. @khaarabath Thanks! @Kannadiga1956 Thanks!Pug.