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#BLACKLIVESMATTER senior ui/ux developer, design systems @twitch; prev: senior ux engineer, lightning design system @salesforceux; designer who codes

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@kierajrz i meant the movement as a whole which is why i phrased it that way but i can see how i could’ve done betterI've had white male colleagues tell me they "aren't really that political," totally oblivious that that's a politic…
Retweeted by ishaNYPD officers just drove an SUV into a crowd of human beings. They could‘ve killed them, &we don’t know how many th…
Retweeted by ishaThis is not ok. Cops are covering their badges in Flatbush.
Retweeted by ishawow so Los Angeles just decided to punish protesters by closing COVID-19 testing centers. pay attention to how test…
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white men in tech will spend hours learning the ins and outs of javascript, bitcoin, idk shit like USBC ports on ma… SNAPPED so hard omg😭
Retweeted by ishaThe word "loot" was actually taken from Hindi/Sanskrit (meaning "rob"), as the British colonized, stole and exploit…
Retweeted by ishaInteresting. The CEO of Target wrote this message saying he fully supports the movement and they have enough money…
Retweeted by ishaThere's a lot of non-Black folks on video fucking up DT Oakland tonight. I wish that meant the press wouldn't, from…
Retweeted by ishaI can’t make this shit up look what they just hot wired in downtown Oakland 😭
Retweeted by ishawhite people rn like “i need to log off seeing too much negativity”
Retweeted by ishaThe fact that my 79 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER watched the news and said “They gassing them babies just like they did us”…
Retweeted by ishaBtw it’s also your job as an educated child of immigrants to put your racist family members in place when they say stupid shit
Retweeted by ishaPresidents just don’t get shot like they use to
Retweeted by ishaplease do not believe the media when they say the protestors got violent first it wasn’t us the cops shoved the first person
Retweeted by ishaA little tangential but Today I went to the Barclays Center where the George Floyd protests took place this evening…
Retweeted by ishaCNN just showed video from Los Angeles of an make officer getting beat by a crowd after attempting to detain someon…
Retweeted by ishaWith cities burning, police murdering, billionaires looting, one in four jobless, 100,000 dead, journalists being a…
Retweeted by ishaNYPD van has been set on fire in Brooklyn, Ny
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this is now the baseline for nonblack folks in their solidarity with black people
Retweeted by ishaIf your non-Black friends aren’t speaking out, reaching out or taking some kind of action right now...that’s not your friend.
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You can just log onto this website and tell someone you know more about their father than they do
Retweeted by isha @ktzhu @MNFreedomFund @BlackVisionsMN proud of you for doing this! <3 @Mastercard @BryanVoltaggio @shahistaJ this was promoted on my TL so now you have to see it tooWhen will the majority of protests & outrage be led by white people & police officers everywhere? These are your pe…
Retweeted by ishaits quite telling to see people who get so passionate about logo re-designs on twitter be completely silent about p…
Retweeted by ishaWhite friends, not being racist is not enough. We need white accomplices. Racists should feel afraid, uncomfortable…
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The Asian cop involved in George Floyd's murder is Tou Thao a Hmong man. Asians need to reckon with the fact that w…
Retweeted by isha @karagates ❤️i've been writing and deleting about being an "other" at work and feeling this lonely sadness that comes from being…
Retweeted by ishaCan’t even go two days without being constantly reminded of the precariousness of staying alive when not part of the status quo.
Retweeted by ishaBLACK LIVES MATTERthe coconut oil has become fully liquid... nature is healing
@nlevin question: how are people supposed to reverse reference if they're not already tapped into design twitter or… @nlevin question: are you asking the applicant for these references? or are you finding them yourself?[Racism] To everyone asking: "Why was he filming her?" Because if he hadn't filmed the incident, you wouldn't bel…
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@ivadixit omg who @freialobo @isosteph DEAD 😂😂 @freialobo @isosteph lmfao this white woman straight up just christopher columbus’ed vegetables @tarngerine @freialobo @darklang lmk when i can step in @tarngerine @freialobo ugh yes i saw this a few months ago and found it so inspiring @freialobo @tarngerine i feel like i dont even need *all* the friends.. id settle for a few and maybe have a good time! @tarngerine @freialobo should we...... do it?....... aha just kidding ........ unless?.....?,,, @tarngerine @freialobo i need like an instagram for words @tarngerine @freialobo i definitely like this a more formal/structured writing tool.. but for a blogging space id w… @tarngerine @freialobo yeah i feel like i need less reblog ability and more of like/comment/newsfeed and that’s it.… @freialobo @tarngerine ugh lowkey same
@tarngerine i totally agree and wish something like tumblr still existed.. like i want a space to hear longform tho… @turtlekiosk ketchup design on 100 @emmadmazhari this pic is making me miss home :( eid mubarak!
@mahweshh hahah that is a really good idea! i appreciate you taking my bitchy design tweet and turning it into something productive/positivewhen my laptop beachballs i'm like listen girl, i wanna be at the beach too, but right now we gotta WORK so hurry up!!So, here at long last, is a piece I have honestly poured myself into. It's about Alison Roman, Bon Appetit, and whe…
Retweeted by isha @mayli @jongold hahah glad you were able to spot the humor in the tweetNews: I have officially been asked by @JoeBiden to undergo vetting to be considered for his VP, sources tell @CBSNews.
imagine if design was something like.. you explain your concept to an engineer, they prototype it, and then you mak… moisturized. happy. in my lane. focused. flourishing.
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@winkerVSbecks @julesforrest this is awesome - skimmed through it and it looks like just what i need! cant wait to… me Big Jersey when you
Retweeted by isha @lil_morgy @nicktweattie socially distancing in a massive pool in palm springs with you peoplewhy’s this the funniest thing I’ve seen
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The president is killing people and you resort to calling him fat as if a skinny person killing people is better??
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@skullface ps this applies to you every single week!!! @davidhoang for everything in figma that you touch! @jayprufr0ck @lil_morgy same.... also like 5 cloves per 30 cals.... that's pretty unfair considering you need at le… @lil_morgy @jayprufr0ck ugh why did you bring attention to this now i can never un-knowthe person reading this tweet is gonna draw the best rectangles in figma this week!! <3 :)animals be 20 minutes old and already know what to do
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y'all out here boringly trying to be e-girls when the real move is to be a garlic girl
i would like to talk about this video of snoop dogg listening to the frozen soundtrack in his parked car
Retweeted by isha @StivenSkyrah @_youhadonejob1 i found the image on instagram with no caption... and the account you linked said the…’m obsessed with this covid infant baptism
when i tell my suitcase that we aren’t going any more vacations this year
@kyledrawsdaily jeans have needed to be disrupted for a long time anyway @ariel_n @hareemmannan omfg @hareemmannan @ariel_n honestly i'll share it's fine @ariel_n i need the details of this house @geomorphologies @lil_morgy you just responded you dumbo head @lil_morgy @geomorphologies coward @DaleCruse 😆😆😆 oh no you found my rage tweet! very proud to work with you too dale :)texas man found with 58 terrabytes of node modules on his hard drive @geomorphologies release it into your spine
if you dont design with accessibility in mind then dont talk to me thanks @shahistaJ looks SO good. i dream of eating ur manchurian at least once a week @reansandrice your doubts are right!
@lil_morgy @jayprufr0ck oh no plz dont do that @lil_morgy @jayprufr0ck idk... my drive is organized af... sounds like a you problem but ill just keep to myself. go off kween @lil_morgy @jayprufr0ck how can u be a type A kween and hate on google drive? it just doesnt make sense sorry @lil_morgy oy m8 jus bloody brosh ye teef n fwoss @lil_morgy is this god’s plan to make us all look british @laviajmani damn ok lavi strong energy we love to see itso are any of us gonna get any dental care this year or nah
@winkerVSbecks @julesforrest @negativespaceca @brian_lovin that would be wonderful! cc me whenever you write/release this please :) @lil_morgy @geomorphologies COW -ARD ED -OUARD COINCEDENCE?...... @geomorphologies tweet what u were supposed to tweet. u cowardThe AMA with @danmall is on YouTube: Tomorrow: @cap (CXO @ Primary) May 15: @yaili (GitHub…
Retweeted by ishaforgot to wish a happy mother's day to the chunky white stuff floating around my bottle of apple cider vinegar :(