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29/ Artist/ FGO and Genshin Enjoyer I also have a webcomic:

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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Dungeons & Dragons : Shadow over Mystara
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Recently, many Hilicurli have not come out to play. It is said that after dark, there will be a terrible bone hun…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Thief #ShadowoverMystara
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)새 프로필사진으로 쓰고싶었던 그림은 이것.. 이쪽 러프를 드디어 완성했었습니다!!😂🙏
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @mintae_chii Oh noooo昔の落書きの顔周り直して耳と尻尾足した。 #ももちゃんあーと
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @mintae_chii Right,just because you work for the 'villain' group, it doesn't mean you can't have some standards lik… @mintae_chii Oh yeah that's fair, he's definitely way more redeemable as a person since he does have someone that he cares for. @mintae_chii A really obvious difference is Childe is way more cold-blooded than Emiya under that smile of his whil… HERE'S THE FULL COVER GUYS. I am begging you to give my singing a chance, and retweet this…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)pet him too hooman :(
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@WaffleyMan Just post a few pics of your art and tag some mutuals you like
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Thanks for the tag c: I'll tag @shinynerdstuff_ @WaffleyMan @DJDonatsu many people seem aware of this, but Chopper never ACTUALLY got rid of the hat his father gave him. He's wearin…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Knock knock! #KnucklesTheEchidna #Knuckles #SonicTheHedgehog #sonicfanart #videogames #sonic #sega
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)7 min doodle
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)#原神 #GenshinImpact #Fischl #フィッシュル #Blender もう今からではフィシュル獲得イベントは間に合わない!フィシュルを諦めフィシュルのアニメーションを作るという矛盾。Thank you miHoY…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @XerSuruasocat Hell yeah! c:ソル
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @XerSuruasocat Sure if you want to c: @TheZombieDogz Happy Birthday! <3 To you and our favorite grumpy bucket head :3More ace batties~ 💜🖤 Pattern by @beezeeart #plush #plushie #handmade #bat #asexualpride #asexual
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Kikkeriikiiii!!!!! Still work in progress #artsofashes #絵ニックス
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)this is cartoon network 's best bumper ever created
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)lol Hollywood is literally incapable of creating cute things
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)THIS BOY delivers the serotonin #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @kippytan Oh nice, Happy Birthday to him then c:Wario's Little Pog Champ Audio by @ChrisPatstone
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @itsTomokocchi Remember when Twister found a sport that he was finally better than Otto in and Otto couldn't accept…
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)It's been a while since I last drew my fave princess 🍑👍
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @kippytan Doing good,you?"This anime ripped of sailor moon."
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short hair
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my daughter
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)this is still just about one of my favourite drawings i've done over the last few years. i should do more stuff lik…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)In Tagalog Mythology, Anagolay is a goddess of lost and found things. The owner of sari-sari and antique store help…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)🍁☀️ mini adopt gacha is OPEN!! ❄️🌿 I'm so excited to release these aaa!! here's my gacha featuring 60 lil adopts ba…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Dogil
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @laweyD It’s best girl! :3Rukia !!
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)genshin coop with my brother is like babysitting a morbid kid
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Drew my OC Neon to try and rejuvinate myself. Starting to really feel free of this cloudy head.
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)いい夫婦の日 DRAGON BALL fanart
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)some genshin bags....
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @extra_Sor Love his design! And he'd work as Proper Human History's Ivan for sure.Guess i'll start #fatefanservant with an oc i've also worked on for a while. Alter Ego Ivan Grozny! Based on the…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)if this exists already im sorry
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)this really is me everytime i remember about p4 music
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)One of my favorite Appmon, Effecmon! 🎨 #Appmon #Digimon #アプモン #デジモン
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)玉藻の前を描きました #FGO
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)there is One More Woman i need to draw to complete the lineup
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)「どっかーん!」#原神
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @whiteghosttwo MatPat's been a joke for a long timeFelicia (from Darkstalkers) from today's discord stream!! <:
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Little project, doing chibi line ups of some #Castlevania peeps. Will be doing the Belmonts next.
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)small doodle of me and my cats
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Pedophile alert. Dude Who the fuck hires a pedophile man This guy really out here, trying to groom minors, that’…
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@BalloonsPastel made me a cute capricorn boy and I couldn't not doodle him he's so pretty 🥺💜
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Hello
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)うーにぁーいーつ
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)man I would k word for these guys' full reference sheets
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)I designed an adorable Jester holiday themed sweater (or shirt! whatever floats your boat!) over on teespring right…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Tweaked the designs of Sonic and Eggman a bit. Also threw in Orbot and Cubot because I've never drawn them before.…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)Did a Comic Jam with 5 other cool artists! Theme - Horror Panel 1 - Me Panel 2 - @DJDonatsu Panel 3 -…
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@kazuniarts Any of these girls would be fine just wanted to paint blini cat
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)The episode is out now, so I guess it's finally cool to say that I inked/colored this reaction shot of the "anime"n…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @DopeLenny Wild Arms 3?HEY SO... WE GOT PICKED UP BY VIZ!!✨✨ It’s been really tough to keep this news secret but we’re super excited about…
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Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open) @_bantiarna Wow congrats!rushed (unintentional joke there) blaze the cat draw
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)idea for a fighting game character that is a grave robber and uses the monster that lives in their coffin as a wea…
Retweeted by 👻IketheGhost👻(Commissions Open)check out these gay people
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