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Soooo... that’s me. THE FIRST HIJABI ON PLT!!! Still so wild to me 😩😩🔥🔥🔥💕💕
Retweeted by ikran⁷I see no difference
Retweeted by ikran⁷this is weirdly specific wtf @eleanorbate cryingggggpeople who hate fanfiction have clearly never read a good 150k slow-burn fanfic with seemingly unrequited pining an…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @GeorgiaJ_98 well they snitched on themselves @ParisLDN women’s health is a mess @Hana_BLM 😩😩😩 ah yeah i had that at first and they’d just prescribe every medicine u had already tried @mbloh_mbloh why is that their go to advice when it’s known not to work :(( @bangtansdurag it really doesn’t add upwill never understand how korean nightclubs play music by black or poc artists....... yet have a no-foreigner-polic…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @szzlbngtan WHAT that’s so wild?!?!?! @vi_gayle right!! every time i think back i’m stunned but i didn’t think anything of it beforesafe to say i never back to him and i only see my gp nowit took me 7 years and the first specialist i saw told me not to worry because i’m somali and fertile :) and basica… fact the only difference between the medium tier and the high tier is how many lines the text is written over h…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @SampaTasha yeah!!!! they let them in, buy a drink and then got aggressive and removed them it’s so oddsk is so weird with this culture of not letting foreigners in CLUBS like,,,,,tf
Retweeted by ikran⁷This isn't the first time I've heard of a night club in South Korea being racist to POCs but to let someone into th…
Retweeted by ikran⁷clubs in seoul are notorious for having a no foreigner policy but usually that’s made clear at the door. this time… korean nightclub in seoul forcibly removed poc after changing their minds about letting them in mixed with any other fruit smoothie Banana:
Retweeted by ikran⁷Don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s okay to put yourself first. It just might change your life.
Retweeted by ikran⁷guys if u receive links in dms don’t click them b v careful w that
Retweeted by ikran⁷i dusted off my press conference livetweeting hands for @pledis_17’s new album, if u wanna follow along 🥺
Retweeted by ikran⁷This is the reason she won that Tony:
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in April, I was coaxed into doing an interview, spent time prepping, and then was taken off the interview because I…
Retweeted by ikran⁷Boiler Room (UK) Limited will receive £791,652 relief. Boiler Room do not pay any DJs to appear and perform, and never have.
Retweeted by ikran⁷nobody: Me: you not cold? I’m cold 😭
Retweeted by ikran⁷The bondage Oreo has over people needs to be studied
Retweeted by ikran⁷for VICE, I wrote about how work wife relationships for black women/woc are the most important bonds + sisterhoods…
Retweeted by ikran⁷Calls to #EndSARS are not new. Earlier this year, an investigation by #BBCAfricaEye found that SARS officer, Yusuf…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @KJiyongBang I totally understand your frustration. I have dmd you!I have found my new favorite account. He is EATING the girlies UP!!!!!
Retweeted by ikran⁷I’ll be live tweeting the #LovecraftCountry  finale tomorrow for @SkyTv. Stay tune 🕺🏿 #AD x
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @KJiyongBang to you, but if not, I completely understand. Again, I’m sorry you went through this. @KJiyongBang I’m so sorry this happened to you! I appreciate being held accountable. I have interviewed people abou… also have written about racism within the army fandom and it was one of the first pieces that explored it properl… stories are different! even with this songwriting one i wrote so many stories since june. thanks for keeping ta… struggling with this ~thing~ for a while, so decided to dig deep into the ugly parts of my brain and talk abou…
Retweeted by ikran⁷Where we’re at: Twitter has removed a tweet (saying masks don’t work) from the president’s coronavirus advisor, Sco…
Retweeted by ikran⁷i started writing this in JUNE and i reached out to victims of the doxxing, journalism can take time sometimes!!!!!… sometimes wait years after a song is released to get paid anything. These women want to change that.
Retweeted by ikran⁷No one: My brain, fully unable to accept that drafting is supposed to be rough:
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things you can do to prevent yourself from getting doxx'd on stan twitter [a thread] #stopdoxxingoverkpop
Retweeted by ikran⁷These Two Black Women Songwriters Have Started A Social Media Campaign To Call For Fair Pay In The Music Industry… @nunchigo4 there were hardly any armys we literally knew each other or of each other??? @diojoonysus i have a similar one for 2k cos i was attempting to learn korean 😩😩 ppl are weird afnot every reverse image search is accuratenah i can actually vouch for them lmaooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by ikran⁷Aun to a clean hearted brother inshallah if you can’t donate simply share as it could make a big difference for his…
Retweeted by ikran⁷decolonise language 😌
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @Lydia130613 yes!We really work 5 days a week just for 48 hours of freedom LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by ikran⁷The BTS Map Of The Soul On:e Concerts Brought Back The Adrenaline I Felt During IRL Concerts
Retweeted by ikran⁷the amount of unfinished fics i’ve read in my life time 😔😔 why “reads like fanfiction” is used as a way to dunk on books lol if someone says a book “reads like fanfiction…
Retweeted by ikran⁷Londoners should start protesting. day in and out about housing, transport , gentrification, pollution. The way thi…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @diojoonysus me too 🥺🥺30 million strong!!!!!! see no lies 😭
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @preshtawiah @YouTube ffs atleast we know to push our kids looooooool @preshtawiah @YouTube we truly fumbled the bag @preshtawiah @YouTube and we were actually good 😭😭😭😭😭 @preshtawiah @YouTube omg remember us singing at schoool that was so fun 😭😭how do u admit this on the world wide web????? to @LeylaHussein who has just been elected as the new Rector of the University of St Andrews.…
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@ddsaldanha YESSSalhamdulilah @tolly_t we have to normalise riotingWe don’t riot enough in this city.
Retweeted by ikran⁷do it for miss right👁👄👁 shit @ZiaThompson21!! follow her plz (& @buzzfeednews on tiktok)
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Retweeted by ikran⁷Wow so this morning the Brooklyn Housing Court woke up to its doors spray foamed and bike locked shut, and then thi…
Retweeted by ikran⁷reported @savethegrrrl someone was verify...race...where's that she's biracial vine cos i just clocked they didnt list eritreaGYMNASTICS SKILLS? @itsmaeril omg...............relatable @elenacresci yessssThat “excuse me, say it correctly” look ☠️☠️☠️
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @Sonitchka2 me tooo @elenacresci omg yesss i see the vision @poolbloooood looool i love her account so i’m glad she is supportivewait i just remembered this happened...... their minds?? it was so cool too @helloiammariam i said that because i have seen that sometimes the IQ level or career aspirations of a criminal is… @helloiammariam i think it’s to say he was smart enough to know betterA 16-year-old boy became a neo-Nazi propagandist and encouraged terror attacks from his London bedroom, a court has…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @BeeBabs i’ve also used both but i see we both defected to differing operating systems in the end, it be like that @BeeBabs looool sorry to have let u down android stan @BeeBabs ok android userEveryone can make mistakes here and is funny and so but please don't insult them :). It can be just a mistake and i…
Retweeted by ikran⁷ @EgosShadow7 LMAOOAOOWEFJOE