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I think I’m Lynn Love 😍 Nothin I love more than ppl into democracy & these down ballot babes. Brought to you by…🔗 Oh, baby @KristenBell is a PROUD Michigander! Nothing irks her more than ppl trying to pay…
Lord please, a vote for @JoeBiden is a vote for science. Get on registered & commit to a voting plan! By… right, let's try something new. If you’re in the United States, send me a text at 773-365-9687 — I want to hear…
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@Gen Z/Millennials - let's get a BIGGER turnout than 2018!! Commit to your voting plan, babyyy! op! fell in love…
White women better be better - vote for @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris. After that, let’s talk. By @anotheracronym x… off this dope event tonight talking to @VoteChaundra n @Marie4Congress about their races in IL! 🔗to free t… is my kind of political messaging #GetYaBootyToThePolls strippers have pulled off the best voting #ad campaign I have seen yet. Because... Atlanta #Vote
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lol whewps needed a disclaimer & added a fart sound #trumpstinks By @anotheracronym x @itsgennybish #CheatSheet
after @xdannyxbrownx #cheatsheet ep & @chrisevans phallic phight for democracy this week, the idea of electing Mich…🔗 I am shakin n crying 😭🛐😭 that MI boi @xdannyxbrownx is voting in Nov, for the 1st time 4…
🔗 @BusyPhilipps shines ☀️ talkin about ARIZONA💙 Straight up: we gotta recognize 45 as a vill…, swipe 4 🥵 content! These down ballot candidates are EXACTLY who u DESERVE to rep you. It's been time to…
@StephGrisham45 tell em stephanie! @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrumpUgh. Everyone? PLEASE go to @SimaforTX and help her win in TX-2, and dump Dan Crenshaw. I’m gonna be signal-boostin…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @jonfavs this warmed my heart @AppsTrever @RepLeeZeldin @realDonaldTrump this is what you’re propelling, lee - hatred of others, not peace @mamamayhemonu @RepLeeZeldin @realDonaldTrump yes gwendy 🇺🇸
PA, u hold the election in ur 👐🏽 Just like I'm holdin this pole! Let this #cheatsheet guide you in the polls🗳, jus…🔗 Over here 🤯 from 💪🏽👸🏼 @Alaska5000 and her TRU LOVE for PENNSYLVANIA! We talk 45s desperat…
@RepLeeZeldin you are scrambling truth. why should Long Islanders vote the way Lee Zeldin envisions, instead of mak… @ericandre 🧡FLORIDA @ericfuckingandre n i want you to see & SHARE this #CHEATSHEET it's easy to vote in healthier & better loca… comedy brother @ericfuckingandre showed up for FLORIDA. we talk local candidates & the nuances... n then straig…
🔗🔥 @iamwandasykes is on #CheatSheet reppin PENNSYLVANIA - it's where she calls home! we talk… the tip 🌶isnt enuf info for u go to our website for more info on each candidate #horny4thapolls. Go to…🧡PENNSYLVANIA 🧡@iamwandasykes n i want you to have politicians who make your life easier & better. check em out her… @iamwandasykes is on #CheatSheet reppin PENNSYLVANIA - it's where she calls home! we talk @joebiden & @kamalaharris
Check out our Baseball cards on our website 4 more abt electing progressive candidates on our #cheatsheet.'ZONA get… bb😇 this week on #CheatSheet @kimikoglenn n I are #Horny4ThaPolls💦 Swipe 4 a surprise 😉 I'm lit UP 2 vote in ppl… episode of #CheatSheet is @kimikoglenn and me gettin #Horny4ThaPolls in Arizona & ready to elect da hect out…
daahhm @ZoeKravitz is #Horny4ThaPolls we talkin FLORIDA n da*insane* #votersuppression watch us get horny to vote h…
I’m hosting @josecuervotequila's #WhosMakingMargs this week n want YOU  to call in to talk to me LIVE for the show!… deserves better at d'city, local & state level. @DePasqualePA @pattysmithforpa @MicheleKnoll44 @roywoodjr @KevinHart4real lollll #myribMitch McConnell has been blocking $25 billion in funding for USPS for 102 days & legislation to restore Voting Rights Act for 262 days
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @VICENews jfc!this is so, so helpful. reality and truth ruls <3 ep 1 🇺🇲💃🎉🇺🇲  w @abbijacobson - we talk @joebiden & @kamalaharris & progressives down the ballot in PENN…
we gotta get fascism, authoritarianism, and blatant white supremacy out of the White House and VOTE democracy back…'s go, y'all. let's get @JoeBiden and @SenKamalaHarris in and 45 out!!! a doctor, I'm deeply concerned that the White House's sabotage of USPS may literally cost many Americans their l…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)we c u @nytimes👀🔥 - @pacronym x @itsgennybish got a web series every tues & thurs to help u deal w/the 2020 electio…
o cool maybe now he'll finally be able to afford to give more than 200k to the naacp for getting married on a plant…
lol yes bih i thought @rustyrockets was 'smart' for some reason but i guess i actually haven't heard him talk that…
Raise your hand if you’re voting for the Biden-Harris ticket. @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)I am ready and inspired af to vote for @SenKamalaHarris
Not cool, Joe. You know Pence can't be alone onstage to debate Harris. Why put that poor, frail flower through all…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)I am, indeed. Let's go. this is a great moment. Let’s take care of her and make sure we are supportive of her because this…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)The real winner today is Maya Rudolph.
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)Whether it’s Susan Rice or Kamala Harris or anyone else, HOLD YOUR FIRE, Dems, and be there to help support the VP…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)I'ma vote for @joebiden — it ain't sessy but it's got to be done to SAVE HUMAN LIVES & THE PLANET. Also as… 2017 @BernieSanders introduced legislation for 100% clean energy by 2050. That @JoeBiden is now backing 100% cl…
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@madison42O @lorenbouchard @abbijacobson abbiiiiiii @Makemea_SAMich no it’s this app Community - legit my secondary number where i go to this app n text ppl who text m… Trump beautifully honored our beautiful national parks today. @realDonaldTrump
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I see you trying. But you have to arrest Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison and charge them wit… mean... @News12LI @Newsday Anybody? really wish you were here @News12LI covering this and helping make sense of racism on Long Island. @Newsday cover…
damn! in just 3 hours we raised over $20,000 from 450+ donors 😭 imagine the freakin impact we’d have on… @jessicas_tweetz @texasdemocrats $10 is $10 more than we had before! 👏 @coldbrewcoffey 🥰🥲 @wesjanisen @texasdemocrats promise is a promise! We reached 200 donors is 2 hours. My lil tidbit was that in the last episode, last scene,… @jimalbarano🌊🌊🌊
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)Let’s do this!
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @alysiareiner yasssss! thank you!Love this woman. Love this cause. Donated. Join me
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)$38 to get to 51 in the Senate is better than whatever else my quarantine-brain would spend that money on. done!…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @millenial_geek @texasdemocrats every dollar counts! @ilazer @texasdemocrats Yay! Thank you @ilazer! There is no path to the White House for Trump without our 38 electo…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @JOHN__JUAN @texasdemocrats @jordan_winters_ @texasdemocrats every donation counts! thank you! @SaraWil55125765 @texasdemocrats @hotgirlwarren @texasdemocrats appreciate you stepping up and doing what you can! every bit helps 👏 @garcia_bryana is for all my Texans or even people that wanna turn Texas blue in the election!
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @whoa_kiera all are FAST. we've already hit 100 donors. but it'll take more than that to turn Texas blue. don't forget: w… @Jaime_King @iamavoter_ 👏👏we are more than halfway to $3,800. who else is gonna help turn Texas blue? @gigideetz @texasdemocrats thank you for joining me! bet it is! we are HALFWAY to $3,800. let's keep this going for @texasdemocrats! @OfficialJLD's go!!! 🏆 @PiperPerabo @texasdemocrats 😍😍 @ryaninteractive @texasdemocrats oh hell yeah @graciedabs @texasdemocrats woo! let's do this for ann!If @ilazer gets 200 donations of $38 for @texasdemocrats, she’ll share a top secret fact about the Broad City final…
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her) @GilpinPeri yassss! thank you Peri! @CrucianGal23 @texasdemocrats @lizblomstedt Texas. Lose Trump. It’s that simple! I’m matching up to $3,800 in donations to @TexasDemocrats. Can I get 100…
Brian Kemp has banned Georgia's cities and its counties from ordering people to wear masks in all public places. H…
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What’s really striking about John Bolton’s interview on Morning Edition is they still haven’t arrested the cops who killed Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by ilana glazer (she/her)I hate feeling like this every morning. If you don’t know her story by now, you are part of the problem. Arrest and…
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