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we'll face this reckoning side by side 🎶: Loathe - Loathe
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@sleep4k i still think tom barber is at his best in darko but blind kings & the bleeding sun are so sick, i just cant get into old cgguys dont look up the scientific name for pine trees @sleep4k its so stupidly funi miss mnkywelldone so much this has ruined my lifedown so bad i google saki monkeyI won't even get up for 17 thousand bitches and hoes I don't care
Retweeted by jack @neutral_ity i lvoe you @iliiaite wee sip mate
Retweeted by jack @neutral_ity any type of voice recording it doesnt need to be the twitter onetfw no british replies i implore you, it does go down @sleep4k rocks can hurt @sleep4k i meant that i was going to be pummeled into the ground by architects fansPOV: you are an ant
Retweeted by jackhemsso only got 27 downs 💪💪💪 best gamer worst part is, that life goes on no last goodbyes to the ones we love 🎶: Loathe - In Death
Retweeted by jack @runksociety schizophrenia @furrylover831 me the horizon - cumdropsall i can talk about anymore is loathe and monkeyfucked up man this album is trying to kill youcant believe is it really you goes into gored which also goes into heavy is the head then goes right back to a sad cartoon whiny guitar during the bridge in screaming @commieb3rry torment if you feel so inclined @commieb3rry agony
Retweeted by jackthey are doing something diabolical down there and i know it.....they are just little sea pancakes with feet!!i dont fucking trust clams!!!!!!actually scammedmy aunt got a bacon biscuit from bojangles but turns out its just a normal biscuitnew neural dsp plugin has loathe presets im gonna cumthis video and song go so fucking hard i am so upset was easily the best thing to come out of 2019 and aidan fucked it!!!!I think what really made dealer their own thing was Aidan's vocals and I dont think we're ever going to get him back in any bandI wish a band would just entirely steal dealers style they were so fucking good but nobody does it like themtrust nobody that actually gets off to hentaibro I do not care that you just watched a 4872 year old dragon that suspiciously looks like a 12 year old get hamme… do people who watch hentai have to remind you about it every 20 minutesminecraft youtuber stans make my brain rot faster than if I were to sit in Chernobyl for a year
Retweeted by jackthis was fucking lamei must be a speedrunner with bad rng the way i dont have a girlfriend yetdate idea: you listen to my entire playlist and go home with a migraine and delete me off of everything @sleep4k please @rrekov understandableanother day another thought of seeyouspacecowboy @rrekov is something wrong small chimpthe war chief sound of war [a little cat]guys i have bad newsdoes aol still existoff the seatoff the tamberineoff the goopi am off the shitsif i dont put my face in them they cant be used to blackmail me cause who uses aol in 2021sending nudes via aol and they're in a pdf document
i made one
Retweeted by jack @KYNAMUSIC lair @KYNAMUSIC how did you just screenshot a wiithe scream in gored @KYNAMUSIC what gameextending shadows that grip your mind to whisper its doubt like one of a kind 🎶: Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything...
Retweeted by jackbrazil is the 7th circle of hellcan one of you reply with a voice clip saying just a wee sip mate @hardcoremode_ @ione27_ @neutral_ity @KohyIa i re… cant go 5 minutes without saying just a wee sip mate @fuckd6v i dont remember i just know there's some dude that jumps from band to band so often @fuckd6v thinking of someone else my bad hes still a dipshit @fuckd6v stay in a band for more than a month challengeim just a little "chunch"sometimes acronyms are acceptable but in this case hithtfwtwoatt doesnt work too well"what song u listening to?" "oh u know, just loathe - heavy is the head that falls with the weight of a thousand thoughts"long song titles are great until you have to type them outi wanna know what varials has planned but at the same time travis isnt in the band so i dont carei am just a ball of hairwhy the fuck is it like 95 degrees in my roomwoke up so fucjing sweaty I thought I pissed myself bruhrt if you cry yourself to sleep every night and can barely find a reason to wake up in the morning or if you like c…
Retweeted by jack @furrylover831 bro... don't tell the world... @furrylover831 what! how @furrylover831 and u smell of no bitches!!
Retweeted by jackcan someone give me a haircut teeth so sensitive today 😖deliver her new face the former erased 🎶: Loathe - New Faces in the Dark
Retweeted by jackmake this go viral us dog @commieb3rry fear. @iliiaite
Retweeted by jack @commieb3rry you gotta admit it was pretty good @iliiaite i was extremely disappointed and upset, i sincerely expected a low poly animal, i hope you’re happy with…
Retweeted by jackshe dont know whats comin 😈
be warned everyone, i am ready to scream