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sug @illSuga dying

🌱art,design,anime,manga,kdrama,indie, alternative,kirby🌱 🍓𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤: 🍓 . #blm

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@Oreologist @cinnabarphos leave her alone @oFabz putting more stuffing in the booty @reaIlyfunny nothing new @Vanquiishd November 11. Sorry late reply @Vanquiishd it endedoh fuk @tauntjetupper imagine u have the fattest crush on this Asian man but u find out he only likes white girlsthe things id do for this woman.. @blurryhits nmHOLY SHIT TEAM TENDO @Froste @Nadeshot😼 starting this Japanese drama called “Love Lasts Forever” @Graham527 yoo @ImMashed_Potato it’s a screenshot from a videoi didn’t crop last one..blurry
@DruuOfficial @uniswappro @Corpse_Husband @colinyoungwolff @itsjazys @MikeyRobby the fact i was tagged with corpse is sending me 💀 @Graham527 @rightstufanime @HarryButAverage Pogggg @ColourPopCo @babieyoda @Human_420 yesquick doodle of me @vamparie @koswastaken happy birthday dadSome of y’all’s “humor” just needs to stay in the DM’s sometimes. @SamjaySJ i am eh @SamjaySJ good morning @reaIlyfunny good morning @litdesu the choir feel in this goes hard @BiggieThibs he is the stop signstarting to sketch out this big piece. @fvckwill Yea I did instant transfer
it’s kind of sickening how romanticized emotional abuse has become and the jokes about wanting a toxic partner. i… to those checking in. I'm fine. These conversations about race in the gaming space are important. As I say…
Retweeted by sug @Human_420 They can and some small changes have happened already. This presidential election will also tell if chan… you saw that woman’s tweet as an attack to Dr Lupo then you’re ignorant. People attacking her & other black crea… people and creators that are throwing hate towards the black woman for her question to Lupo are really fucking… @hevvvel It’s happening @m1llisecond @holmesmikotoba @AprilOdyssey I think you lack understanding of empathy. Don’t make jokes out of other peoples suffering. @313DEEZY bruh @m1llisecond @holmesmikotoba @AprilOdyssey Slavery isn’t political or necessary. You just admitted that China has i…年10月28日(水)
Retweeted by sug @TBGSenpai @snepai atleast kirby is feeling better @hevvvel yus @TBGSenpai i did it just fine. just find the anime, click it, scroll to the bottom and their will be a google drive… people that read manga, do you read it on your phone or computer? @TBGSenpai @hevvvel genshin impactCN: Hey, don’t be racist!! White Parents: This is propaganda. @KarlAlone5 showing again how it's stuck in 1892. Nah seriously fuck that country. It blows my mind how they've experienc…
Retweeted by sug @BiggieThibs @AboutStrafe 🙏🏽 @Graham527 @AboutStrafe he a godPOG TO @AboutStrafe FOR HELPING ME🥺❤️❤️ @BiggieThibs Bruh
@tauntjetupper this so beautiful, is it just black & white or is gonna be color in hair? @deertearss happy birfdaywip. just be existing and trying things n ppl hate meKanye West - Stronger
Retweeted by sug @Grahamalott @fvckwill this mf said we @reaIlyfunny you got thiseating cerealJapan’s most evil yakuza makes its cutest househusband! Follow Tatsu’s journey from underworld legend to domestic b…
Retweeted by sug @suprkawaii Yea like this, I need to play around with color palette more and blend better @tauntjetupper boss how we lookinin the works Hayasaka Commission for @seeyou__cowboy . . trying out something different because i hate clean line art, tell…
@reaIlyfunny i recently cried for the first time in a while but it was little out bursts throughout the entire day,… @Froste when are you finna drop your own game @realJBA lil xan?? yea this dude uglyI have like a week left to get $70, please if you can share the fuck out of this to help me. Please don’t commissio…
Retweeted by sugBeing attracted to a child is not a sexual orientation. if Tr*mp loses the majority vote AGAIN and the electoral college decides to pick him again.......I’m never voting again. I mean that.
Retweeted by sug @Vanquiishd yes @Vanquiishd yeswhy he got an Afro @childofheIl pog @HarryButAverage o @longneutral steal someone old Christmas lights @longneutral do you need them to be cool
@HarryButAverage @blurryhits always vibin @ChristianDeLen9 I know lol @ChristianDeLen9 damn this hurt LOL @ezraneverusetwt pog @suprkawaii das nice @vulpocalypse <3 yeer @imRealLok oh @DfultFPS after u sent kermit dick knew it was friend @RealYakobu_Sama bet bet ty @FatalShotty wow im actually funny @kvrohs ty u design is cool too @nolifeweeb u cool too @HelloDawsor kirby combines