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🌱art,design,anime,manga,kdrama,indie, alternative,kirby🌱 🍓𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤??🍓 . hello pls call me suga #blm

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@xsorahxx trueNon-Natives, through no fault of their own, will misconstrue this as a dance, when it’s anything but. He’s shaming…
Retweeted by suga ᵃʳᵗ;ᵈᵉˢⁱᵍⁿi feel like everytime i get up out of bed i have to hold onto something for a bit because im just so lightheaded
@YTmistycs Help me @Froste i need all government officials assassinated and the White House blown up. @Fwizles ripdoes anyone use paint tool sai and have good brushes? @313DEEZY Shiitt I be hating on everyone @313DEEZY why her eyes like dat 👁.➖ ➖.👁 @kkosiris “annyeonghaseyo cam” @kkosiris @FaZeMew @yoonmoontrivia It's old work, this is from an animation that was going to release a couple years ago. So this is n… @yoonmoontrivia @d2aegu So I’m saying the huge hate for takashi is weird when it should be pointed to Japan which h… @yoonmoontrivia @d2aegu Not saying it being common is right but stating that it is infact common in Japan more than… @NyckSZN yesshould i change my username?I think regarding this I will come back and try to have my profile for art/design set up better. I have to push mys… @Human_420 It’s bad I wish I could actually finish everything @scarrfries hehe @Human_420 i have to becoming dumb @scarrfries mmm lookin like my bootyhole after tacos @xanful *doesnt even have photoshop installed* start so many things just to leave a lot of the shit unfinished. i do it with shows, books, drawing, etc. i am an unfinisher. @CorinnaKopf i don’t but i do cause it’d be cool @sonicx161 hmmm true @scarrfries shit @sonicx161 could medication make you dumb over time @kkosiris @GuapoDrowzie @Gilgemeth yes @kkosiris @GuapoDrowzie @Gilgemeth that u on a bad daycan depression and anxiety make you become dumb over time? i need to know @d2aegu Sorry maybe I should use “most” here or excluded culture but dating back to early 1900s pedophilia isn’t un… 4th to all de countries!! #AllCountriesMatterあつまれどうぶつの森
Retweeted by suga ᵃʳᵗ;ᵈᵉˢⁱᵍⁿanime vs netflix adaptation
Retweeted by suga ᵃʳᵗ;ᵈᵉˢⁱᵍⁿ @Leafy guacamole nigga penis @Lunalights6 @lunchableswiki Nah it’s not the association with hobi, I just saw tweets of people saying they should… @catboyhooters Idk who is blaming hobi but I’m blaming the stans who don’t care about the profiting of an artists art. @Lunalights6 @lunchableswiki Quotes RT’s to this are @Lunalights6 @lunchableswiki Okay but that doesn’t mean you get to call his flower art and claim it officially as h… @jinminsmiles Plagiarism is the main problem but the people using hobicore to use his art to profit off of is a pro… @catboyhooters Because people are selling his art as their own and profiting from it @jinminsmiles There’s multiple people other than that one girl who create “hobicore” flowers as merch and sell it on Instagram @spitminie Literally shitting on the man and saying they’ll continue profiting from it because of the anime x otaku… @longneutral mmm long balls @longneutral u drawing cow udders or dat 3 dicks n 1 big ball @longneutral i would like to steal it, where is thy located @hevel19 i want to art with u @Classify I diarrhea earlier @ImMashed_Potato for me what I should paint next... maybe I will see what it looks like as a print?? @ImMashed_Potato don’t think u want this poop🤢sitting on toilet pooping @icedoutomnitrix is dat asparagus or green onions in the rice @visionofviii sup @SamjaySJ knew he seemed sus @Fwizles @Froste still watchin him from the shadows tho
@D0NKAE @Froste I GOT A FOLLOW LETS GOOOO @Froste crying myself to sleep. @Avalanche100T sex @Froste sex @Jack_Septic_Eye sex @Valkyrae sex @pokimanelol sex @CallMeCarsonYT sex @LilNasX sex @Leafy sex @aksually sex @twomad sex @Quackity can we have sex first time together now @Quackity can we have the sex together for the first time @KEEMSTAR @FBI bitch dating an instagram 16 year old instagram boy too, baby diego or some shit?? he in a tiktok sh… @LividFangz yes @LividFangz the clown(ghost) painting for @LividFangz bored and lonely @ImMashed_Potato then yes @ImMashed_Potato if do bad thing yes @snot My dick cum @Froste Surprised ya ain’t been caught yet then tf dey doin @Shhteven_ Only if you shooting em at copsREMEMBER TOMORROW IS FUCK JULY 4TH!!! FUCK THAT SHIT WE AINT CELEBRATING AMERICA!!! @Froste love you @Chriztopha_ I think it’s private but all of their stuff looks positive @Chriztopha_ I only talked to the mark guy because they left a message and their number so they the only person who… @Chriztopha_ So who do I trust?? @Human_420 Yea but I don’t use it @sonicx161 i will sell it to u @Icy_Rapture haven’t had milkshake in weeks @Jae_Day6 Ooo this is interesting swwwiiiimmmm #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Xouped @twomad can u just give me money twomad im broke black brudda @Icy_Rapture I want paint ollie @Icy_Rapture NO LOOOOL @Icy_Rapture @childofheIl finally i feel specialim scared if i should return to designing because im enjoying drawing but idk if i want/should sell my drawings.😷… wish 2020 was overVANESSA WAS BEATEN TO DEATH, CHOPPED APART, BURNED, AND HAD CEMENT POURED ON HER. THERE WAS BLOOD ALL OVER THE ARMO…
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