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ALL Black Lives Matter.

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@_Theswaggyone Purrr @chicoskid I hope they don’t after seeing this mess. @hoodopulence He’s clearly racist Was?? Right??? What????? @ChannelBlue_ @off_BAMBOO Lol. Ayeee Kombat is so much more enjoyable when you’re tipsy lol not know this 😭🙌🏽 @ChannelBlue_ Wow. @ChannelBlue_ @ them
@Soy_Corriendo Instead of going through all this back and forth, I just reply with my original email attached. lol
@CdashRICH_ She really is. I loved the first two episodes and can’t wait for next one to drop 😩Mary-Kate and Ashley carried Full House on their backs for eight whole seasons mean look at her sisters. It’s in her genes. @iDavey @SoulsticEclipse @MR___MAAN Lol. I’m good. Thanks though
@ChannelBlue_ *continues practicing with Cassie* @KeithHollandd @KeithHollandd Ridden?Forgive Me Ungodly Hour Busy Boy @nickmarquise Let em know! 😌🤣 @DinoLondyn 😂😂 @ItsHippyPotter Taste! Ragnarok and Infinity War @dioncetaylor 😂😂😂When your position is both “People who can’t afford to go to college shouldn’t take out loans to do it” and “People…
Retweeted by ً @reynsensei illustjuan @reynsensei You may have to add me first. I don’t think we’re friends on psn @reynsensei Yeah that’s cool. send the match request @HesStar_ Tekken is crazy. I’m awful at that game 😂 @HesStar_ Really? I prefer it over the mechanics in Injustice
@Creat1ve And that Beychella vinyl @Skylar_Writer Like.. I know Gamora’s kitty wasn’t that good 🙄 @heyassante He was so whipped that he got half the population killed. I can’t stand him 😑 @delusionalhulk Omg, this pic 😂 @asqrrl be gay. @iRettrokidd @JamieIs4PF @ItsHippyPotter @GrandMarcky @iLLmak3Ufamous Nope
@Gus_JordM Literally the best part. I was annoyed and had to pull up youtube lol @ThaTModeL_D Let’s see you do it 👀 @_SubtlePower It’s the best part! @twilitaries She was the leader for a reason. Ate em all up... in heelsI’m mad Raven’s iconic boot wasn’t included in this clip. @JamieIs4PF “Flipping burgers” and packing boxes are on the same level, Jamie. Mama and Avril Lavigneeee
Retweeted by ً @Creat1ve Lil Mama slidddd x Avril and Lil Mama still gets played over here lol @MKMovie @hbomax We Finished “him”. Her. They. Theirs. Them.
Retweeted by ً @HuggsXl @chrisbagneris_ Also Rina’s STFU! is the one. Thanks for putting me on from anyone, much less a stranger, rarely go over well with me. @Konnori_ 👍🏽 @Konnori_ No. This was a specific tweet for a reason. @SnoozeMachine I actually scheduled a nap beforehand so I would be awake when they dropped lolThe first episode was very cute. I can see myself revisiting it often. @TheRossYork (same)But no, seriously... why are y’all still hellbent on traveling here, of all places, this weekend @DRE3K @un_conquered I mean Steve was the furthest from my mind when I originally saw the picsAnd now I wish Mehcad had a full beard. I hate y’all 😭 @SoulsticEclipse They’ll be alright lol @SoulsticEclipse Tik Tok challenges aren’t my thing lol @DRE3K I did! All of these shots look good and I. Am. Ready 😩 @capedcrusader21 You better be gassing him up lol @Skylar_Writer Since when @iDavey
@tymazing @iLLmak3Ufamous Lies @iLLmak3Ufamous Where’s yours? @spicynachotra 😂😂 i still love this video. Sis was parched @DRE3K @un_conquered @un_conquered Told y’all I wasn’t doing that 🙄 @trapcry Lies. This ain’t that type of party @Yooshawnn @PEkareem lol thank you @blackjuandisimo 😂😂😂Finally after 84 years of no new MCU content 😭😭 @DezzySama break gym sessions > @capedcrusader21 Yeah that’s the main thing for me. A change to the Block button would do wonders @iLLmak3Ufamous When you won almost every time... We know you’ve been practicing @Sorrydoiknowyou Cyborg, Flash, and Superman @OhDuhDaniel @iLLmak3Ufamous @geektify @bamafitnessnerd @darkfiya28 @YSL_Ron @ChannelBlue_ @Sorrydoiknowyou @iLLmak3Ufamous @bamafitnessnerd @OhDuhDaniel @geektify @darkfiya28 @YSL_Ron @ChannelBlue_ @Sorrydoiknowyou @bamafitnessnerd Wyd @the_iron_throat Do it! Screw them @Sorrydoiknowyou I don’t meet the requirements @tha_jerk2012 This is also true. I’ve only played Injustice a handful of times lolThe miserable ones body shaming over a tik tok challenge @tha_jerk2012 I suck at it lol should’ve just played MK, because Injustice is not my game @_SubtlePower Well maybe I need to rewatch it. I don’t remember it being that bad lol @ESQSOUND @3MuchHutch @_Theswaggyone I’m just here to watch lol @_SubtlePower The original is way better no question, but I enjoyed it