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@WashletJP you’re excreting creating sir @shitshowdotinfo if it helps my dad is an electrical engineer who can do things like repair F/A-18 fighter jets, so… baked potato THE PILE again on in 2 hours. Chat decides what game we play. European Bus Simulat…
Retweeted by illy bocean @nibiru_TRUTH @ByYourLogic I was out the other day and saw a colony of thousands of flying foxes just hanging out a… @nibiru_TRUTH @ByYourLogic pretty cool! @ChrisMaxMcM seeing clips from it is Very Bad @trashcanposts I think she crossed the line personally! @ComradeChungus @postingwhilegay @viperwave turns out she’s been having Neverland ranch style sleepovers with Maddie for a while now @grouchyjerk you can’t spell “Robocop” without “Rob”! @MRacMC strict “no cancelling me for incredulous laughter” policy in placei pirated the Sia r-word movie. very scared to watch it @disco_socialist @carsonscabinet it might be Aerodynamic for me - it's very hard to pick off Discovery! @VicMRodriguez @TheEddieMercado where’s Fight Circus?? @_trevorcavanagh @GarlicCorgi just never really been a normal part of home construction here @Iemontetra @mathaiaus lol @GarlicCorgi we would! that's why everyone makes "going to the pub" too much of their identity. no basement bar @GarlicCorgi no houses in australia have basements. very sad for us culturally @mathaiaus @Iemontetra i'll do it, i'm brave. nikki: you are a smart and bright angel of the workplace
@len0killer there he is @takealookpod mindset at that soundtrack @paynus3 me either, the comic looks wild and took decades to get released
Retweeted by illy bocean @smHttr it DO be like that! @garflyf and i only found out the comic existed while watching the movie lol @garflyf it's a spanish-american production, and it's not great, but it's interesting in a SPAWN movie kind of way.… @MRacMC it's only naturalthis is from FAUST: LOVE OF THE DAMNED, from the director of SOCIETY. and it's based on a comic book about a demoni… @mattDCLXVI it is FAUST: LOVE OF THE DAMNED from the year 2000hate it when this happens had a memory of Leonard Nimoy playing an Australian (I think?) on Mission Impossible and boy is this clip I found…
Retweeted by illy bocean @BoxingBusch there’s a whole bunch of rockmelons (cantaloupe) that self seeded in the garden bed @CansRDefective nah they’re legit, Johnson of Australia @lassidude Nah, especially not here - gets very icy over winter @BoxingBusch we’ve been eating zucchini for most meals for a while now🍈 garden update 🍅 time @MaskTheMovie @extremely_wet @MostCrucified becoming culverpilled @MaskTheMovie @MostCrucified what’s a culvers
POV: you and your friends drank all of your dad’s bleach and horse medicine and now you’re in trouble’s probably fine @Tommy2thePoint that’s an old wive’s tale! hit it! @IllyBocean writing a master's thesis in someone else's field if it's sativa and turning into one of those living statues if it's indica
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Retweeted by illy boceanwyd after smoking this like nothing sums up Australia more than a dob-in a dole bludger hotline
Retweeted by illy boceanOh do you like that? It was easy for me to play
Retweeted by illy bocean @wills_account @BAKKOOONN god it was fun @jrhennessy zuck is LIVIDThis page just signed a content partnership with Facebook worth $100 million. All thanks to the media bargaining co…
Retweeted by illy bocean @michaelleung simple answer? they’re stuntin on those hoesthe boss pushing the @willmenaker policy to the limit was a rollercoasterwhat the FUCK @lexgallagher it’s good, to meEPISODE 187: The Petstige Theo, Lucy, and Ben talk in-flight weddings, attempted drone manslaughter, secret Antarc…
Retweeted by illy boceantime for @cameronwilson to retire to a cabin in the woods, come for @mdsidarous’s nuanced examination of gatekeeping in australian media, stay for this description of me…
@pixelatedboat @RadishHarmers yeah part of it is the process of taking an existing work and playing with ways of re… @mrgracemugabe does it feel good
@crabkelsie @luxlazuli @DuckHonkin "mommy" @picturesofdives it’s The Curtin bro @crabkelsie @luxlazuli @DuckHonkin pop a little hole into mikey’s inbox @butt_sword do 👏 better 👏just got up to the Paul Dano appearance in The Sopranos lol @DuckHonkin @luxlazuli @crabkelsie a lewd won’t cut it. that man needs to see hole"I'm Such An Old Lady, Why Are You Rubbing My Tits?? If You Keep Fondling Me Like That, I Just Might Get Serious!"…
Retweeted by illy boceanwould be a huge power move for kanye to wheel out the robert kardashian hologram as his divorce lawyer
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it’s very fitting that the way this is currently being handled is completely in line with how it was clearly handle… @butt_sword @crulge [standing up] I’M bigfoot @thejoshl paying those dues! @helen :)there he is @thomas_violence wow thank uonce again i’ve attempted Chicago dogs, but this time I’ve included celery salt, poppy seed buns and the closest t…, SPECIFICALLY CHICAGOANS: do these look like sport peppers @jrhennessy @puppy_eggs enjoyed him a lot in Dragged Across Concrete too humble Trash Fish classic Dipshit Bird @calally it do @butt_sword i’m sure they’re alright, it’s only 29cthey are a king of “megabat”, some of the biggest bats in the world @butt_sword they’re all complaining and flapping to cool off because it’s hotthat’s a lot of bats stone cold freaks🦆🐇
Freemium Freebruary continues! A real thing that’s fun to say! Free bonus episodes all month long! Shane Warne’s co… @crabkelsie lolturns out it’s really good time @MRacMC lol snecky