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faith @ilovemoms6969 Arizona, USA

wiener | capricorn😼| @bigdickfaith69

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all these pretty twitter girls making me insecure man 😭😭😭
Retweeted by faithshe’s a 10 but has low iron deficiency
Retweeted by faith @emmadgaff happy birthday lovelythe only time he's not dry is when he's horny
i want a psycho bf lol.
Retweeted by faithshe’s a 10 but she can’t stop falling for dudes who act like thugs
Retweeted by faithall I gotta say rn is that Ariana grande is honestly hot asf
Retweeted by faithtrust issues suck.
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ghosting don’t work on me , idgaf if we never talk again.
Retweeted by faith @444laurali good grammar >>> @444laurali i'm sorry i take it back🙄🤞 @miajc05 stay up i dare you @miajc05 i don't think you shouldvoid by the nbhd 😩i live commenting on ppls stories it makes me so happy to know that i made them happy🥹i hate my smile
Retweeted by faith @kaitykait0 NO CUS THIS DURE FR THINKS WERE DATING AND HE GOT MAD THAT I COMMENTED ON ANOTHER GUYS THING 😭😭hablas mal de unos pa quedar bien con otros
Retweeted by faith @CodeineFridge
Retweeted by faithwoop woop @kaitykait0 IM IN THE SAME SITUATION 😭when i hit 2,000 i'll post my boobs @tu_morenooo wtf😍 @tu_morenooo apple pay me since ur rich?😏
when they make the first move😩 @BridgetVasque20 lame😒 @kaitykait0 😏😏i have a crush on all my mutualsim addicted to juicy fruit @bagles4life it's so comfy💔i can't wait till i live alone ima just walk around nakedi just be chilling without pants on @kaitykait0 THANK YOU KAIT MWAHi'm not ashamed to say i facetune my shit sometimes... IM SORRY IM INSECURE 🙄🙄🙄i hate being single @wavyomi thank you love🥹some media for you guys want someone to make me a mixtapei gotta pissonce i get skinny it’s over for you bitches
Retweeted by faiththis was me ong i would play a strawberry shortcake game you had a pink DS as a kid, you are 100% a baddie now
Retweeted by faithim a whore for compliments idgaf
Retweeted by faith @ayojoseee_gc8 @qqloc i'm so confusedguys i can't with this mf😭 @qqloc huh @adorenaee2 i think abt it after the fact and i'm like omg that's embarrassing i think i moan too much😭 @qqloc we aren't even together 😭i feel like i moan too much??? @qqloc @iiTzDreamz yep @adorenaee2 they haven't answered yet💔💔💔 @iiTzDreamz goodnight daddy @kaitykait0 I KNOW i just fr suck i think he's lying tbh i think he jus wants me to drive @adorenaee2 he's called me a whore before😋 @kaitykait0 I KNOW BUT I LITERALLY SUCK AT DRIVINGi want a fucking mustang so badmy dad says when i get my license he would get me a mustang?!???!!????missionary cause i like watching him nut in me
Retweeted by faith @jazzyfizzzzz get that bag bae @iwantfeetvidsmaybe they care 💔 do ppl keep leaving me on opened kmsspanish is so fucking hot wtfI refuse to learn how to drive
Retweeted by faith @iiTzDreamz ur hotMy toxic trait is talking shit on Twitter when im upset about something🙋🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by faithhow i'm tryna be is a self destruct button for relationships
Retweeted by faithwhen he's good with kids>>I do not have it in me to be juggling multiple nggas. Nggas are annoying 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by faithwhich one?😏'm famous guys 5 people liked my tweet😋😋😋in my reputation era
go like please🫶🫶 is going on with my interneti don't think i've ever felt more betrayedmy hair still smells like himIn my “it is what it is” era.
Retweeted by faith @tu_morenooo yes @dfwmss kiss meyou're a fucking traitori just found out shit on you and i hope you see this and fuck you
bro i needa stop giving myself hair cuts 😭😭
Retweeted by faithhe broke my heart and my backreputation is a skipless album.
Retweeted by faith @ttrist9 in love w youquince time whores
Retweeted by faithi wanna use his cum as lip glossin love with a guy who leaves me on openedy'all i literally love kissing smme n who @omgjustkillme it was 45😍😍 @jstdtipp @emmapipee 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 @jstdtipp bruh stfu u don't know what ur talking abt u be getting haircut ls for no reasoni'm getting dick tonight guys🤭 @tu_morenooo no not even @tu_morenooo also it's wee wee* @tu_morenooo me
pretty enough to fuck but not pretty enough to date @tu_morenooo morning babe