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Award winning I Loves The ‘Diff helps Cardiff to stay lush. Creator of fab Taffywood gifts, Cardiffornia, the Cardiff Bus Song & the famous Cardiff Underground!

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If you knew Huw Wright (on left in photo), who tragically died last month, then perhaps you'd like to know that the… aren’t these ‘heroes’ and keyboard warriors protesting against the enforced closure of small high street shops… @StevenCorfield_ @tweetsfromben Quite. @MartinBooth3 @callytaylor It’s amazing that people are now defending Asda and Tesco in the name of, what, human rights. 2020 is baffling. @Tony_Le_Tiger @Salthewelshgirl @callytaylor Yeah, get what you’re saying. Firstly: has there ever been a precedent… @DarrenAldridge @Salthewelshgirl @callytaylor The government policy has the intention of fairness, yes. That is a f… @tweetsfromben Ha! Good analogy.Canton too derives its name from St Canna. There’s some more info here. St Canna’s Day! The 6th-century saint was a princess from Brittany who had a couple of husbands and kids befo… @Salthewelshgirl @callytaylor It’s not about getting people to use independents over supermarket chains. It’s about…
@HywelDaniel @charmadillo_ @callytaylor No, this didn’t happen to us at any point. @berniespofforth @dyerAndie Thanks for your support. We’re at @callytaylor Some indies have opened up online in 2020... @charmadillo_ @HywelDaniel @callytaylor My answer? Don’t blame me! You can buy baby clothes in Boots. @charmadillo_ @HywelDaniel @callytaylor It’s about WG being fair to all bricks and mortar businesses in Wales. That’s it in a nutshell.Ha. @charlottechurch @charmadillo_ @HywelDaniel @callytaylor This issue is about making the lockdown fair for retailers. If you’re not… @charmadillo_ @HywelDaniel @callytaylor Ha. Can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Being bemused by what some p… @andrewcdf @tannyahrr @callytaylor @ar_ttic @Bookishcrick In answer to your question, guess it’s just Welsh Gov try… @tannyahrr @andrewcdf @callytaylor @ar_ttic @Bookishcrick Book-ish is one of our stockists - brilliant shop! 👍🏼 @HywelDaniel @callytaylor And further, people can go online to buy books – or anything else their heart desires, so… @callytaylor 🤦🏻‍♂️ It may seem daft but isn’t it about being fair to independent bookshops that have had to close? @italianjo Friends again. Let’s hope real parties can happen again sooner rather later. Stay safe. @italianjo Don’t mind being challenged – just don’t like being accused of being irresponsible when if you know this… @FuudBlog It’s here so people don’t have to deal with that link. @FuudBlog Poor staff. He was headed for the baby clothes section, which was apt given what he’d done with his toys. @harri80 @notRachelBrown A fascinating, depressing read. Amazing what they do.Definitely feeling lockdowny on the streets of Cardiff today. Weather probably helping. Here’s a new Bryce / Peacef… news from Wales. ⁦@MarkDrakeford⁩ is going all out on this #firebreaklockdown.
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@MikeDoyleComedy An old VW Beetle in bright green. Good times.This is excellent progress from the Council. Have your say if you’d like a giant bread bin installed on your street… @carolvorders Not much, Vorders. Which side of this are you currently on? 😉 last thing the overworked conspiracy theorists need to see right now, Ali, is Grangetown’s poorly disguised ali… news from Wales. ⁦@MarkDrakeford⁩ is going all out on this #firebreaklockdown. queues outside Cardiff supermarkets right now. ‘Normal’ Friday behaviour or a #firebreak frenzy?Amazing seeing bars and restaurants busy at half four. It’s almost like something’s happening at 6pm.Hot and amazing. 42 years in Riverside! Their dosa’s are delicious. #Madhav #cardiff #caerdydd
Retweeted by I Loves The 'Diff @Si66T Neither of these were actual parties, sadly/happily. @italianjo Why embarrassing? Why shame? You’ll have to explain. Thought it was okay to meet in someone’s garden if… the community @rumneyforum with kids' lunch for £1.30 over half term for everyone (not just FSM). Please R…
Retweeted by I Loves The 'DiffIt was great to see so many folk out for our last pre lockdown night. Today is the #finalhurrah! We're open 12-6pm,…
Retweeted by I Loves The 'Diff @Rob_Toogood @framingwales It did look like he was bracing himself/limbering up.This is only a few signatures off the required 10,000. Nick asked us to share. Many Cardiff homeowners caught up in… @neufunkaum @lloydgriffiths @Pat0Canton @hintofsarcasm Cheers for the continued love and support guys. @hintofsarcasm Looked into it years ago. Nice idea. Think there were already some on the market. @designdforlife @GraphicsFresh Looks great.
@stuart_cane Lovely. Keep the faith! @JaniceH31426599 Thanks for the post. Never been in. Those random chairs remind me of a @Cymru pre-match team photo.Got the wrong house when attending friends’ small, pre-lockdown garden gathering. What are the chances of stomping… Friday afternoon (tomorrow) there’s a protest against the destruction the Northern Meadows.“Come to Cardiff Castle for sexy-time.” Don’t think much of the new @visitwales model’s PPE. #visitwalessafely had messenger conversations over the months with a couple of followers who have been struggling at times (who… @Carcaradon Written by someone who probably only exists thanks to modern medicine and vaccines. Bless. @onceuponawelsh1 ‘Xactly. // On the Venn diagram of 2020 nutty beliefs and causes there’s presumably there’s a big… that NO TO MASKS spray painted on a gantry over the M4 near Radyr? Mad. Bet the, er, freedom fighter wore a mask doing it too. @Joe_363_ Who’s buying those giant rackets, that’s what I want to know.Today’s Welsh Rugby Legend Sighting is... the one and only Jamie Roberts, visiting @framingwales. Surely he can’t s… beautiful morning in Cardiff. Here’s one of Crwys Road’s finer buildings, since it’s a fairly uncelebrated street. is opening on Whitchurch Road soon. Look out for the big bright signage. It’s “Indi-Mex”. Unusual mix.
This car is parked. It’s important to acknowledge greatness. Pic: J Seager #Roath @Bethangell @sianharries_ Me too. Not heard from the Bombshell for ages. #blastfromthepast @365Wales @pplscollection @TheCardiffStory @RotaryTigerBay @Museum_Cardiff @WeAreCardiff @SeneddWales Amazing image… @SweatShoes @OwsWills Words to live by.A shame to see the homemade To Let sign on the property that @radyrtap were meant to take in Victoria Park. Hopeful… @BabanCat1 @PH_Restaurant Good timing, that! What we wouldn’t give for such an experience now... @Laiaros Great to hear. Still think it’s not out out till you end up dancing on the tables and hugging strangers, mind.
@RhiD83 We have one of those. Talk about cramping your style! Managed to get out for the Six Nations though. (Havin… @debbie1573 Didn't ask. Too jealous to ask. Stop with the details. 😁 @debbie1573 Nice. @snagapuss72 @lydtom Not good. @drdafyddj You're just making me jealous now. Stop it. @RhiD83 We have a winner. @TraceyFJones Yeah. Unbelievable, right? @drdafyddj Happy birthday. Is that out out? I mean, you can remember it for a start.When's the last time you went out out? Been a while...Amazing image. ambulance hovering over Pentwyn. Not a good sign.RIP Spencer Davies – a grey day needs this song. We’re dancing in this house @gomedia91 Because it’s the staff car park, and stores stuff too? Ran past the West Gate bridge yesterday morning –… @ladyJwilliams What a fibber! He’s good friends with our next door neighbour, as we found it. #SmallCardiffAccording to the society’s oldest member (Graham, 90), there might be an open day on 15 November. #Heath
Look! A tweet that’s doesn’t mention the C word. Enjoyed first episode of #Roadkill. Good to see Hugh Laurie back o… @MissKimLou15 @sianharries_ On a bike or running, you mean, when exercising(?), because you’re not meant to leave t… @Chasmeister There are a fusilli people raiding the pasta shelves right now, I bet. @sianharries_ Yes. As much or as little as you want. Have to do it from your house rather than driving to a place t… right, all change in Sainso’s. (Never really come in here at the best of times – don’t the layout or prices – an… @NeilDelahay @fattysleg1 Evolution, of sorts. Sold devices that people then used to take photos but they no longer… looked a little smaller thank before (may have shrunk in the rain) but the tent’s back so get down there before… @CycleStuffblog It was all a wonderful dream...Sad to see the street dining in Castle Street gone. @NeilDelahay @fattysleg1 In the octagonal (maybe) little hut? @Dr_JAH We’re going to hell in a Sainsbury trolley!When did Newport Road Argos close?? Been sat in the dark waiting for order 666 to pop up on the screen for ages. @Blue___Stag @archi_twit @Maximum_RnB @ceritheviking @archaeologyart @SAVEBrit @HeritageFundCYM @TICCIHBrit @GingeKnievil Which is thoroughly depressing. @Cardiffcouncil Morning. Can you please explain what contractors are doing, dismantling the old Victorian gate post… things you notice in your hometown when on foot #246.... Must’ve passed the Castlebridge building 6,000 times b… to see: a large fox has been killed on Eastern Avenue, where it cuts through Penylan. In more trivial @FoxNews,… a lovely, spooky time of year, no? Here’s a Halloween-in-Wales thread by Mark Rees from yesterday.… is John Speed's fascinating 1610 map of Cardyfe showing, among other things, the key (sic) at the end of Quay…
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