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Ilse @ilsedhertog πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

22 || she/her || cancels plans for Ajax & F1

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@meverstappen I'm manifesting with you ma'amWanna go on vacation by myself but my anxiety said noI second this @JKrouwel @talithaisik @NetflixNL Yes, dat ben ik nu aan het doen 🀫 @Valkyrae You're hot @talithaisik Disney+, staat hij sinds vandaag op πŸ₯ΊRewatching New Girl cause Netflix took it off years ago and I never got to see the last season. Also, stan Nick Miller. @cinnamontoastk Dropkick it
"Liefde van m'n leven" m'n reet, meneer Borsato. #beau
Terrassen van 06:00 tot 20:00, ik vind daar wat van.
@f1friendss Lmao same, after seeing that other vid, i wouldn't be surprisedπŸ˜‚Lemme just πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•― Max πŸ•―β€¦ mAx dRoVe iNtO tHe p2 siGn @kosterkechie Ma'am, i'm not talking about het weerWe really are in Spain but the s is silentI blame RBR for this oneMaxy33, i'm proud of you. You're a king.LEWIS DOTD, HOW,'m mad, i hope Max is mad tooThe only right answer. I voted for M. VERSTAPPEN as #F1DriveroftheDay. Make your vote here: did RB let this happenNo cause i don't like MercedesFULL SENT MAXMax DOTD, i don't make the rulesHungary 2019 2.0, i hate it herePEREZ BRO, WHERE YOU ATI actually think this might be a good strategy from MercedesWait mercedes-I'M SO NERVOUS, MAX SIRHamverbot incomingLewis' catching Max again, i'm so done"It's okay" Max really put all his anger into cod yesterdayWHAT EVEN WAS THAT PITSTOPNot Yuki again πŸ₯ΊIf Max somehow gets a penalty for overtaking, i'm flying to Spain asapThat overtake was so hotMAX YOU ABSOLUTE KINGY'all sure Mazepin wasn't just picking something up from the ground i- πŸ’€Dat nieuwe uitshirt, daar vind ik wat van.Niet alle Feyenoorders die de 6-2 weer naar boven halen 🀑
2021 Maxiel hours @monachia45 @F1 Damn, you really went all out @Cherryzard Dat dacht ik ook ja.. @aroxx_21 I SEE MY NAME, i love it hereMa'am, ik denk daar al weken over, maar die drempel is 300 fucking meter hoog. watch my comfort youtubers rn cause i'm doneHe can only upset Max once he gets lapped by him ❀ @afcMitchell Like, wil ze nou dat ik alles vertel of wil ze nou dat ik geen negativiteit op haar drop? Wantja, niet… willen alleen maar vrienden zijn als alles helemaal goed gaat zeker πŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈWell then- Ik dacht eindelijk weer, na lange tijd geen contact te hebben gehad, weer met een vriendin te kunnen pra… said: not today traffic bestiesCHECO LOOKS SO SAD NOOcon P4 whatOH MY GOD DANIELMax bestie, do another one of those fast 1.16 lapsDANNY RIC YOU BEAUTIFUL MANYES CHECOCheco, we need you rnMr. Danny Ric, please do somethingToo bad it's only Q2MAX VERSTAPPEN WORLD DOMINATIONImagine Lando getting pole. That would be hot.LANDO P1, STOP THE COUNTThose times are way too close, anything can happenYES GEORGE AND CAR 63I need to know if car 63 is okaySession delayed ffs @Amna_Alqubaisii BI PANICImma blame the hooikoorts tabletten for making me sleepy af.NO JESSE IS LEAVING GREYS, I'M DONE
@Briejannnn AND I'LL DO IT AGAINCan't wait for super Max this weekend @Riccxlando I just love when he @antony00 @LucasMoura7 It's not too late to delete this bestieI've been watching Animal Crossing island tours on youtube and now i just wanna delete my whole island and kms
@CORPSE @TeanaKitten I'M HYPEDLMAO Ik kan niet met iemand gaan daten die mijn sarcasme niet snapt. Thank you next.
Antony is af. @aroxx_21 I might have to simp
I believe in Chase Atlantic supremacy @fabiangijze Oh πŸ₯Ί"Het gaat wel over" JA BITCH, WANNEER DAN @J03PPPP Waarschijnlijk vanavond laat weer πŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈIk heb het alweer opgegeven. @jasgast2 De fucking slechte huizenmarkt en fucking hoge prijzen.Ik kom moe en chagrijnig thuis van werk. M'n moeder: "jE mOeT eChT jE gEdrAg vErAnDeREn iLsE" Ik wil het huis uit.
Maybe my anxiety just said ✨ no ✨I hate when men @EdsonAlvarez19 @AFCAjax @eredivisie You fought and came back stronger. I'm proud of you ❀πŸ”₯ @antony00 @AFCAjax ❀ @jaydurand12 @BenGezellig πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” @jaydurand12 @BenGezellig Finally someone does @jaydurand12 @BenGezellig He really be hurtingCaptain pakt alles'm done, ik ga weer Tinderen.Billie Eilish is so hot @F1Ilse BI PANIC BI PANIC BI PANIC