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She/Her. I tweet too much. Fluent in GIF. Basically just a BTS page now. May occasionally tweet about Stiles Stilinski, Malex, Schitts Creek, VMars.

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@tamlovesbts_23 @BTS_twt So pretty!!! @BTSMamaChrissie @BTS_twt So glad you're here!!!! "Welcome to class, this is your new seat partner." Me: 🤪😱😘🥰😫 *in a choked voice* Okay. @heycutieplease @lilmiaoumiaou I have a pic in that spot, too!I am GUTTED to miss this. Candace has been working so diligently to prepare, and I know she is going to be brillian… @uhhuh_listenboy @bananatanBTS @BTS_twt @fatimafarha_ @lenikacruz @hetherington @reechen Lenika is the Moses of the BTS fandom.I bought two! As a thank you, I'm giving one away to my followers (only someone following me will win). 🌎 To enter…
@bybrianbyrne @JennaGuillaume We have very similar lists. @uhhuh_listenboy She chose that sticker just for you! @uhhuh_listenboy I'm nervous about mine!!! I ordered two, and a girl in my FB group ordered 3 and hers came like th… @uhhuh_listenboy It's the grandpa with the shopping cart for me. @MsLeaSalonga @ourladyofBTS Welcome to comeback!! You'll learn to anticipate and fear 12am KST like all of us. Enjoy the ride!!! @uhhuh_listenboy I've heard cucumber water is delicious and refreshing? @FallonTonight Thank you for adding the subtitles!!Everyone else: freaking out about outfits, searching for clues in the instruments, evaluating paintings... Me: ooh… @uhhuh_listenboy Also mine turns purple. @uhhuh_listenboy @ourladyofBTS @Coworker_John is the only one to whom the rule "you never pull your bias" doesn't apply . @uhhuh_listenboy It just means you need more practice putting water in it!Let the 12am KST phobia begin!!!! you realize that Taehyung caused A Moment™ in your friend group.
Retweeted by 𝔹𝔼 im2old4thisotp⁷ @eccentaecity You did awesomely, Lailani! I'm so proud of you. @Yasmine1498 Such an excellent choice. @taejoonie__ I can't decide how my day is going to go. all came together and discovered this in that moment. They didn’t change them together lol
Retweeted by 𝔹𝔼 im2old4thisotp⁷ @kaexkook I am STILL laughing. @SebisaGOD Welcome to our Wrecked By Taehyung Club!When you realize that Taehyung caused A Moment™ in your friend group. @taehyungeater @taehyungeater No one can do anything to convince me that this man is NOT a woodland fae creature of some kind. @taehyungeater Elf Taehyung: confirmed. @eccentaecity You did so great!!! You earned that delicious meal and a nice long REST!So it's crying hours, I see. That's.....🥺....fine...😭 @serendipiswan And you truly EXPERIENCED. IT.
@darlinggrac1e Oh so we serving GORGEOUS vibes. Okay, I see!Thank you, @KookiesMiAmor and @Mikrokosmia for your freebies, too!!The generosity of the #BobaWithLuv family, as well as those that attend the events are like no other. I LOVE all th… @fallenangelpjm You can't post a picture like that and expect me to not just FALL in LOVE with you, okay?!? @OGJustinSeagull This is what we ended up with! @dreambig_gohome @bobawithluv Thankfully they are going to carry their stuffed animals, so hopefully that will help… Jimin and Chimmy show up to #BobaWithLuv @eccentaecity @bobawithluv @Mikrokosmia @JoyfullYoongie We stan supportive friends! @dreambig_gohome @bobawithluv BTS partnered with a company to make characters based on their personalities (BT21).… @SKprincess75 @bobawithluv Thank you! Miss you.Costume is finished! Find Chimmy and I tomorrow at @bobawithluv around noon and 1:30 for some freebies! (Also sham…
Retweeted by 𝔹𝔼 im2old4thisotp⁷ @seokjingersnap @bobawithluv Haha! Thank you!! 🥰🥰 Girl Scout Cookies are going to be so hard to sell this year, si… @JennaGuillaume @SarahJaneCheeky @ourladyofBTS @SarahJaneCheeky @JennaGuillaume I'd even watch them paint (Yoongs). Or make gimbap (Jikook). Or make bracelets (Ho… @fallenangelpjm @Cool_Beans_26 @bobawithluv She's ready to see YOU! @uhhuh_listenboy @bobawithluv Thank you!! 🥰🥰🥰 @seokjinapple @bobawithluv Oh my goodness!!!! Absolutely! They MUST meet. @roseangeli @bobawithluv I did make the mask! Took an existing one, flipped it so the white side showed, and added… @truongfamily @bobawithluv Thank you!! Glad we don't have to do face paint. :) @__empiphany @bobawithluv Mama's fingerprints have been lost to the glue gun, but I think it was worth it. 🤣🤣Costume is finished! Find Chimmy and I tomorrow at @bobawithluv around noon and 1:30 for some freebies! (Also sham… @yooniverstar
@PeaceFanfics @pragdreamr @JaneErikaBrady I did!! It had been 9 months. Thank you! @i_lovely_S @bobawithluv Absolutely!So...does my daughter go in full Chimmy costume to @bobawithluv tomorrow, or what? @uhhuh_listenboy such a dream. @LaurenJP68 @wntrflwrs @uhhuh_listenboy WHAT. @bangtanboyspins Yeah, my hair is dark brown, so there's no way of masking it! @kaexkook 😱😱 @uhhuh_listenboy Why not? Best time to go. You had nothing to lose! @lenikacruz @JungooClaps Fine. ITS FINE. @PantsQueenn @JungooClaps WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS?? @bangtanboyspins Happy birthday!! (I got my first gray at 16. You look great!!) @wntrflwrs @wntrflwrs @ourladyofBTS This place is better because you're in it!!! Can't imagine it without you. @JustYoongiMe @JanHooope @NoonaWithLuv Mine from Weverse arrives tomorrow! @JaneErikaBrady @PantsQueenn AINT SHIT BUT AT LEAST WE HAVE SAMGYUPSAL @kaexkook 😤
Retweeted by 𝔹𝔼 im2old4thisotp⁷MEN OF THE WORLD. If your wife/gf gets her hair done, and comes home and says,"I love it! I feel like me again!"… @JaneErikaBrady @PantsQueenn Umm..... Grind Boyfriend Boobs @CaliMum Hahaha!! Not really, but it fits. @JennaGuillaume @likeswaffles SERIOUSLY. Like, I feel badly for the line workers, but IM SO BORED. @JaneErikaBrady All the best for the mama!!! Its so beautiful!! @McFlat29 @JaneErikaBrady What's the last impulsive thing you bought? @fatimafarha_ What a time to be alive. @McFlat29 Hahah! Then I'd say YES. But at least your impulsivity leads to FUN.Friday follower question! Do you consider yourself an impulsive person? If so, what's something impulsive that you… @CaliMum Me too ....I just needed 2 so I went to Target. 🤣🤣
@taejoonie__ @spacylady01 @gwaenchanha_jma I guess it is supposed to be. But idk about the originals. @BangtanNan Yep. My other is coming from Weverse.JIMIN-SSI!!!!!! @taejoonie__ I *do* like food.