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We live in a hellworld of our own making, but at least the memes are good. Editor of (He/him, so I have both a newsletter and podcast)

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It's wild that we are going to have to push back on *doctors* more interested in their own self-aggrandisement than the public goodThis is an extremely flawed way to understand the public health impacts of the vaccine. @andyjey Kinda my point - Tuskegee was the tip of a massive iceberg of horrific research practices in the US, but t… would like to know where this assumption comes from (the US?) because if anything the exact opposite has been tru… Leading UK banks refusing to provide mortgages to self-employed workers if they took out Covid loans or…
Retweeted by Luke BaileyThose famed Swedish fajitaswhy are you eating fajitas in any of these cities only reason these restaurants exist is to take money off rube American tourists trying to eat tex-mex in Europe…
@ClientJournoExp It's because of the high trust the British people have in the government and mediaThis is a very 'Giggle Palooza' face! @liamyoung Manufacturers don't have a standard for when someone is vaccinated because that doesn't make sense as so… @liamyoung I am generally in favour of prioritising complete protocols but dealing with it in a binary fashion coul… @liamyoung Vaccinated isn't a 1 and 0 though. Even fully vaccinated isn't 100% protected, so this standard isn't go… @liamyoung That's not really true? It depends on the vaccine but both offer significant protection on the first dos… of March 2020, when my family scrambled to get my sister home from Central America before the UK closed it…"We have to provide it on a week-by-week basis. What you can’t do is to try and stand up a system which uses all th…
Retweeted by Luke Bailey @liamyoung First doses @broderick @glitch wait these are all fine chance to sign up to 🌱Green Shoots🌱in time for Saturday's edition, which will explain why you should stop usin…
Retweeted by Luke Bailey @broderick @glitch you're paying too much for your nubshire pussy'sThis is good! *looks around for extremely unpleasant surprise* the latest numbers from today - the UK is very, very close to getting to its target distribution rate. Rate nee… @AlexanderSmith yeah, the rooney we got was fundamentally better and more productive than the one who would have sh… giuliani has deleted the tweet where he doxxes his antifa source saying the capitol storming was done by antifaincreasingly remarkable that rudy even made it to four seasons landscaping he would have been a better midfielder than a strikerthere were 2 or 3 years where you thought he might score every time he touched the ball, and that morphed into him… Rooney take is that Ferguson erased his world-beating upside in favour of consistency and balanced risk, which b… latest polling suggests a big chunk of Republicans have turned against Trump. That's probably bad for his chanc… @karlusss i found one that sold 500ml cans of coke, it was wild @FreddieCampion right but he has an apartment in hell's kitchengod this is magnificant, pretty sure that despite living in manhattan he has never actually been to new york before @TomMcTague It's also, effectively, the exact same viewpoint as the viewpoint ascribed to them by the parody tweet.'d see similar things in the UK - if you called it the Boris Vaccine, take-up would be much lower than the NHS Vaccinei'm really not sure this sort of polling is a fair comparison for france. yes there's a history of anti-vaxxing, bu… @Birdyword also the quote in it, which is maybe the biggest misapprehension still going - "you can't quarantine peo… that's probably big enough that there's some decent ventilation like a conversation that should be had in private @MWStory does say that they will do some ventilation, but still doesn't feel like enough are supposed to sit in these small, crowded rooms for 15 minutes after having a vaccination. The doctor demo… @RachaelKrishna you can just @ chivers you knowWhat's the turnaround on Netflix making a show about whalers? Ideation was probably last week. Bit of a delay to fi… vaccination program is going really very well, all things considered. And if the document is accurate, it'll go… realised at the end of the vaccination program when we release all the restrictions, the worst people are all… some people think of it as "the lockdown debate" and not the "dealing with a pandemic debate" explains a lot by me in @theipaper tomorrow: pregnant women are over-represented in intensive care for Covid-19. While t…
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It’s 👏🏻 time 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 revive 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 saucy 👏🏻 sea 👏🏻 shanty 👏🏻
Retweeted by Luke BaileyWe didn't plan for last week's episode to kickstart a miniseries, but we realized there's really no other way to do…
Retweeted by Luke BaileyWe're very close to the point where this will come to fruition right as lockdown is lifted for actual public health… very close to crossing over from good political comms to terminal posting brain my first truly "bad internet connectivity day" of the lockdown - now shifting to a position of end the lockd… @thegoblinpoet you're assuming here that americans are inherently anti-sectarian, to which i respond "Boston" @bspeed8 Maybe, but that doesn't really explain why the 1-5 group jumps so much. Could be people assuming "i haven'… the only reason i can come up with that people are less likely to isolate with the virus, than with possib… in 4 60+ people just wandering around, merrily shedding the virus and pointing at people in the park who are stan… latest middle class signifier is wanting people to be vaccinated quickly against a dangerous pandemic
@PerthshireMags I think the best option for, say, Cruz, is to encourage McConnell to get other people to vote for it @broderick 2 Im 2 PeachmentSo you're looking for Republicans either in very safe seats who really don't like Trump, or ones who think (and thi… my count it's 3-5 at the moment. Romney, Collins, Toomey, with bigger question marks on Sasse and Murkowski. The…'s still probably unlikely that Trump actually gets convicted, but it's also a long way from impossible. Assuming… don't understand how a team with Bale, Bergwijn, Lucas, Lamela and Dele ends up with Sissoko playing right wing #TOTFULthere is a vaccine! why are you doing this! store manager has expressed concern that new supermarket mask rules may incite further abuse towards store staff.…
Retweeted by Luke Bailey @karlusss big fan of the reporter who has to stop speaking halfway through a sentence, and sit silently staring at… @karlusss for all america attempts to make all politics dramatic for tv, their voting system is very tedious @karlusss That's the minimum timePast tense is doing a lot of work here are annoying: 2021 edition
Retweeted by Luke Baileywhy @declamare @TomChivers it's a lot to have resting on a good faith interpretation of "pandemic over", but i don't re… @TomChivers @declamare right, but - the more you hold back vaccines, the longer it takes for the pandemic to be ove… @TomChivers this doesn't make any sense to me, because if money is the barrier to producing more vaccine, then mone…"Yes, Mr Rashford, sorry this has happened again. Yes Sir, sorry. Yes we're trying to fix it, sorry again. Won't ha…
here we here we etc etc @tweetingnav @Sonic_Screwup This is the tier 4 impact, the full lockdown impact is still to comeThe car is still out of control, but it seems like the brakes are working.For all of the panic about lockdowns not being tough enough, this is huge. Lockdown(s?) are working. There are some… @theipaper MPs have been ticked off by Commons authorities for making their staff come in to the office in rec…
Retweeted by Luke Bailey @Jonesieman this gave me aggressive HRO flashbacks @JNkappers are you regularly exchanging your medical history for memesis this the best way to manage this Phase 2, sure. Phase 1 needs to be older people and the vulnerable first to minimise deaths and hospitalisations… @JNkappers it's actually bad that a private company is trading vaccine access for the medical histories of an entire countrypretty dystopian part of the israeli vaccination success @karlusss Not as bad - but this is also a 5-day lag, and ireland just keeps going, so it'll catch up rise in cases in the Isle of Wight over the last 3 weeks is almost unbelievable. They were still in Tier 1 on t… only Covid-secure workplace is an empty one"Covid-secure" is one of the most significant failures of public health messaging of the entire pandemic. How we en… who goes on about the sopranos is just too old to understand new pop culture but doesn't want to admit itthe worst discourse"harvey moon in milk" @LivinLamelaCoco noanti-italian racism to call the sopranos white faces legal challenge after telling children without internet to go back to school
Retweeted by Luke Baileyon the next one can we just add "have you had the vaccine" as a cross-tab Gov accused of failing to account for millions of pounds in income from the sugar tax that had been pro…
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@GPIngersoll but what happened to his shirtwhy was the journalist shirtless