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I promise nobody be tryna invalidate y’all blackness. Some of y’all simply just do not look black and that’s where it starts and ends 😭😭
Retweeted by AinthonyAsian Twitter has never let me down, so here goes: I'm working on a sci-fi feature that draws upon a lot of Korean…
Retweeted by AinthonyWrote down the qualities I want in my future man... MANifesting if you will...SHORT FILM CAST & CREW CALL: Looking for a female lead (40-50 y.o) and a male lead (18-24 y.o) located in Shrevepor…
Retweeted by Ainthony @SharSaysSo What if she’s eventually planning to get into politics 🤢i am doing me. i am listening to me. i am trusting me. i am accepting me. i am recognizing the power that i have.
Retweeted by AinthonyI’m so hype to be hiring a research and writing fellow. I have some amazing projects coming up and am blessed to ha…
Retweeted by AinthonyWhy the hell did I buy all these books!?? 😭Yes. Like IDK why yall don’t understand how much a billion really is.
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this song is fucking insane
Retweeted by AinthonyI ~understand~ why people choose to close their hearts off completely, it’s foolish and does more harm than good, b… anger I’m feeling right nooow to send some emails
Retweeted by Ainthonyno #Boogie 4 me ❤️
Retweeted by Ainthonynights in new york on 35mm
Retweeted by AinthonyI’m usually SUPER independent and RARELY do things like this but in the midst of aggressively trying to find work a…
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@unicorninkk man is a monster. We should never forget the millions who have suffered because of his cruelty. A brief thre…
Retweeted by AinthonyLiterally! My work husband was a Cap, treated me so well 😩 know that’s right.
Retweeted by AinthonyWE BACKKKKK!!! 1st big piece of 2021
Retweeted by AinthonyHey guys, when companies do this sort of sugar honey ice tea, they're not offering you an opportunity. They're get…
Retweeted by AinthonyAttention writers looking for showrunner mentors. This is a HUGE opportunity! Application deadline:‍ March 1, 2021…
Retweeted by AinthonyMLK’s dream wasn’t mixed kids and Black CEOs. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Ainthony11-year-old Colombian environmental activist Francisco Javier Vera received a message threatening to skin him and c…
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Watch a short film by a Black woman today! If you would like, post your short film below !
Retweeted by Ainthony and are great ways to find books locally
Retweeted by Ainthony🚨 NEW EPISODE 🚨 Episode 17: Future State: Justice League heats up, Behold The Vision, WandaVision kicks off Phase…
Retweeted by AinthonyThe way Kitty jumped on that table ready to slay 😆
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Retweeted by AinthonySo glad I get to serve people food indoors in a pandemic 🙃#NewProfilePic
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Depends on who’s asking... friends - I am in the early stages of planning a zoom table-read of a script I wrote (period drama). I'm l…
Retweeted by Ainthonyintimacy is honesty. intimacy is trust.
Retweeted by AinthonySomeone could’ve warned me about this first chapter of “All About Love”. I did not expect this level of violence... @oliiipop and triggering... going through my film photography to curate my faves and pheeeew kinks are ...... bad
Retweeted by AinthonyThere’s too many streaming apps...Some man moaning just now... Hottie on Wheels 😘♿️ I know I’m going to get judged doing this challenge but idc because I did that!!! 😘😘😘…
Retweeted by AinthonyDid you know Roadmap runs a monthly Diversity Initiative Program where we select one writer each month for a FREE s…
Retweeted by Ainthony @brysonM_ Those are so dangerous. You really open them and then oops whole row is GONE there a vitamin or supplement I can take to help my cold hands and feet??? I’m tired of suffering 😭
Good Morning. Did you know the bumblebee bat is the smallest mammal in the world?
Retweeted by Ainthonykhan academy is an absolute godsend. if you are trying to learn at home during this pandemic you could not ask for a better free resource.
Retweeted by AinthonyY’all know I’m a scorpio why would ask me !?? NO LMAO 🗣🗣I’m tryna be a better person
Retweeted by AinthonyI literally JUST thought about how much I need to start doing yoga then this pops up 🙏🏻 I hit 1K on YouTube!🤸🏽‍♀️ To celebrate, I’ll be sharing a new restorative yoga class recording from my exclus…
Retweeted by AinthonyBig head, big goals too 😌 the friends of writers who are patient enough to read each new draft 😭Disney + has these super cute little mini docs. On one, a Pixar script supervisor is talking about how she noticed…
Retweeted by Ainthony @FoxxFiles @writelikeryan It’s so wild. Like they just want to appear better than everyone who makes less?? Just a… convinced y’all certain jobs aren’t hard work, so don’t require a decent wage. And y’all ate it up. Ye…
Retweeted by AinthonyDo y'all remember when times were simpler?
Retweeted by Ainthony👀👀👀 then Rihanna now
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@PSawyerSchue what people do to just “flipping burgers” is like me saying “all you do is put stuff in boxes, why are you… god I’ve never had this trash ass attitude... labor is skilled if a white billionaire ain’t doing it. It’s skill to pick strawberries, skill to fix a car, sk…
Retweeted by AinthonyLong Story short, I need to make 1k$ by the end of the month to re-enroll to school for insurance purposes, so if y…
Retweeted by AinthonyI wish Netflix had a side account for their animation stuff, they acquire cool looking shit often and don't post ab…
Retweeted by AinthonyEverything doesn’t need to be monetized, everything you like to do doesn’t need a brand, a name, and an Instagram p…
Retweeted by AinthonyYessss! Also, if you haven't yet, go watch Buffalo Boys on @netflix 😁😁
Retweeted by Ainthony$425/$3,500! Keep giving and sharing, y’all! His Cash App is: $markell69. If you need to Venmo it, you can send i…
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*taps mic* You can have media showing two femme men in a relationship, it’s okWe are excited to announce the launch of our new program -- the Black Video Game Scholars Program – aimed at increa…
Retweeted by AinthonyHayao Miyazaki speaking for my soul when I'm writing something and struggling
Retweeted by AinthonyPHILLY. Help a chronically ill Black organizer get the resources she needs to move and be stable. If you cannot gi…
Retweeted by AinthonyWe're still looking for submissions from #queer creators who write short stories and/or create comics! Submissions…
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The power of anime, let me tell you... @destroyusall208 LMAO stop!! But yes, suffer with meSo that’s what I’m feeling this morning 🥴 for fun??? 🤢's gotta be stopped
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Retweeted by AinthonyWho’s doing it like her??? 😭 one scene in ‘Striking Vipers’ where Nicole Beharie sits across from Anthony Mackie at the dinner table lives…
Retweeted by AinthonyAlways Late
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I'll never get past the fact that caging babies wasn't enough to remove him.
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Retweeted by AinthonyHey all! @wirecutter is hiring for a variety of roles: Editorial Projects Intern, Director of Marketing, Audience…
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Retweeted by Ainthony @geordeen a former photoshop user, I strongly urge every other photoshop user to get clip studio paint. it's a fraction of…
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I’m focused strictly on my B.A.G B.eing A.nti G.ay @CertifiedFool_, so. #bussitchallange
Retweeted by AinthonyWho’s watched all of Titans??? @CertifiedFool_ Write them 🗣I do it for the big boys who love to get down ‼️‼️
Retweeted by AinthonyI physically can’t only clean one ear, it HAS to be both at the same timeWhy Plastic Pollution Is a Producer Responsibility A recent landmark study confirmed that the United States is the…
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Me seeing my Twitter friends that I’ve never met in person succeed.
Retweeted by AinthonySo many of y’all follow that Chef Mack person and I don’t understand it.
Retweeted by AinthonyHello #IAmNonbinary I'm Liz/Eek!!! I'm currently developing a queer urban fantasy webcomic 'Bread Pudding' with a a…
Retweeted by AinthonyJazmine Sullivan’s pen is undefeated.
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