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i put the cute in charcuterie

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@HashounMarks charles dera @Grayjax Oof yes, have you seen Ramon Nomar? He’s rlly good too @Grayjax charles dera he’s hot @ihatethiskid look up charles dera he is my favorite porn actor @johnhughe1 no @notallielol bro it says nsfw 😭 @yojohnwhatsup it’s porn!!! @imnotkenna oh yes please! 💕 @the1banjo it’s true i was there(nsfw) i’ve found my favorite porn video @Jarethenator same! i had to scroll through a lot of them but here it is @the1banjo king shityes his shirt is tucked infuck it picrew boyfriend @SirWestonLaw @the1banjo it could have been you @_spikeguard_ and fantasy me ✨ Reno 911 was GOD TIER hilarious. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by zoeighmy brain is mush @WITCHTRlALS @the1banjo it’s not me also i’m being dumb on the internet, no worries lmao @WITCHTRlALS @the1banjo he has one
i don’t btwhaven’t tweeted in so long you’d think i have a life @sarahphan8 @heythererylee @the1banjo nvm brian i stan sarah @knifewife_69 the internet giving you what you truly want👏 @cal_gif i’ll cook dinner for you every night @knifewife_69 @the1banjo @kenzhadley U were so happyhoney come home the children are crying @hellobyeidc pain @hellobyeidc stop lying to them @hellobyeidc it’s me. i am the follower.if ur single it’s because u don’t tuck in ur shirt. never forget that. if u tucked in ur shirt i’d be ur girlfriend❤️Dork. might be mexican but ion believe anything these josé
Retweeted by zoeigh @P_amwiigidha_ YES @benjifckinliker what exactly do you mean by this? @imcummingalive yes @queenjoheen hiiiiNeed a man who wears belts and tucks in his shirtThis is very sexy to me
@kenzhadley quackwhen he’s hot but his personality is absolute dogshit 🤤🤚if i focus hard enough i can stop thinking @the1banjo ok bet @tom_feild yes, eating cucumber salad drinking wine and hydrating my lips with vaselinei don’t usually care what people think about me but i do care what people think about me when they see me walking o… @meme_messiah_ it’s like you want the internet to insult you or smth @FrickinDelanie ty for reminding me the name my brain was fried from snorting so many of them @FrickinDelanie that looks like my favorite snack in elementary school: apple juice and lines of sugar from those flavored sugar strawspost 4 characters you relate to and let your followers assume something about you La Chona Alone @stepheniscowboy I want to hug that person and let them know everything was perfect while gently caressing their faceYou will find the genuine friendships you’re craving in this newest chapter of your life. When they come, let them in.
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@FrickinDelanie yes ehehe @FrickinDelanie that my dad’s name @billyb0bblehead yes you remember 💃 the twenty first night of september 🕺if you see my spotify activity and notice me listening to my disco playlist on loop for 24 hours to entertain my ma… milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, “do you have any dairy free options?”HOW TO; stop/minimize a panic attack .... a thread 🥺
Retweeted by zoeigh @esp_mazzy the fenty line is so good bc it’s matte and moisturized, and now that kat von d’s been bought from her i… shows will be like “blunt force trauma” and this is the wound @meme_messiah_ bro i’m still mad at that tweet and the people underneath feeding into it djdkfkf @stepheniscowboy stephanie could catfish a lot of men out of their money @alejand1597 @cal_gif not you @mazzybbytalk I’m so sorry bby ❤️ @DR00L_ no, they’re just spreading lies want yt people to shut up about food forever. Like forever
Retweeted by zoeighit takes literally one google search to find that it’s an extract from a shitty novel idk why y’all do this it’s hurting my brainthis is simply not true @the1banjo euro hours bruv
Girls cut their hair just to say “i miss my long hair” for the next 8 months
Retweeted by zoeigh @the1banjo you need it @meme_messiah_ @SirWestonLaw no further comment @meme_messiah_ this isn’t about you franki guess i could describe my taste in men as hairy @dumbbl0ndebitch @meme_messiah_ that’s what his gf said @hellobyeidc yeah bitch @meme_messiah_ glizzy hqmaking a twitter gc with all my twitter guy friends, like this if ur a guy and want to be in my bro chatgod i love the 70s rogers.......i need him’m ready to make fun of y’all for trying @ScarlettJimmy this is a smart question i have to think
@spacebrats you are not aloneno you're not "sapiosexual" you're just himbophobic
Retweeted by zoeigh @FrickinDelanie WITH ONLY $20* YOU COULD START YOUR OWN BUSINESS LIKE ME AND AFFORD TO GO ON A TRIP TO LOS CABOS WI… @FrickinDelanie it’s going great did you want to try my tea tree essential oils?this is why i’m not doing the trend i don’t wanna lose my closest friends on here @GibsonJjake @ChillaryC well go find one i’m @ChillaryC’s @tyIerfranco it’s a spectrum of sorts and they both fall in it @tyIerfranco huh this is hotthinkin about the pink concrete extensions of this victorian house in london
Retweeted by zoeigh @meme_messiah_ i would fear them @7437DelRey exquisite @meme_messiah_ now they’re dad material, and that is all that matters @meme_messiah_ smh check my last quote rtthey look better like this idk what ur deal is @meme_messiah_ wait is the first one the guy from riverdale and why does he look better what exactly are they attacking